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1976 ep: March 19, 1976
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Carmella, Penny, Connie, and Raynetta come on down

Item #1: Rattan bar by Hammacher Schlemmer, modeled by Dian

Carmella: $200
Penny: $350
Connie: $375
Raynetta: $376

ARP: $695

Raynetta wins and will play Most Expensive for a recliner by Easy Rest modeled by Janice, a serving cart, modeled by Dian, and two way radios by  EF Johnson company, modeled by Anitra and Second Thoughts is the cue

Chooses the radios

Recliner is $300, cart is $370, radios are $460 WIN

Dorothy comes on down

Item #2: Grandfather Clock by Viking Clock Co, modeled by Anitra

Dorothy: $475
Carmella: $476
Penny: $450
Connie: $500

ARP: $700

Connie wins and will play Three Strikes for Chevorlet Nova, modeled by Janice

Numbers are 9, 4, 1, and 5

Draws the 9, guesses the 3rd number, is right
Draws strike one
Draws strike two
Draws the 4, guesses the 1st number, is right
Draws the 1, guesses the second number, is right
Draws the 5 WIN

Car is $4,195

Bob Barker goes into the audience and talks to Summer Bartholomew the then reigning Miss USA and Summer gives her a picture of when she was crowned at the ceremony that Bob hosted

Yvette comes on down

Item #3: Vanity by Universal-Rundle, modeled by Dian with supply of sta-puff fabric softener

Yvette: $200
Dorothy: $439
Carmella: $375
Penny: $250

ARP: $280

Penny wins and will play Grocery Game for a bed, modeled by Anitra and Phaser is the cue worth $1,475


Vegetables Orient
Macaroni and Cheese
Jolly Time Popcorn
Minced clams
Steero Bouillon

1st choice: Buys 4 clams, one is 59, 4 are $2.36
2nd choice: Buys 5 macaroni and cheese, one is 25, 5 are $1.25, total is $3.61
3rd choice: Buys 7, vegetables, one is 79, 7 are $5.53, total is $9.14 LOSS

Showcase Showdown #1:

Penny: First spin is .05, second spin is .90, total is .95
Raynetta: First spin is .35, second spin is .40, total is .75
Connie: First spin is .75, total is 1.00 OVER

Penny goes to the showcases

Debra comes on down

Item #4: Sewing machine by New Home, modeled by Dian

Debra: $425
Yvette: $225
Dorothy: $489
Carmella: $375

ARP: $280

Yvette wins and will play Danger Price for a Color TV by Admiral, Luggage by Skyway, a Tandem bicycle by Huffy, and a Stereo by Zenith, modeled by Janice and Anitra and the cue is a variation of the CNAOS cue

Danger Price is $308

1st choice: Chooses the TV, is $500
2nd choice: Chooses the bike, is $150
3rd choice: Chooses the luggage, is $308 LOSS

The stereo was $520

Esther comes on down

Item #5: Seating group, modeled by Janice and Dian

Esther: $350
Dorothy: $249
Carmella: $295
Debra: $275

ARP: $395

Esther wins and will play 5 Price Tags for a Chevorlet Chevette, modeled by Anitra

1st prize: Conditioning set by Luzier, price is $51, guesses false, price is $54
2nd prize: Seal a Meal, price is $20, guesses false, price is $20
3rd prize: Crock Pot by Nesco, price is $43, guesses true, price is $43
4th prize: Leather Accessories by Prince Gardener, price is $35, guesses false, price is $35

Prices are $3,617, $3,322, $3,468, $3,559, and $3,786

1st choice: $3,468, is wrong
2nd choice: $3,796, is wrong LOSS

Price is $3,559

Carmella has been in the row from the start. She has one more chance to win. She will end up in one of two places: Either on stage playing a pricing game, or the First Four Breakfast Club.

Claudia comes on down

Item #6: Range by Gibson, modeled by Anitra

Claudia: $650
Dorothy: $550
Carmella: $555
Debra: $500

ARP: $530

Carmella is carried off to the FFBC clubhouse while Debra wins and plays Double Prices for a refrigerator by Frigidare, modeled by Dian

Price is either $715 or $800, chooses $800 WIN

Showcase showdown #2:

Yvette: First spin is .55, second spin is .05, total is .60
Esther: First spin is .50, second spin is .05, total is .60
Debra: First spin is .90, stays

Debra goes to the showcases


Top winner: Debra
Runner up: Penny

Showcase #1:

Dining Room by American of Martinsville
China by Psalzgraff
Carpeting by Jorges
TV projection system by Muntz

Debra passes, Penny bids $1,700

Showcase #2:

Salute to Jack London:
4 Jack London books
Cruise to Canada
Boat by Rayson Craft

Penny bids $3,000

Penny bid $1,700, ARP is $3,593, difference is $1,893
Debra bid $3,000, ARP is $5,984, difference is $2,984

Penny wins her showcase and a total of $3,899
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