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Recap for November 8, 1996 (0125K)
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0121K (11/04/1996)

Episode Number: 0125K (11/08/1996)
Airdate: November 8, 1996
Barker's Beauties: Janice, Kathleen, Chantel

Here it comes! Television’s most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! Celebrating its 25th year on CBS, the fabulous, 60-minute Price Is Right!


First Four: Right-to-left
Microphone Handoff: Janice

Bob enters the studio through the audience. We celebrate again with some handshakes and high fives.

1st IUFB - A new double oven range: Tappan over/under gas range with 2 spacious ovens plus electronic ignition, black glass doors, and automatic cook timer (Chantel and Kathleen)

Also going to the winner is a supply of Garlique garlic tablets (Chantel)


Bob wastes no time on Dorothy, who asks if it was "a little over". Did she see our primetime special, when Bob calls out a contestant who bid $9,000 on surfboards. On our next special, we're going to see a woman bid $9,000 on a range...and then have the audacity to say "Am I a little bit over?". :oldlol:

Actual Retail Price: $1,097!

Bryan is walking the Golden Road!

The road begins with a can of S&W Garbanzo Beans, which will lead him to...

1. A handsome gentleman's chest: Attractive gentleman's sitting atop an apothecary table, both made from natural pine wood, the 2-tone color adding style to outstanding designs (Chantel)

If he wins that, he can also win...

2. A beautiful new dining group: Outdoor Lifestyle handcrafted inlaid glass table and 4 armchairs in elegant black, durable furniture to last a lifetime (Janice)

And if he wins this, he can play for a prize that is worth more than $41,000! Open the doors!

3. Chevrolet Corvette Collector's Edition coupe, equipped with standard features, 50-state emission, Collector's Edition package, Delco Bose music system with cassette and Compact Disc player, equipment package 1SV, removable roof panel, and magic wand theft deterrent system (everyone)

The price of the beans is...


One of these numbers will be used to fill in the price of the chest.

█ 3 8

Bryan picks the 6.

6 3 8

Correct! Next is the dining group.

1 █ 7 0

Bryan picks the 3.

1 8 7 0

Wrong! Bryan wins the chest.

Before the calldown, we did an investigation of the bid of $9,000. Dorothy looked over her shoulder to an audience member named Kathleen. Dorothy looked so innocently, and she said during the commercial that the lady back there told her. Kathleen was trying to hide. She was actually trying to say $1,400 when she held her hands up...but Dorothy thought she kept repeating the numbers to add them up. If Bob hadn't insisted on a bid earlier, the bid would've been at least $22,000. :rollold:

2nd IUFB - An elegant aqua marine and diamond cocktail ring: Jewels by Angelo cocktail ring, with diamonds framing the beautiful 2-karat aqua marine stone set in a tapered wide shank 14-karat yellow gold band (Janice)


Bob would not allow Dorothy to look at Kathleen for a bid. :P

Actual Retail Price: $1,650!

Holly is playing Cliff Hangers for a new spa: Catalina Spas San Clemente Elite spa with octagonal design and deep foot well that provide ample leg room and comfort for multiple users, a prize worth $5,345 (Chantel).

Holly can keep the Mountain Climber safe by pricing these small items (Kathleen):
1. Milton Bradley's Scrabble crossword board game
2. Coffee-At-A-Touch 1-liter thermal carafe for serving hot or cold beverages, with 1-button pouring and made of stainless steel
3. Jay Imports 4-piece canister set that's colorful and fruitful yet practical with its graduated sizes

Holly thinks the price of the game is $15.

*BUZZ* The Mountain Climber goes up the mountain...and stops at 3. The price is...


Holly thinks the price of the carafe is $25.

*BUZZ* The Mountain Climber goes up the mountain...and stops at 6. The price is...


Holly thinks the price of the canister set is $40.



Holly wins the spa!

3rd IUFB - An exquisite silver-plated punch set: Michael C. Fina Co., Inc. designer collection 15-piece punch bowl set in luxurious silver plate (Chantel and Kathleen)


Actual Retail Price: $585!

Camron is playing Take Two for a comfortable recliner, a charming brass cradle, a kitchen safe, and a challenging exercise bike:
1. Action Recliners by Lane spoiler recliner with thickly padded arm pillows, 3-tiered back, and deeply-padded cushion seat (Janice)
2. Swan Brass Beds solid brass cradle featuring decorative porcelain accents and optional rocking stabilizer, the coordinating bedding included (Kathleen)
3. Attractive kitchen safe made of natural pine wood, the 2-tone color adding style to an outstanding and functional design, perfect for kitchen or dining areas (Kathleen and Chantel)
4. Diamondback 1000U upright bike with heart rate training, easy programming, and rock-solid construction (Chantel)

Apparently, Camron has seen every pricing game except this one. More forgivable than not knowing about Clock Game, at least. :P


Camron picks the bicycle and the cradle.


Camron wins all four prizes in one try! He knows this game now!

Even better for Kathleen in the audience, Bryan listened to her during his playing of Golden Road.

1st Showcase Showdown:

4th IUFB - A handsome new bar set: The Game Room Gallery oak bar that adds a touch of glamor to the home, includes a pair of 30-inch bar stools (Chantel with a dog, and Kathleen)

The dog was sent here by the L.A. SPCA, and he's up for adoption!


Actual Retail Price: $1,850!

Bonnie is playing Squeeze Play for a fabulous African photo safari: Fly with a guest round-trip coach from L.A. to Nairobi for Safaricentre's 9-day Kenya photographic safari adventure, visiting exciting game reserves escorted by expert guides (Janice)

| 6 6 2 9 0 |
| – – – – – |

Bonnie pulls out the 2. Squeeze them together and reveal the price!

| $ 6 6 9 0 |
| $ 6 6 9 0 |

Bonnie wins the safari!

5th IUFB - New his-and-hers snow skis: Rossignol skis, boots, and poles for him and her, versatile all-mountain all-terrain ski equipment for a balance between performance and effortless skiing (Janice on the Turntable)


This time, Dorothy accidentally said "thousand" instead of "hundred", and the camera points at Kathleen again.

Actual Retail Price: $1,794!

Alicia is playing Hit Me for a beautiful sectional sofa: multi-pillow 2-piece sectional with grandeur of emerald green fabric embellishing the graceful contemporary styling, the use of chaise providing a dramatic change in look; plus Carson's of High Point 3-piece brass and glass occasional table group (Kathleen); and a Collier's 24-volume encyclopedia providing a home library for a lifetime of learning (Chantel); a prize worth $5,975.

The house begins with two cards, and the face up card is a 2 of Hearts (Kathleen).

The grocery products are:
1. Caress moisturizing body wash
2. Extra Strength Gas-X soft gels
3. Chef Boyardee Dinosaurs pasta
4. Dristan Nasal Spray
5. Topol Whitening toothpaste
6. Ascriptin EnteriC Regular Strength aspirin


Alicia's first pick is the $6.49 aspirin... $6.49, for a Ace of Hearts.
Alicia's second pick is the $38.50 body wash... $3.85, for a Jack of Clubs. She's got 21 and an automatic win!

The house had a 2 of Hearts amonds and 10 of Clubs.

Alicia wins the sectional sofa!

6th IUFB - A new VCR: RCA 4-head VCR with VCR Plus programming system, simplified on-screen setup, and universal remote control, Nipper & Chipper included (Kathleen and Janice)


BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! It took this long to get an all-overbid, and yet Dorothy was the lowest. We'll have them go lower than $450.


Actual Retail Price: $409!

Dorothy must find something to watch at the First Four Breakfast Club.

Lauri is playing One Away for a new car: 1997 Mercury Mountaineer 4-door 2WD, equipped with standard features, California emission, equipment package 655A, electrochromatic mirror, and pin stripes (unmodelled, until Janice and Kathleen enter).

The price of $38254 below is not correct.

$ 3 8 2 5 4

Lauri changes the price to $27365.

$ 2 7 3 6 5

Does Lauri have at least 1 number right?


Does Lauri have 2 numbers right?


Does Lauri have 3 numbers right?


Does Lauri have 4 numbers right?


Silence. Lauri changes the price to $29165. Reveal the price!

$ 2 9 1 6 5
$ 2 9 3 4 5

She only got the easy digit. Lauri will be back for the Showcase Showdown after the break.

Contestants not appearing onstage will receive a Minoff table lamp, a Dazey cooker and skillet, and Ginsai Ginsent supplement.

2nd Showcase Showdown:
|Alicia|. 5|.10|.15||

Bonnie is the top winner, and Holly is the Runner-Up!

SHOWCASE 1: Filled with springs!
1. And it starts by sending you to a spring...Palm Springs! (Kathleen)
- Fly with a guest round-trip coach from L.A. to Palm Springs for a 6-night stay surrounded by mountains and drenched by the warm sun at Palm Springs Riviera Resort & Racquet Club, fine hotel amenities and dinner for 2 at the Grill restaurant awaiting your arrival; includes 2 tickets to the Aerial Tramway

2. Next, wind up the springs in a brand new grandfather clock! (Chantel on the Turntable)
- Sligh grandfather clock with 3 carved finials gracing the bonnet, the face featuring Roman hour and Arabic minute numerals

3. Finally, coil and leaf are 2 kinds of springs used in the suspension of a brand new Jeep! (Janice)
- 1997 Jeep Wrangler SE, equipped with standard features, automatic transmission, Pueblo cloth seats, SE package 22B, convenience group, AM-FM stereo with cassette, floor mats, body side steps, and California emission

Bonnie passes the Showcase.
Holly Bids: $20,000.

SHOWCASE 2: Filled with prizes designed to enhance your lifestyle!
1. And if your lifestyle is filled with travel, you will appreciate some unique luggage! (Chantel)
- RV Roncato Italian fashion luggage with satin-finished aluminum, featuring rubber corners for a sophisticated and innovative dimension and style

2. Then, if your lifestyle is filled with music, you will enjoy a new piano! (Janice)
- Samick's Kohler & Campbell petite grand piano in mahogany finish, featuring world-class scale design for distinctive concert quality sound

3. Finally, if your lifestyle starts with the water's edge, then you'll be crazy for a brand new sailboat! (Kathleen)
- Hunter 23.5-foot sailboat, easy to sail and fun to own, with spacious cabin, galley, large cockpit, 5 HP outboard motor, and single-axle trailer

Bonnie Bids: $34,000.

Showcase bids:

ARP of Holly's Showcase: $23,897, for a difference of $3,897.
ARP of Bonnie's Showcase: $30,343. MRRRRRRRP!

Difference of:

Holly wins $30,972 in prizes!

Bob Barker reminds you to help control the pet population, and have your pets spayed or neutered!
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