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TPIR with the first Mystery Price

This episode aired in September 1973 and MP was one of three games to debut
that month
(The others were Lucky Seven and Temptation)

IUFB #1 A Dinette set from Virtue

Penny Mary Bligh Denise Lisa
225     250         215   300

ARP is $356

Lisa has a chance to win A Stereo from Guild A Game Table from Chromcraft
and A Sewing Machine from Brother which is important to this game. $1411

Mystery Price comes around on the turntable. The object of the game is to build
enough credit in the bank to cover the price of the Sewing Machine using 4

1st Prize is a Barbeque from Charmlewette
You must give a bid and not go over the price of the BBQ.
Lisa bids $75
ARP is $60. No credit

2nd Prize is Linens from Thomaston Mills
Lisa bids $35
ARP is $63 so she has $35 in the bank

3rd Prize is Slacks from Haggar
Lisa bids $45
ARP is $100. She now has $80 in the bank

4th Prize is Tableware from Washington Forge
Lisa bids $75
ARP is $35 No credit

The Sewing Machine must be $80 or less
It is $135 LOSS
But she wins the Linens and the Slacks

IUFB #2 A Sofabed from Stephen Black

Penny Mary Bligh Denise STUART
475      400           450     500

ARP is $400 for Mary Bligh

Mary Bligh has a chance to win a Freezer from Amana (And it didn't tip over on
Anitra thank goodness :)


A Chevorlet Vega Coup

Any Number (still no name) comes around on the turntable

First pick 2
Car $2,---

2nd pick 7
Piggy Bank $-.-7

3rd pick 5
Piggy Bank $5.-7

4th pick 0
Freezer $--0

5th pick 6
Car $2,6--

6th pick 1
Car $2,61-

7th pick 9
Car $2,619 WINS CAR!!!

Freezer $480
Piggy Bank $5.37

IUFB #3 A Microwave Oven from Amana (And it didn't tip over on Janice :)

Penny DENICE Denise Stuart
375     350       450      500

ARP is $450 for Denise

Denise is going to play Clock Game for a chance to win A Bookcase from
Richard's and A Color TV from Magnavox

30 seconds to win both prizes starting with the bookcase
$200 Higher
250 Higher
275 Higher
300 Higher
350 Higher
400 Higher
500 Lower
450 Higher
475 Lower
465 Lower
460 Lower
455 Lower
450 Higher
452 Higher
453.95 Higher (idiot)
454 Right with 4.5 seconds left

$600 Higher
650 Higher
675 Lower
660 Lower TIME It was $659

Showcase time with Mary Biligh as the top winner and Denise as the runner up

1st Showcase
Kid's Bedroom from Young Hinkle
An Adult Bedroom from Coleman with a king size matress from Bemco
Shoes from Personality
A Mini Refrigerator from Gercor filled with Dite Rite Apple Soda

Mary Bligh passes to Denise who bids $2000

Mary Bligh's showcase
Things for a Weekend Vacation

A Set of Novels including Breakfast Of Champions
His and Her Golf Clubs and Bags from Hillerbrich and Banderby
A New Boat from Glasspar with motor from Johnson and Spartan trailer
Naval Jelly Rust Disolver

Mary Bligh bids $3250

Denise bid $2000
ARP is $1918 OVER

Mary Bligh bid $3250
ARP is $3260
Diffenrence $10

Mary Bligh cleans house with a total of $6279. That may have been the record at
the time.
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Re: 1973 ep with debut of Mystery Price
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You're right I did.