Author Topic: 1988 ep where Bob tosses the Encylopedia of Game Shows: February 26, 1988  (Read 6214 times)

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1. A Microwave Range from Tappan

Marlene $950
Sherry $795
Julie Ann $899
Andrew $951

ARP is $1200

Andrew is going to walk the Golden Road!

It starts with Rosarita Refried Beans
they can help him win
a Day Bed from Artho
Andrew says that this is the 17th time he's been on the show

Then he can win a Riding Lawn Mower from Harriet
Andrew says he knows the price of the Lawn Mower

The last prize is more than $33 thousand dollars
It's a new Porsche special edition 924!

The beans are .62
Price of the day bed is $-28
Andrew immediately guesses 6 which is right!

Andrew thinks the lawn mower is $1285
Bob says "Bring me the keys to the car!"
Sure enough the price says $1-85
Andrew guesses the 2 which is also right!

Now it's over to the Porsche
Price $33-00
Is it the 1 2 8 or 5?
He guesses the 8 but its a 1 LOSS

2. A Home Gym

Marlene $1300
Sherry $975
Julie Ann $1250
LARRY $650

One is exactly right and it's $1250

Julie Ann who wins $100 will now play Bump for

A Dinette Set from Hammer Of California
A Pinball Machine

Set up today

Kyle $3240 $2795 $4103 $3103 Janice
           Dinette Pinball

She decides that Kyle (subbing for Dian) should bump which means

$3240 for the Dinette and
$2795 for the Pinball

And she's right WIN!

3. A Hanging Lamp from Frederick Raymond
A male 2 year old dog makes a cameo

Marlene $600
Sherry $601
ALBA $375
Larry $1000

ARP is $589

Alba is going to play PLINKO!! with a chance to win $25000!!

1st Prize Roll Mop from Roll A Matic
It is not $49
She chooses the 9 which is right $19

2nd Prize True Value tool set
It's not $91
She guesses 9 which is right $95

3rd Prize Melitta Coffee Maker
It's not $27
She chooses 2 which is wrong $67

4th prize General Electric 4 slice toaster
It's not $68
She chooses 6 which is wrong $38

She has three chips

1st chip $500 to the right
2nd chip $0 to the left
3rd chip gets stuck so Bob uses the plinko stick
It is replayed and it gets stuck again!
One more time and she gets $1000 to the right
$1500 total LOSS

Showcase Showdown 1

Alba 1st spin is weak and she is booed
   1st spin again is .80 and she stays
Andrew 1st spin .65
   2nd spin .80 $1.40 OVER
Julie Ann 1st spin .85 and she's in!

4. Skyway Luggage on the TPIR train!

Marlene $735
Sherry $736
FLOYD $395
Larry $850

Another perfect bid of $735

Marlene, a Philadelphia Eagle cheerleader wins $100 and plays Most Expensive for

1. A fireplace from Fire Drum
2. A Bar Set
3. Dick Tracy artwork

She chooses 2

1. $1385
3. $1200
Bob announces that Holly is back from the flu
2. $2040 WIN!!

5. Tennis rackets

Sherry $400
Floyd $420
Larry $421

ARP is $540

Larry will play Money Game for a Nissan Centry 2 door sedan

The Board today is

37 76 14
63 53 71
09 22 40

1st pick 76
Front End $76--

2nd pick 14

3rd pick 09
Back End $7609 WIN
El Cheapo fails again

6. A Collection of books from New York Zoetrope
It includes the encyclopedia of TV Game Shows
now my copy is pretty bad but I can make out Dick Clark on the cover and Bill Cullen hosting the old TPIR
Bob wants to know if he's on the cover but he isn't so he just throws the book away.

Michelle $425
Sherry $500
Floyd $501
LISA $400

ARP is $460

Michelle is going to play Hi Lo with these groceries

Sans Sucre Chocolate Mousse mix
Vaseline Lip Therapy stick
Sunny Delight Citrus juice
Dum Dum lollipops
Aunt Sue's Honey
Pearl Smoker's Gell Toothpolish

Choosing the three expensive products will net
A Living Room Set $5833

Michelle chooses
the honey $2.89
the Mousse mix $2.09
and Toothpolish $4.00

Is $2.09 low enough?

Lip therapy $1.19
Sunny Delight $1.29
Lollipops .89 WIN!

Sherry, Lloyd and Lisa receive
Pelonis Disc Furnace
Creamettes pasta
Burlington House Draperies

Showcase Showdown 2

Marlene 1st spin .75 she stays
Michelle 1st spin .20
      2nd spin .20 .40
Larry 1st spin .90 and he's in.


Larry top winner
Julie Ann runner up

1st showcase The Weekend Decrorator
For the Den A 40'' Projection TV from Sharp
the Laundry Room a Washer and Dryer from Gibson
The driveway a Motorcycle and sidecar from Honda
and the Pool a ski boat from Glasman

Larry passes to Julie Ann who bids $19000

2nd showcase The World of Dance
A Stereo
Holly does the Cotton Eye Joe for Nashville
Kyle tries the hat dance for Acapulco
Janice loves the Bazaca for Moscow

Larry bids $18500
ARP is $9668 OVER

Julie Ann bid $19000
ARP is $22437
diff $3437

Julie Ann wins with a total of $29822!
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Re: 1988 ep where Bob tosses the Encylopedia of Game Shows
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Two questions:  Which Hi Lo counter is used, and (since I always forget and I'm feeling too lazy to look it up myself) which dollar signs were on the Big Wheel?
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Re: 1988 ep where Bob tosses the Encylopedia of Game Shows
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The Hi Lo Counter was the 2nd one (white colored) used throughout the 80's

Also the dollar signs on the wheel were still the small pink ones at this point instead of gold.