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FPG 11/17/23 - 3rd Game's the Charm Edition
« on: November 15, 2023, 03:44:50 PM »
Hello, and welcome back to another edition of FPG. This week, not only is it our 3rd game of the season, but it's also our first week dealing with 3rd tapings. These are those shows that tape at the end of the day and often combined things from that day's previous tapings. What they take from each show and how much of it is new is up to you to decide, however I will be nice enough to provide that day's shows along with this week's to make sure you've got most of the information needed to keep this playing field level.

Let's see how well this one goes, and what to consider for next time they have one of these. Good luck!


SPOILERS: Nothing that would constitute putting a 1 down on anything as of now.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
11/13/2023 (Monday- 0371L) Squeeze/Eazy/Path/Balance/Bull/Grid
11/14/2023 (Tuesday - 0372L) L7/1WP/Bonkers/Key/PaN/Penny
11/15/2023 (Wednesday - 0373L) Flip/TTM/NoT/Plinko/241/Dice
11/16/2023 (Thursday - 0374L) A#/Freeze/Seat/S?/Range/HL (car)
11/17/2023 (Friday - 0375L) How much company can threes crowd up?

Other shows taped the same day (8/25/2023):
11/9/2023 (Thursday - 0334L) Squeeze/OA/T2/X/Clock/Roll
11/10/2023 (Friday - 0335L) Punch/ME/L7/Bar/Stack/Check
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