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Show from 1975
« on: July 29, 2007, 08:40:03 PM »
Myrna, Betty, Lorraine, and Denise come on down

Item #1: Bar set, modeled by Dian

Lorraine: $560
Betty: $675
Denise: $650
Myrna: $475

All have overbid

Lorraine: $425
Betty: $400
Denise: $426
Myrna: $375

ARP: $458

Denise wins and will play Temptation for a Chevorlet Vega, modeled by Anitra

1st prize: Air Conditioner by Western Auto, is $320, chooses the 3
2nd prize: Silver basket by Corbell, is $19, chooses the 9
3rd prize: Lantern, is $28, chooses the 2
4th prize: Ride on Lawn Mower by Davis, is $515, chooses the 5

Price is $3,925, makes no changes, goes for car

Price is $3,985 LOSS

Theresa comes on down

Item #2: Porcelan Statuette, modeled by Janice

Theresa: $385
Myrna: $600
Lorraine: $250
Betty: $300

ARP: $567

Theresa wins and will play Clock Game for a hot house by Kilma Grow and a color TV by Admiral, modeled by Dian

Hot House:
500 L
400 L
300 H
310 H
320 H
330 H
340 H
350 H
360 L
351, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Gets it with 19 seconds left

Color TV:

700 L
600 H
610 H
620 H
630 H
640 H
650 H
660 H
670 H
680 H
690 H
700 L
500 H

Time runs out

Price is $696

Raymond comes on down

Item #3: Ria rug, modeled by Dian

Raymond: 380
Myrna: $250
Lorraine: $400
Betty: $400

ARP: $469

Betty wins and will play Grocery Game for Kitchen appliances by Western Auto worth $2,080, modeled by Anitra

Rainbow Candies
Hi Top Sliced Peaches
American Beauty Elbo Roni
House in Bloom Plant Food
Old El Paso Mexican Food

1st choice: 5 plant food, one is $0.59, 5 are $2.95
2nd choice: 2 candies, one is $0.79, two are $1.58, total is $4.53
3rd choice: 3 macaronis, one is $0.65, three are $1.95 total is $6.48
4th choice: 1 taco, is $.25, total is $6.73
5th choice: 1 peaches, is $0.43, total is $7.16 LOSS

Showcase showdown #1:

Denise: First spin is .85, stays
Betty: First spin is .25, second spin is .35, total is .60
Theresa: First spin is .10, second spin is .65, total is .75

Denise goes to the showcases

Olga comes on down

Item #4: Fireplace by Fire Drum with supply of Swiss Miss, modeled by Dian

Olga: $480
Raymond: $520
Mryna: $500
Lorraine: $200

ARP: $595

Raymond wins and will play Ten Chances for a Digital Clock by Triumph, a Sewing Machine by White, and a Chevorlet Nova

1st chance: Numbers in price of clock are 3, 0, and 4, guesses $30, is wrong
2nd chance: Guesses, $34, is wrong
3rd chance: Guesses $40, is right
4th chance, Sweing machine numbers are 1, 5, 4, and 0, guesses $501, is wrong
5th chance: Guesses $540, is wrong
6th chance: Guesses $541, is wrong
7th chance: Guesses $514, is wrong
8th chance: Guesses $451, is wrong
9th chance: Guesses $405, is wrong
10th chance: Guesses $510, is wrong LOSS

Price is $504

Norene comes on down

Item #5: Microwave oven by Amana with supply of Agar Ham, modeled by Anitra

Norene: $450
Myrna: $465
Lorraine: $355
Olga: $500

ARP: $480

Myrna wins and will play Give or Keep for a Dining room furniture by Keller worth $817, modeled by Dian

1st prize: Calcualtor by Litronix or Luggage by American Tourist, chooses the luggage, calculator is $40
2nd prize: Air Machine by Schick or Massager by Pollinix, chooses the Air machine, massager is $25
3rd prize: Infant wardrobe by Spencer or Fry Pan, chooses the pan, layette is $50

Give total is $115

Luggage is $45, air machine is $20, pan is $43, total is $108 LOSS

Lorraine is still stuck in the row. She has one last chance to escape. Should she fail, she will be banished to the First Four Breakfast Club. As if that weren't bad enough, there is a skunk on the way into Studio 33.

Janet comes on down

Item #6: Love seat, modeled by Dian

Janet: $600
Lorraine: $550
Olga: $650
Norene: $1

ARP: $520

Lorraine is off to the FFBC clubhouse while Norene wins and will play Range Game for a birthday bathtub by Kohler, modeled by Anitra

Range is $1,400-$2,00

Stops range finder at about $1,600-1,750

Price is $1,776 SKUNKED!!!!

And boy does it smell bad in Studio 33

Showcase showdown #2:

Norene: First spin is .65, second spin is .70 OVER
Myrna: First spin is .85, stays
Raymond: First spin is .05, second spin is .90, total is .95

Raymond goes to the showcases


Top winner: Raymond
Runner up: Denise

Showcase #1:

Child's bedroom
Adult's bedroom

Raymond passes, Denise bids $2,200

Showcase #2:

Book of the Week: Anna and the King of Siam:
Trip to Thailand
Trip to London
Movie Camera

Raymond bids $4,025

Raymond bid $4,025, ARP is $5,057, difference is $1,032
Denice bid $2,200, ARP is $3,977, difference is $1,977

Raymond wins his showcase and a total of $5,717