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FPG 11/17/23 - RESULTS
« on: February 08, 2024, 01:12:39 AM »
The other shows proved to be right, but it wouldn't be FPG without a twist. Instead of X or Punch, we got Cliff as the SP. Someone still managed to pick that though, so everything did get picked. Side even proved to be a popular pick without getting an earlier playing thanks to needing a 1P that wasn't Squeeze or Check. Here's the rundown:

Side by Side (new) - 7 picks. Wayo nailed it.
Clock Game (0334L) - 4 picks. 10K goes to Kev347, 9821, Wayo, and me.
Stack the Deck (0335L) - 9 picks. Kev and Wayo max out.
Bargain Game (0335L) - 5 picks. 9821 gets 1x PA, Jarod 2x.
One Away (0334L) - 11 picks, most popular game. Wayo nailed it and gets 4x PA; Kev also nailed it, and I get 1x PA.
Cliff Hangers (new) - Hag gets this all to himself, 50K, 2/10 and 2x PA.

It was a two horse race between Wayo and Kev this game. Side by Side made the difference and gave this round to Wayo. He wins with 14/52, Kev has to settle for second with 12/52. Jarod's results worked out for him and he gets 3rd with 6/30.

That does it for the 2023 side of Season 52, see you soon for another thrilling 2024 game.