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May 17, 1961- Cobert's theme introduced
« on: June 12, 2006, 03:58:22 PM »
This episode is of note as it is the first nighttime show to use Bob Cobert's "Window Shopping" as the theme music. It would be used through the show's tenure on NBC and ABC, and it would be reused in 1967during the first season of Goodson-Todman's Snap Judgment.

Don Pardo: Tonight, these four people meet to compete for the prizes of a lifetime on... (opening fanfare from "Window Shopping") The Price Is Right, presented by new Imperial, the taste-tested margarine that has the sweet, natural taste of the seventy-cent spread. And now, your host on The Price Is Right and here he is, Bill Cullen!

Bill comes out to applause from the audience, and introduces the contestants:

Eileen Wankmuller, a housewife from Union N J, is the returning champion, having won the previous week with $9740.

Donald Jones is a minister from Tannersville PA.

Rosemary Carini is a housewife from Glastonbury CT.

Gerald Brown is an insurance salesman from Minneapolis MN.

June Ferguson shows us a year's supply of Stripe toothpaste, which all contestants receive. After Bill explains the rules, the first item up for bids is shown and Bill's wearing it--his three-piece suit! It's by Paul Stewart and is meant to be worn ten months out of the year and comes with an overcoat and hat.

Mrs. Wankmuller starts anywhere, minimums are $50:
(*--frozen bid; [bz]--last bid buzzer)

-------100 -------150 -------200 -------275
-------350 -------400 -----* 200 -------480
-----* 350 -----* 400 -----* 200 ---- *480

Actual retail price: $905, with Mr. Brown the winner and he hit the bonus bell. Behind him are 1,000 button-down neckties, with retail for $1.50 each. Mr. Brown's situation is simple: sell the ties for 15 cents each (five ties per customer limit), for which he'll receive $1 per tie, and he'll have a week to perform the task on the streets of London, England. Mr. Brown and his wife leave Thursday night via Sabena Airlines (connecting at Brussels), and they'll stay at the Prince Of Wales hotel where Mr. Brown will conduct business with the neckties. A member of the Price staff will accompany the couple so the rules are followed.

Next item up for bids:a family room, consisting of ranch oak furniture by A. Brandt Company of Ft. Worth, Texas. It consists of a two-piece sectional sofa, corner table, four-section coffee table, gun case, occasional chairs, game table, brunch table and formica-top bar with stools. 26 pieces in all.

Mr. Jones opens the bidding anywhere, with minimums at $100:
------------ ------1100 ------1200 ------1300
------1400 ------1500 ------1600 ------1750
------1850 ------2050 ----* 1600 [bz]----* 1750
----* 2500 ----* 2600

Actual retail price: $2040.65, with Mr. Brown winning again.

The last look at the current sweepstakes is shown. Up for bids: Two automobiles, a Rambler Super-6 four-door station wagon and a Rambler American 2-door convertible. Both cars are equipped with standard six-cylinder engines and standard transmissions, power steering, power brakes and other options.

Next item: 1 share of common stock of Superior Oil with the price determined at the close of that day's stock market.

Mrs. Carini opens with minimums at $50:
------------ ------------ -------100 -------150
-------200 -------250 -------300 -------375
-------440 -------500 -----* 300 [bz]----* 725
-----* 775 -----* 850

Actual retail price: $1217, with Mr. Jones the winner, and he hit the bonus bell. To go with his oil stock, he also wins a Rambler Metropolitan convertible, by American Motors.

Final item: A jet-powered boat, the Seahawk, an 18-ft. runabout by Dorsett Marine, powered by a 105-hp engine.

Mr. Brown opens with the opening asked to be at least $1000, minimums at $100:
------------ ------------ ------------ ------1500
------1800 ------2000 ------2200 ------2500
------2700 ------2800 ------3000 ------3500
------3600 ----* 2800 ------3700 ------5200 [bz]
----* 6500 ----* 2800 ----* 3700 ----* 5200

Actual retail price: $4220, with Mrs. Carini the winner.

Final scores:

Mrs. Wankmuller - $0 (but she won big last week)
Mr. Jones - $3080
Mrs. Carini - $4220
Mr. Brown - $4050

Mrs. Carini becomes the new champion by the skin of her teeth ($170 difference!) and returns next week to defend. Mrs. Wankmuller leaves with $9740 in winnings.
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Re: May 17, 1961- Cobert's theme introduced
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2009, 06:39:25 PM »
I wonder if Mr. Brown sold all the ties while he was in London.