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What's up with TPIR (Carey) on Buzzr?


Anyone got any ideas on this? Next week, the week of December 4, Buzzr is running Price, but each airing is a repeat of the 52nd season premiere. Buzzr's website schedule shows no details on the showings, just "The Price Is Right 2023"; the details come from Xfinity's on-screen schedule. Is Xfinity wrong or has someone at Buzzr gone daft?

Xfinity is wrong. Buzzr is airing #83DT, the Barker tribute. It's technically Carey Price on Buzzr, but it's not what the guide is listing.

Ah, much obliged for the clarification. It isn't the first time they've been wrong. They still list our CBS affiliate as WGCL when last October it changed to WANF.

Buzzr is now running promos for it.

Game Girl:
it seems to be part of the Bob Marathon (The episode is the tribute) according to the people on game show forum apparently it is to coincide with the Western broadcast price is right. why they were focusing heavily on the west I do not know but that's all I got.


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