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Recap for January 21, 1981 (3963D)
« on: May 23, 2024, 10:53:47 AM »
Episode Number: 3963D (01/21/1981)
Airdate: January 21, 1981
Barker's Beauties: Janice, Dian, Holly

Here it comes! Television痴 most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! The fabulous, 60-minute Price Is Right!


First Four: Left-to-right
Microphone Handoff: Janice

1st IUFB - A new swimming pool: Muskin Corporation 15-by-20 foot oval above-ground pool complete with filter, maintenance kit, and skimmer (Holly)

Also going to the winner is a supply of Clorets breath mints (Holly)


Actual Retail Price: $1,328!

Cinda is a hostess at a restaurant for the Navy.

Cinda is playing Grocery Game for a new modular sofa: Barcalounger modular soda, left and right arm seating units featuring handcrafted rattan accents in warm pecan finish, and Barcalounger plus built-in comfort ottoman (Dian); plus a Gold Star 19-inch color TV, a deluxe model featuring remote control with bright clear pictures (Holly); a prize package worth $2,746.

Janice is at the cash register.

The grocery products are:
1. Pine Power household cleaner
2. Tube of Cellas Chocolate Covered Cherries with 100% liquid center
3. Wagner Breakfast Orange Drink with orange juice flavor and Vitamin C
4. Befresh! Toilet Bowl Freshener Deodorizer
5. Golden Dipt Seafood Seasoned Coating Mix


Cinda starts with 2 cleaners... $1.09 x 2 = $2.18

Cinda takes 3 orange juices... 67「 x 3 = $2.01 for $4.19

Cinda takes 3 fresheners... 85「 x 3 = $2.55 for $6.74. Not quite there.

Cinda takes 1 cherries... 25「 x 1 = 25「 for $6.99!


Cinda wins the sofa!

2nd IUFB - A new refrigerator/freezer: Amana 2 plus 2 and a half energy-saving refrigerator with 2 inches of foam wall insulation around the refrigerator and 2 and a half around the freezer, more insulation saving more energy (Holly on the Train, Janice with the prize)

Also going to the winner is a supply of Carnation 70 Calorie Instant Hot Cocoa Mix (Janice)


Actual Retail Price: $740!

Sandy is playing Temptation for a new car: Ford Mustang with 4-cylinder engine and California emission, includes console, power door locks, front floor mats, and tilt steering wheel (Holly).

$ _ _ _ _
? ? ? ?

Here's the first of our prizes (Dian):
1. Haugen cross-country ski equipment including skis, boots, and poles for a wintertime of outdoor fun

The price is $362. Is the next number in the price of the car a 3 or a 6? Not cheap enough to be a 2, is it? :P

Sandy picks the 6.

$ 6 _ _ _
? ? ? ?

The second prize is (Janice):
2. SilverStone 7-piece Legacy cookware set with porcelain exterior and SilverStone interior

The price is $70. Is the next number in the price of the car a 7 or a 0?

Sandy picks the 0.

$ 6 0 _ _
? ? ? ?

The third prize is (Dian):
3. Gibson microwave oven with digital timer, defrost setting, solid-state variable power control, and Tempasensor cooking probe, gives you dependable cool, clean, fast-paced cooking

The price is $500. Is the next number in the price of the car a 5 or a 0?

Sandy picks the 5.

$ 6 0 5 _
? ? ? ?

The final prize is (Janice):
4. Leonard Silver 5-piece coffee and tea set silver-plated with hand-applied border, 9-cup capacity coffee pot, 8-cup tea pot, creamer, sugar, and footed tray

The price is $500. Is the next number in the price of the car a 6 or a 0?

Sandy picks the 6.

$ 6 0 5 6
? ? ? ?

Sandy changes the 2nd and 4th digits.

$ 6 7 5 0
? ? ? ?

Will Sandy accept $1,532 in gifts or play for the car?

Sandy will play for the car!

$ 6 7 5 0
6 7 5 0

Sandy wins the car and the prizes!

3rd IUFB - A new desk and chair: Bernhardt Independence Collection desk and chair, campaign styling with an oak finish, the desk with 7 drawers and matching campaign chair (Holly)


Actual Retail Price: $650!

Judy is playing Barker's Bargain Bar for a power shop and a curio cabinet:
1: Belsaw Machinery Company switchable 3-in-1 power shop, turns rough lumber into molding, trim flooring, and furniture (Janice)
2: Jasper Cabinet genuine oak 2-piece lighted curio cabinet with glass shelves, brass knobs, magnetic door catches, and hand-fitted drawers and doors (Dian)

Power Tools

Judy picks the cabinet. Reveal the prices!


(There are no sound effects for the reveals.)

Judy wins both prizes!

1st Showcase Showdown:


Bob did not notice that Sandy's first spin attempt failed to make it around, though an audience member pointed it out. Things are cleared up after her second attempt.

4th IUFB - A new cedar chest: The Lane Company, Inc. Legacy chest from a collection of fine cedar chests, a century-old tradition still as beautiful as ever (Holly)


Actual Retail Price: $385!

Thelma is playing Take Two for a chair and ottoman, a microwave range, a pair of clocks, and a 35-mm camera and strobe:
1. Maxwell Royal Chair Company furniture that's perfect for family room or den, with custom tailoring, solid ash frame from the Appalachian Trail collection (Janice)
2. Mamiya Quartz ZE 35-mm camera with computer inside that makes picture taking easy (Dian)
3. Roper combination microwave electronic range that lets you do normal oven cooking, strictly microwave, or a combination of both, for fast flavorful meals (Janice)
4. Volna Ltd. pair of star triangle corner clocks with simplicity of design, classic for centuries (Dian)


Thelma picks the chair and the range.


Thelma wins all four prizes just like that!

5th IUFB - An unusual aquarium: Handsome treasure chest aquarium complete with under gravel filter, gravel, rocks, plants, and concealed lighting; all you need to supply is love and fish (Dian)


Lois's bid is briefly entered on the wrong board.

Actual Retail Price: $648!

Tracy is playing 3 Strikes for a new station wagon: Pontiac LeMans safari wagon mid-size with V6 engine and automatic transmission, includes steel belted radial white stripe tires, bumper guards, rear window deflector, exterior group, tinted glass, luggage carrier, remote sport mirror, deluxe wheel covers, and custom trim (Holly).

$ █ █ █ █

The numbers in the price of the car are a 1, a 6, a 8, and a 4.

Tracy pulls... a X. MRRRRRRRP! (Only faintly heard in the background.)

$ █ █ █ █

Tracy pulls... a X. MRRRRRRRP!

$ █ █ █ █

Tracy pulls... a 4, and guesses the third digit.


Tracy pulls... a 1, and guesses the last digit.

$ █ █ █ 1

Tracy pulls... a 6, and guesses the third digit.

$ █ █ 6 1

Tracy pulls... a 8, and guesses the first digit.

$ 8 █ 6 1

Nearly a full recovery. All he has is one more digit.

Tracy's final pull is... a 4!

$ 8 4 6 1

Tracy wins the station wagon!

A pair of contestants who can only drag it out so long in the Row. Now, at least one of them is joining the First Four Breakfast Club.

6th IUFB - A new sewing machine: Brother Pacesetter free-arm sewing machine with features for stretch, zigzag, blind, satin, and embroidery stitches, opens with the touch of a finger, from a flatbed to a free-arm (Janice)


Actual Retail Price: $495!

One of them has got the idea. We're only sending Paulette the First Four Breakfast Club.

Joseph is playing Trader Bob for a new portable spa: Fiberon 3-in-1 spa, hot tub, and jacuzzi for people with a small space, all self-contained; just plug it in, a prize worth $2,700 (Holly).

Joseph starts with:
1. Moulinex Mixerworks 3-speed hand mixer that beats, whips, and blends, has hooks for kneading dough, too! (Dian)

The first two items up for grabs are:
2. Concepts tooth polisher, a new battery-powered personal care appliance that removes food, beverage, and tobacco stains for that front teeth sparkle and whiter, brighter smile (Holly)
3. Ekco flint knife set with solid mahogany storage block, mahogany-finished handles, stainless Vanadium steel blades for years of outstanding service (Janice)

Joseph trades the hand mixer with the cutlery set. The tooth polisher was worth $18.

The next two items are:
4. CA/90 Ecologizer recirculating air cleaner deodorizer that removes smoke, odors, dust, and pollens, keeps air fresher cleaner (Holly)
5. Norelco family-size toaster range that bakes, broils, toasts, dual-element control design for perfect results, easy cleaning, removable door and rack (Dian)

Joseph trades the cutlery set with the toaster oven. The air purifier was worth $35.

The next two items are:
6. Mr. Coffee gift package featuring America's #1 coffee maker and genuine accessories, including extra decanter and Mr. Coffee filters (Holly)
7. Washington Forge Brookmere Classic flatware, elegance blended with modern simplicity, features delicately beaded border on mirror-brush stainless steel (Janice)

Joseph trades the toaster oven with the flatware. The other coffee maker was worth $54.

We reveal the prices!

The hand mixer was worth $26.

The cutlery set is worth $43.

The toaster oven is worth $70.

The flatware is worth $82!

Joseph wins the portable spa, and all that gives us a perfect show!

2nd Showcase Showdown:
|Thelma|.50|. 5|.55||

Tracy is the top winner, and Judy is the Runner-Up!

During the break, Bob said to the audience that he wants to hear some "oohs and ahs" during the Showcase. Someone "oohs" when Bob says Tracy's name, and then there's an "ah" for Judy. :rollold:

1. New bar set (Janice): George B. Bent Fine Furniture Company pine bar with simulated texture top, open-shelf storage, and lock storage compartment, with matching swivel stools in country pine finish
2. Elegant new dining room (Dian): SK Furniture classic early American dining furniture in solid maple finished hardwoods, built for years and years of solid family service; plus Goebel of West Germany glazed porcelain tableware that goes from freezer to oven to table, a complete service for 8
3. Trip to Paris (Janice): Fly with a guest round-trip air coach from L.A. to Paris for a 6-night stay at the Paris-Sheraton Hotel, with a view of Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, and other sights of the City of Light
4. Handsome set of luggage (Dian): Skyway's newest luggage for easier handling on stairs, curves, and tight places, upright luggage on wheels, outdoor twist fabric in colors including new Blazer Blue

Tracy passes the Showcase.
Judy Bids: $9,500.

SHOWCASE 2: Prizes mentioned in the records used by our Price is Right DJ "Blippity Blightsman"! (Johnny)

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, kids! Right on! Right on! It's that hot tribe of the radio waves 'Blippity Blightsman' here, playing hits for prizes! And if you are on the telephone when a prize is mentioned in a song, you win that prize! You do! You do! You do! Okay, Holly! Let's turn up the volume on that turntable!"

1. (After music plays) "Hold it! Hold it! Hold it out there! I heard a prize! That man mentioned a watch, so we're gonna give you a new exotic watch!"

- Sanford Scientific Chronaerobic watch, makes monitoring the pulse portable, combines time, day, date, and stopwatch with swift pulse rate measurement ("Makes you motivate, baby! Makes you motivate!")

2. "All right now, kids! We're really gettin' hot, so get ready to nail this next prize on the spot!" (more music plays)
"The great, great, great, great, great fuzzy honeytoads (?), I heard a prize! I did indeed! I did, I did, I did, I did! It's a new motor scooter!" (Dian on the Turntable)

- Vespa P200E motor scooter, a great way to get around town or campus, so much fun on a small amount of fuel, estimated 79 MPG ("Vroooom! And there she goes!")

3. "All right, all right, all right out there. We'll play these hits if it takes all night! Right now, listen to this, and don't get uptight, baby! Now, watch here!" (more music plays)
"Now, wait a minute! Wait a minute, baby! Did I hear money? Yes, Tommy! And it's $1,000 in cash!"

4. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Now, here's the last one out there, you guys and gals! No more moans! It's a real big hit by the stones!" (one more song plays)
"Oh, great day! And burning rubber, I heard it! I heard it! I heard it! And it's gonna cost us! I heard 'em mention a new car!" (Janice)

- Pontiac Trans Am with new forefront, ported headlamps, and new tail treatment, equipped with (?), differential slip, steel belted radial white stripe tires, tinted glass, door edge guards, hatch roof, "aluminuminum" wheels, "and trim group, baby!"

Holly hugs DJ Johnny to finish.

Tracy Bids: $12,750.

Showcase bids:

ARP of Tracy's Showcase: $13,190, for a difference of $440.
ARP of Judy's Showcase: $6,627. MRRRRRRRP!

Difference of:

Tracy wins $22,299 in prizes!
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