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Christmas 1982 recap: December 23, 1982
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This is an episode from Jamie Locklin's Page o Clips. I've decided to do this recap in the style of Tice because I always like the extra bits of info that he gives.

Opening title: "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT" (4 times)

Johnny: Here it comes! Television's most exciting hour of fantastic prizes! The fabulous 60-minute Price is Right!

Esther Needle, COME ON DOWN!
Lori LaMonaco, COME ON DOWN!
Broderick Smith, COME ON DOWN! And...
Susan Sanchez, COME ON DOWN! YOU are the first four contestants on TPIR! And now, here is the star of TPIR, Bob Barker!

Bob enters in a dark blue suit and the Beauties are in red backless spaghetti-strapped gowns. The set is decorated for Christmas.

Bob: Christmas is just around the corner and I've come out here to play Santa Claus. Ladies, will you please take off your stockings? (everyone laughs) Let's see. What do we have in this stocking right over here? The first item up for bids.

1. Animated Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, modeled by Dian (Cue is Santa Claus is coming to town.)

Susan: $250
Broderick: $325
Lori: $350
Esther: $351

And the actual retail price is...$1170! Esther wins! She goes back to door number two with Bob, wearing what has to be the most bizarre dress in the universe. The doors part to reveal...

1. A secretary (Janice, no brand name given)
2. Chromcraft dinette (Dian)
3. Simmons sofa (Holly)

Bob: Esther, we will give you all three of those gifts if you can tell us which one is the most expensive. And you've already decided it's number one.
Esther: (inaudible)
Bob: What?
Esther: I've seen these for a long time. I know.
Bob: You know? Well, we don't always use these same three in this game.

She still insists it's the secretary and the audience applauds in agreement.

Bob: We will check the price of number two.

Dian reveals the dinette to be $1025.

Bob: We will check the price of number three.

Holly shows a price of $799. After $799 is revealed, Esther nods excitedly and tells Bob that she knows she's won.

Bob: You did win?
(Esther nods)
Bob: You really are a player, aren't you?
Esther: I watch you every night because I have a tape player and it tapes it!
Bob: You tape it during the day and then you go home at night and watch?
Esther: Right.
Bob: Well, Esther, I'm so glad you've won if you have. Now that second prize is one thousand what? 1025? Is this more than that?

The secretary is $1270 and Esther wins!

Bob: (to the models) Come on out here, Santa's helpers. I have Santa's helpers here. Form a little line here. We're going to go down the line here. I'll be Santa Claus and you tell me what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas. Now we'll start with pretty little Dian; have you been a good girl?
Dian: I've been the best girl!
Bob: What do you want for Christmas?
Dian: (looking at Jan and Holly) What do I...
Bob: Don't start! You're like a contestant looking in the audience for help.
Dian: I...wouldn't want to discuss it on TV!
Bob: Oh really! Well, Santa will see that you get it! How about you, little Janice?
Janice: How about another ten years on Price is Right?
Bob: That's a nice wish! That's a nice wish! And what does little Holly want?
Holly: I want Dian's leftovers!
Bob: (laughing)Okay! Maybe we can arrange that too. Right now, we're going to arrange for you to see this.
As they come back from the break, Bob explains that he and the audience were playing "State Capitals" and points out an older man with whom he was playing.

Bob: This gentleman in the second row; what's your name?
Man: Rosenthal.
Bob: Mr. Rosenthal! Are you Mr. Rosenthal? (man nods) Well, this is the father of the attorney who represents me and I honestly did not know that! I'm so proud of you! Is your son as bright as you are? I hope he is!
Rosenthal: He takes after me!
Bob: Good, good, good, good! John, who's our next player and it'd better not be Mr. Rosenthal!
Johnny: No way! It's Gerta Bowe! COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!

Gerta: I love you!
Bob: Thank you. That's the capital of Hawaii! No, that's Honolulu!

2. Excel exercise equipment (Janice)

Gerta: $525
Susan: $400
Broderick: $800
Lori: $600

ARP: $461. Susan is the owner of that prize and joins Bob at the top of the winners' stairs.

Bob: Hi, Susan. Do you know what Santa Claus left under TPIR Christmas tree for little Susan?
Susan: I'd love to find out.
Bob: You'd love to find out?
Susan: My son's birthday is on Christmas.
Bob: Do you think your son would like that?

Johnny: A NEW CAR!

It's a light blue two-door Pontiac Phoenix coupe, "an electronic, fuel injection, four-cylinder front-wheel drive fun machine with stylish, roomy interior".

Susan's game is Temptation.

Bob: Now, Susan, the numbers in the price of that car are hidden right here. But if you watch the show as much as...was it Esther? Yes, as Esther watches our show, you know that we're not going to talk about those numbersright there for a moment, are we?
Susan: No.
Bob: No. We're going to talk about this beautiful gift I have for you, aren't we, John?

Gift #1: A yellow White-Westinghouse frost-free refrigerator worth $790.

Susan picks 7.

Bob: Are you sure it's not the zero?
Susan:'s the 7.

Gift #2: Patton heater/fan worth $80

Susan picks 8.

Gift #3: H. Grabell and Sons touch lamp worth $225.

Susan picks 5.

Bob: And if anything ever looked like Christmas, this does! John, if you please.

Gift #4: Michael C. Fina 15-piece silver-plated punch set worth $585.

Susan picks 8 and now has a price of $7858. Based on that price, I personally don't believe that she has watched the show nearly as much as Esther. That suspicion is confirmed when she opts not to change any of the digits and goes for the car instead of taking $1680 in gifts.

Bob: You're going to lose this beautiful thing maybe. Maybe you'll lose this. Maybe you'll lose that BEAUTIFUL appliance, but you're going to try for the car. Alright, she's going to try for the car.


Bob: That seven is right! That...


Bob: eight is right! That...


Bob: Oh! Oh! That's wrong!

The price was $7825.

Bob: Oh, bah humbug! I'm sorry, Susan. We'll try again after these words.
Bob: John, I have to be a ag, but I have to have another player.
Johnny: All right, Bob! We'll oblige with Susan Leck! COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!

Susan arrives in contestants' row.

Bob: You're pretty enough in that dress and it's red enough for you to be up here and be one of our models on this show.
(Susan jokingly pretends to run on stage.)
Bob: You may be up here if you bid well enough on this next item up for bids.

3. Homestead Ceilings ceiling fan and light (Dian)

Susan: $825
Broderick: $650
Lori: $300
Gerta: $301

ARP: $428. Gerta follows Bob to the turntable, which has the 1983 design on the revolving portion, solid red on the game side, while the rest has the orange and purple stucco design. What can Gerta win now?

It's a trip for two to Switzerland, modeled by Janice! Also included is a luggage ensemble by Executive Travelware Inc., wheeled out by Holly. A prize package worth $4061!

Gerta's game is Now...AND Then, prior to the name change.

Bob: You're going to play the Now and Then game. And if you play it well enough, you'll end up in Switzerland. Mr. Rosenthal, what's the capital of Switzerland? It's either Berne of Geneva, isn't it? Zurich is not the capital, is it?

Mr. Rosenthal is shown looking very perplexed. Someone suggests Burbank! Anyway, the then date is June 1977. The products are...

Hungry Jack mashed potatoes ($0.69)
Quick n' Tender Oriental noodles ($0.52)
Hormel chili ($0.47)
Bo-Po brand nail polish ($4.50)
Rhodes bread dough ($2.39)
Sunsweet prune juice ($0.72)

Bob: I want you to know there at home that our research department is checking on the capital of Switzerland. We'll know by the time we get ready to send you. Now, which one of those prices do you want to start with?

Gerta chooses the juice at 72 cents and says then.


She's right! Next, the potatoes at 69 cents. She says then.


Right again! She wants the noodles at 52 cents. After slight pause, she says now.


Yes! And she seems in total shock at having won.

Bob: Now, just one moment. Just one moment. She's ngoing to Switzerland, the capital of which is Berne. There you go. Bye-bye. (Gerta leaves.) Showcase showdown number one after we do a little business with you.

Susan: $0.70
Esther: $0.85
Gerta: $0.45 + $1.00= $1.45! OVER!

Esther is off to the showcases.
We get a close-up of Johnny as he calls Thomas Martello.

Thomas, a very tall and muscular man with a moustache, arrives in contestants' row carrying a bag. After chatting a bit with Thomas, Bob finds out that he used to play football at Long Beach. He then inquires about the bag.

Bob: What do you have, your lunch there in that bag?
Thomas: Bob Barker postcards.

He explains that he had been to the show 68 times before being called down and that he had gotten a postcard each time!

Bob: He has Bob Barker postcards from 68 shows and a toasted cheese sandwich in there!

4. Colonial Mills braided rug (Dian)

Thomas: $500
Susan: $425
Broderick: $700
Lori: $300

ARP: $439. Susan, in her red dress, has gotten up on stage!

And back at door number two, Susan can win a brass and copper table and a Tappan gas range. Janice brings out the one right price of $1050. After a little audience consultation, she says that it belongs on the table. A few audience members can be heard moaning quietly in response to her choice.

Price of table: $1375. Apparently, those select few audience members knew what they were talking about!

Bob Well, I'll tell ya what. There's more Price is Right coming up!

Johnny: Stay tuned for more pricing games and the fabulous showcases, which are coming up on the second half of TPIR!
Bob: John, there's a vacant spot in contestants' row. What in the world am I gonna do?
Johnny: Well, I'm gonna get you one.
Bob: Oh good!
Johnny: Yes, Bob! Let's see if we can find Natalie Ramirez! COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!

Natalie, seated in the fat left corner of the studio, staggers a bit as she goes to contestants' row.

Bob: Natalie Ramirez, you got here even though you are a little unsteady on your feet.
Natalie: I'm just nervous.
Bob: But you're in contestants' row. And look at what we're bringing right out in front of contestant's row for you to bid on.

5. Litton microwave oven (Holly)

Natalie: $500
Broderick: $425
Lori: $550
Thomas: $551

ARP: $549! Lori and Thomas are only over by $1 and $2 respectively! Natalie and Bob go to the giant price tag.

Bob: I have good news for you. You just might end up with this.

It's a new Starcraft camping trailer worth $3699!

Natalie will be playing the now-defunct Trader Bob game. Her base prize is a Black and Decker spotlighter.

The first set of prizes is a Norelco coffeemaker and can of True Value latex finish. With almost no hesitation, Natalie picks the coffeemaker. The paint was only $14.

Bob: I say you did the right thing!

Next, we have a Presto Fry Daddy deep fryer and Silver Stone cookware. She chooses the cookware and the fryer is $42.

Bob: I don't know about that one. I really don't. I think maybe you did the right thing.

Finally, a set of Town and Country flatware and a Hoover portable vacuum. Natalie picks the flatware and the vacuum is $80.

Bob: Ooh! I don't know about that one. (to audience) Do you think she's won? (light applause)

The moment of truth.

Spotlighter: $30
Coffemaker: $49
Cookware: $70
Flatware: $60! No trailer for Natalie!
Bob: I'm beginning to worry a little bit about Broderick here because he's had a hard fight. He's been down here since the show began. Do you watch our show?
Broderick: Yeah I do. When I'm not at school.
Bob: I beg your pardon?
Broderick: When I'm not at school.
Bob: Well, you have seen the show enough that you expected to do very well, didn't you?
Broderick: Yeah, I expected to.
Bob: How do you feel your performance has measured up?
Broderick: Not exceptionally well!
Bob: No, it hasn't! You're going to have to get...what are you grinning about, Thomas? You haven't done so hot over here you know!
Thomas: I've only had two bids!
Bob: You've only had two, that's right. Let's give him another. But John, we have to have another player first.

Johnny: All right, Bob. How about Leila Franks? COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!

6. Chromcraft bar set (Jan and Holly on TPIR train)

Leila: $1000
Broderick: $800
Lori: $900
Thomas: $1

ARP: $945. Lori escapes while Broderick the student goes to TPIR summer school. It's up to the turntable for Lori and Bob.

Bob: Now, Lori, I'm gonna show you some prizes like...well, have a look at this.

The clamshell open to reveal men's clothing from Givenchy! Or better yet, Lori could win a bright red Ford Escort! Her game is Any Number. She starts with 6.

CAR $6---
BANK $-.--

Lori: Eight.

CAR $6---
BANK $-.--

Lori: Seven.

CAR $647-
BANK $-.--

Bob: Oh boy! Six thousand four hundred seventy-something! Give us that something! Give us that last number!
Lori: Five.

CAR $647-
BANK $5.--

Lori: Two.

$6472! Lori wins the car! The clothing and piggy bank aren't shown.

Bob: And now we're ready for the second showcase showdown! Hope you are after this message!
It turns out that Susan is originally from Australia. Bob quizzes her about the wheel and she mistakenly believes that you get $10,000 for a green section!

Susan: $0.70
Natalie: $0.25 + $0.85= $1.10 OVER!
Lori: $0.05 + $1.00= $1.05 OVER!

Susan will take on Esther in the showcases!
Top winner: Esther
Runner-up: Susan

Showcase #1 is the standard playroom showcase with:
*Volcano pinball machine
*Swinger pool table by Murray
*Sylvania 25" TV and remote
*Whirlpool spa with "a teakwood table for serving refreshments in the super spa!"

...and this showcase can be yours if the price is right!

Esther passes, although she claims to be a pinball wizard. Susan bids $6000. Esther's showcase is as follows.

"Your showcase contains prizes designed to help our priceless street corner mime!"

Holly spins around on the turntable dressed as a mime with a sequined city backdrop behind her. She pretends to be sewing her sleeve.

"And here's our mime now, trying to repair a tear in her shirt. What she really needs to make those repairs is a new sewing machine!"

Holly pretends to pack a suitcase.

"And now our mime is packing her bags because she wants to be ready for your next prize, a trip to Mexico!"

Holly is pretending to row a boat.

"What's our mime up to now? Oh, she's working up a sweat on either a rowing machine or perhaps her very own dinghy. Well, either way, she'll never have to work that hard again once she steps aboard this new ski boat!"

"And this showcase, in which our hard-working mime is ready to take her nap, provided we wake her if you win, can be yours if the price is right!"

Esther quickly and confidently bids $8550.
Bob, responding to the audience's advice, starts with Esther.

Esther's bid: $8550
ARP: $11,696
Diff: $3146

Susan's bid: $6000
ARP: $8368
Diff: $2368! SUSAN WINS!

Susan has won a total of $8807!

"This is Bob Barker reminding you to help control the pet population, have your pets spayed or neutered. Goodbye everybody!"
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