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FPG 3/1/24 - RESULTS
« on: March 27, 2024, 06:43:43 PM »
I feel like this one's harder for me to gauge because I was there, though having spoilers definitely helped out. Punch was due and Cover made sense on two, so that's gettable. Lucky $even taking a break hurt a lot of people as well as going for the wrong 1P among our spoilers, though it doesn't help that Side went 5 weeks in a row. I was just happy that a traditional Hot Seat lineup with Punch instead of Seat, even if it feels a little soft. But enough about me, you want to see how you all did:

Do the Math - 3 picks. dprice, JJ, and Wayo all earn 15K a piece. Wayo nailed it, JJ gets 2x PA.
Cover Up - Also 3 picks. Wayo, FJB, and Hag all gained 15K from that. Wayo nailed this one as well.
Bullseye - SANDBAG.
Side by Side - 3 picks for this spoiler. Kev had it 4th for a win.
Any Number - SANDBAG.
Punch-a-Bunch - All 8 players picked this spoiler. No one had it 6th, Kev and Hag earned 2x PA.

Wayo started strong and never looked back. He goes runner-runner with 10/30 and the gold. Hag was the only other player to get 3 games right and he'll score 2nd with 5/15. JJ's confidence with Math gave him 3rd with 4/14.

Come back next time for more great games, maybe you'll even see me.