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Another 1983 ep: March 1, 1983
« on: June 11, 2006, 06:52:17 PM »
Cindy, Marbel, Diane, and Faye come on down

Item #1: Sailboard by O'Brien, modeled by Dian and Amen Brother Herbert was the cue

Faye: $1,000
Diane: $665
Marbel: $1,100
CIndy: $700

ARP: $766

Cindy wins and will play Temptation for a Ford Mustang, modeled by Holly and Bean Stalker is the cue

Prize #1: Mixer by Kitchen Aid, price is $474, chooses the 7
Prize #2: Small Screen TV by Liberty Television, price is $399, chooses the 9
Prize #3: Recliner by the Lane Company, price is $600, chooses the 0
Prize #4: Cordless phone by Keytronics, price is $300, chooses the 3

Has a price of $7,903, makes no changes, goes for car

Price is $7,960 LOSS

Salvatore comes on down

Item #2: Sewing Machine by Pfaff, modeled by Janice and brought out by "Chugs" the TPIR train which is driven by Holly

Salvatore: $475
Faye: $450
Diane: $525
Marbel: $449

ARP: $699

Diane wins and will play Squeeze Play for a Spa by Polynesian, modeled by Dian

Numbers are 1 9 4 9 5, removes the 4 for a price of $1,995 WIN

Denise comes on down

Item #3: Baker's Rack, modeled by Dian

Denise: $495
Marbel: $500
Salvatore: $375
Faye: $317

ARP: $350

Faye wins and will play Cliffhangers for Kitchen appliances by Gibson, modeled by Holly worth $2,370 and the cue is a variation of the CNAOS cue

Kitchen tools by Ecko
Sweeper by Bissel
Mini range by Munsey(Dian modeled and Bhen was the cue)

Tools: Guesses $36, is wrong, mountain climber stops at 4, price is $32
Sweeper: Guesses $29, is wrong, climber stops at 18, price is $43
Range: Guesses $77, is wrong, climber lands in the hospital in a full body cast, price is $46

Showcase showdown #1:

Faye: First spin is .50, second spin is .95 OVER
Cindy: First spin is .10, second spin is .45, total is .55
Diane: First spin is .85, stays

Cindy goes to the showcases

Brenda comes on down

Item #4: Trash compactor by Kitchen Aid, modeled by Holly

Brenda: $429
Denise: $465
Marbel: $325
Salvatore: $495

ARP: $530

Denise wins and will play Race Game for a sofa by Bernhardt, stereo by Schneider, Bar set, and a freezer by Gibson, modeled by Janice and Dian and Big Banana Remix is the cue

Prices are $620, $995, $515, and $782

1st attempt: Stereo is $515, freezer is $620, sofa is $782, and bar set is $995, has 1 right
2nd attempt: Sofa is $620, freezer is $782, stereo is $515, and bar set is $995, has none right
3rd attempt: Sofa is $995, bar set is $782, freezer is $620, and stereo is $515, has 2 right, time runs out

Wins bar set and freezer

Sofa is $515, bar set is $782, freezer is $620, and stereo is $995

Georgia comes on down, but she first comes on up on stage

Item #5: Mantel clock by the Micheal C Fina Co.

Georgia: $495
Marbel: $325
Salvatore: $975
Brenda: $410

ARP: $425

Brenda wins and will play Pick a Pair for a Player Piano by Aeolian, modeled by Holly worth $3,940

Dentyne Gum
Krackel Candy
Generic Brand Shampoo
Listerine Mouthwash
Isodettes Lozenges
Adolph's Tenderizer

Chooses the candy, is $1.39, chooses the mouthwash, is 99

Goes with the candy, chooses the tenderizer, is $1.69 LOSS

Shampoo is $1.39

Marbel has been in the row since the show began. After that Cliffhangers loss, the mountain climber now lays in the hospital in a full body cast. Marbel is about to face something much worse than that: banishment to the First Four Breakfast Club if she doesn't get on stage. Let's hope she can avoid that.

Christine comes on down

Item #6: Exercise wear by Dance Centre, modeled by Janice

Christine: $530
Georgia: $350
Marbel: $325
Salvatore: $375

ARP: $375

Marbel is magically teleported to the FFBC clubhouse while Salvatore plays Any Number for a dinette set by Chromcraft Furniture, modeled by Dian or a Ford Tharamount, modeled by Holly

1st number: 1, in car
2nd number: 7, in car
3rd number: 9, in piggy bank
4th number: 4, in car
5th number: 5, in piggy bank
6th number: 0, in car WIN

Car is $7,140

Showcase showdown #2:

Brenda: First spin is .95, stays
Denise: First spin is .90, second spin is .75 OVER
Salvatore: First spin is .60, second spin is .50 OVER

Brenda goes to the showcases


Top winner: Diane
Runner up: Brenda

Showcase #1:

Bedroom furniture by Broyhill
Bedding by Dakotah
Mattress by Beauty Rest
Ski clothing
Snowmobile by Polaris

Diane passes, Brenda bids $5,400

Showcase #2:

Prizes revealed by artist Jon Oleo(Johnny):
Washer/dryer by Speed Queen
Telescope by Bushnell
Trip to the French Rivera

Diane bids $6,700

Diane bid $6,700, ARP is $5,902 OVER
Brenda bid $5,400, ARP is $5,650, difference is $250

Brenda wins her showcase and a total of $6,075
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Re: Another 1983 ep
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2006, 10:04:44 PM »
What were the prices in the piggy bank and the dinette set in Any Number?
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Re: Another 1983 ep
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2006, 06:44:02 AM »
Those were never shown.

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Re: Another 1983 ep
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2006, 01:01:10 AM »
How could Denise win the 4th IUFB if Salvatore had the highest bid of the 4? For that it would be Salvatore that would win not Denise. I think u got the wrong bid for Denise there.

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Re: Another 1983 ep
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2006, 01:42:10 AM »
This was also the show in which Salvatore picked Bob up after winning Any Number, prompting Bob to jokingly ask Salvatore if he happened to be from Samoa.

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Re: Another 1983 ep
« Reply #5 on: September 27, 2006, 03:16:22 PM »
they show a clip from it durng the TPIR Million dollar specials

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Re: Another 1983 ep
« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2006, 05:48:38 PM »
First, maybe Plinko meant to type 529 for Denise's bid.

And second, why couldn't this be the show with Salvatore pickup up Bob?