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FPG 5/3/24 - May the Third Be With You Edition
« on: May 02, 2024, 12:16:10 PM »
Bunch of stuff happening over the weekend; a couple birthdays, Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo. Whatever you're celebrating and no matter how you're doing it, have fun, stay safe, and enjoy.

Third show week, you know the drill. Even if we don't have all the information, just going off of what we've got and what makes the most sense to work off tomorrow. Can't help on whether filler shows up, but give it your best show.

Good luck!


SPOILERS: There's one tomorrow actually, and that's Let 'em Roll 1st.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
4/29/2024 (Monday- 0601L) L7/CoG/Punch/1WP/Grid/Grocery
4/30/2024 (Tuesday - 0602L) X/Squeeze/TTM/Math/Penny/Card
5/1/2024 (Wednesday - 0603L) Vend/Dice/Safe/Check/Rat/Flip
5/2/2024 (Thursday - 0604L) Bargain/Bag/Money/Eazy (trips)/Back (car)/Push
5/3/2024 (Friday - 0605L) Which day will you celebrate?

And here are the 3rd shows believed to have taped that same day (2/27/2024):
4/4/2024 (Thursday - 0564L) Cliff/Swap/Money/PaN/Move/Roll
4/5/2024 (Friday - 0565L) A#/Plinko/Flip/CO/ME/Pocket
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