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June 23, 1960 - special panel of honeymooners
« on: June 11, 2006, 05:21:18 PM »
This episode from June 23, 1960 is a change of pace in that the contestants are a special panel of honeymooners. As such, there will be no returning champion. (The champion from the previous week, Kenneth Jones, will return next week.)

Don Pardo: Tonight these four people meet to compete for the prizes of a lifetime on... (opening fanfare from "Sixth Finger Tune") The Price Is Right, presented by Imperial. Yes, Imperial. Unconditionally guaranteed to taste like the seventy-cent spread, only costs so much less. And now, your host on The Price Is Right and here he is...Bill Cullen!

Bill comes out to thunderous applause from the Colonial Theater crowd as always and introduces the contestants who are, as mentioned previously, honeymooners:

Cynthia Pata is a secretary from Cleveland, Ohio. She and her husband were married on June 11.

Arthur Markley is a sales rep from Miami Beach, Fla. He and his wife were married June 12.

Gloria Klein is a salesperson from Detroit, Mich. She and her husband were married June 19.

James Adams a pulp tester from Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc. He never was asked when he and his wife were married.

June Ferguson shows a year's supply of Dove soap, which all players receive. After Bill tells us how the game is played ("You bid for the merchandise we present. Go as high as you like, stop whenever you like. It goes to the one who bids the highest without going over the actual retail price"), the first item up for bids is shown:

An entertainment unit consisting of a TV, hi-fi and bar in polished mahogany. It features a record holder and a pull-out bar with a sliding formica tray, a 21-inch black-and-white TV, and a stereo unit with a four-speed record changer and AM/FM radio components. It's by Dantomuro Furniture of Linbrook, N.Y.

Mrs. Pata opens the bidding anywhere with minimums at $50:
(*--frozen bid; [bz]--last bid buzzer)
-----------300 -----------350 ---------400 ----------450
-----------550 -----------600 ---------700 --------* 450
-----------800 -----------850 ---------925 --------* 450
----------1000 --------* 850 -------* 925 --------* 450
--------* 1000

Actual retail price: $1849, with Mrs. Pata the winner.

Bill: Household goods on The Price Is Right are delivered by Allied Van Lines, movers all over the world who treat your possessions with expert care.

Next item: a baby carriage! It's by Sayer and features chrome tubular springs, fully lined and padded. Bill prefaces the game by telling the contestants that whoever wins the baby carriage will also win a very unusual bonus.

Mr. Markley opens anywhere, no minimums:
---------- -------10 -------25 -------50
-----* 47 ------51 -------75 -------79
-----* 47 ----* 51 -------80 -----* 79
-----* 47 ----* 51 -----* 80 -----* 79
(NOTE: Mrs. Pata's initial bid of 47 was an underbid, which is automatically frozen. A contestant is allowed to underbid only during the first round of bidding.)

Actual retail price: $54.95, with Mr. Markley the winner, and of course he wins the bonus. He wins a home movie camera kit by Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp. plus a chance to win a $5000 scholarship for the baby he and his wife would produce later in their lives. To earn the $5000, he has to know some things about his wife the staff culled prior to airtime. Mr. Markley's wife is brought out and is given a list of questions and for every answer Mr. Markley gets right, he and his wife win $1000. The answers are recorded on large cue cards up on Bill's podium. (A precursor to The Newlywed Game.)

First question: "Where did we go on our first date?" His answer: "Jaxley Hotel!" The audience roared with laughter, and it appears the Mr. Markley misheard the question, thinking he heard where was the first hotel they went to. Bill re-read the question and Mr. Markley said "At a party at his wife's girlfriend's, Sherri Tacke." He was correct, winning him $1000 towards the scholarship.

Second question from Mrs. Markley: "What year did I graduate from high school?" His answer: 1955. Correct answer: 1955. He aced that as well, bringing the Markleys up to $2000.

Third question: "How much do I weigh within five pounds?" His answer: 114. Correct answer: 110. He was within five pounds so he's now up to $3000.

Fourth question: "What is the name of the person who introduced us?" His answer: Mrs. Bauman. Correct answer: Mrs. Bauman. Correct again, bringing the Markleys to $4000.

Final question: "What is the exact date of your proposal?" His answer: May 23rd. Correct answer: He never did propose. But the Markleys did pocket $4000 for the scholarship.

The winner of the current home sweepstakes is announced. The items and the prices:
* Buster Crabbe Swimming Pool - $2,647.45
* Cross Pen & Pencil Set - $17.50
* Terra Cotta Sculpture - $500
* Royalite Typewriter - $49.95
* World Book Encyclopedia and ChildCraft books - $235
* Diamond Bracelet - $4,200
* American Marc Sailboat - $7,995
Total price of the showcase - $15,644.90

Four entries were submitted with identical bids, all on the nose, at $15,644.90. The four were asked to send telegrams with a bid on the sculpture ($500). The closest bid with out going over, at $450, wins the entire showcase for Benjamin Siegal of Queens Village, N.Y.

Third item up for bids: Sterling Silver, service for 12 consisting of 162 pieces plus storage cabinet. It's from Long Silversmiths, Greenfield, Mass.

Mrs. Klein opens the bidding and it's a one-bid item:
------------ --------* 600 ------------* 795 -----* 500
--------* 775

Actual retail price: $1137.50, with Mr. Adams the winner and he hit the bonus bell. He wins a Tappan 442 electric range complete with cabinets by Shyreck. Bill then reads off a list of ingredients to a dish for Mr. Adams to identify: chopped onions, carrots, celery, leeks, white turnips, zucchini squash, and chicken broth. It's minestrone, and it's a tipoff to Mr. Adams' other bonus prize: a second honeymoon with his wife to the Isle of Caprice at the Caesar Augustus Hotel.

Final item: A 1960 Ford Thunderbird convertible in Monte Carlo red, V-8 engine and Cruise-O-Matic transmission. Bidding on the Thunderbird at its F.O.B. delivered price, point of entry Detroit, Mich.

Mr. Adams opens with the starting bid asked to be at least $1000, minimums at $100:
------------ ------------ ------------ ----------2500
------3000 -------3200 ------4000 ----------4500
------4600 -------5100 ----* 4000 ----------5200
----* 4600 -----* 5100 ----* 4000 --------* 5200

Audience applause indicates that they believe Mr. Adams will win. Actual retail price: $4815.80, with Mrs. Pata the winner.

Final scores:
Mrs. Pata - $6664
Mr. Markley - $4562
Mrs. Klein - $0 (she receives a Polaroid Land camera)
Mr. Adams - $3330

Mrs. Pata is the big winner. Mr. Kenneth Jones, champion from June 16, returns next Wednesday to defend his championship.

EXTRA NOTE: A previous recap I did with Mr. Jones on the old board where he says "damn" and falls over in his chair was erroneously listed as June 23, 1960. It should have been June 30.

Also mea culpa for the multiple edits...I'm a creature of infinite error.
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