Author Topic: FPG 5/10/24 - Mummy's the Word Edition (FINAL REGULAR SEASON GAME)  (Read 183 times)

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There should be a Mother's Day special Friday. They mentioned it on the ticket page and George posted a picture on the set with a couple shirts, but that's all the info we have from it. It is a team day of moms with their mom, so bear that in mind when making your picks.

This is also the last regular game of the season, next week we'll start playoffs. While I'm still finalizing how I want the format to go down, I want to make sure we have enough games left to finish out the season.

With that all out there, good luck and let's celebrate Mother's Day!


SPOILERS: Nothing gameplay related yet, though I'm a little suspicious about getting a promo or something else spoiled beforehand.

THIS WEEK'S LINEUPS (highlight to view):
5/6/2024 (Monday- 0611L) Half/Side/Cover/Race/Push/Hole
5/7/2024 (Tuesday - 0612L) CoG/Tempt/C-O/Bargain/Move/Bonus (car)
5/8/2024 (Wednesday - 0613L) Key/Range/Danger/Time/L7/S?
5/9/2024 (Thursday - 0614L) ME/NoT/Gas/Flip/Roo/241
5/10/2024 (Friday - 0615L) Mexican Mother's Day falls on this date.

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