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Feburary 13th 1998
« on: June 26, 2006, 08:58:07 PM »
The Price Is Right from Feburary 13 1998, my 17th birthday.

#1 A Gazebo from Gazebo Enterprise

Pamela $3750
Joy $1200
Stephen $1900
Angel $1050

A Perfect Bid of $1900

Stephen wins $100 and is going to play Fortune Hunter for a chance to win $5000 and these prizes

Minoff Table Lamps
Ricks Dinette Set
Sanyo Washer/Dryer
Hooker Bombay Chest

One of these prizes has a box containing $5000. Stephen must eliminate the other boxes using 3 clues

1. Eliminate the prize that starts with 7

Stephen chooses the Washer/Dryer

2. Eliminate the prize that costs less than $600

He chooses the lamps

3. Eliminate the prize that is the most expensive

he chooses the dinette which leaves the Chest

Bob: Would you like to open the lid or would you like me to do it?
Stephen: Well seeing that you beat up Happy Gilmore, I'll let you do it.

Hey Stephen, Happy threw the first punch you know. All Bob did was defend himself.

Stephen decides to open the box and since he's a football player Bob decides to say "Blue 22!" when he opens the box

and it has the money! WIN!

We don't see the ARP's of the prizes though.

2. His and Her Snow/Ski equipment from Rossingol with Chock Full O Nuts Coffee

Pamela $695
Joy $826
Angel $825

ARP is $1794

Joy (whose shirt says "I grew up with The Price Is Right") is going to play Pathfinder for a new Buick Regal GS

Here's the board
7 3 6 7 2
4 8 9 0 6
8 6 2 4 2
2 1 0 5 8
0 7 3 1 5

Joy is standing on the 2 which is the first number $2-----

Here are the three mistake prizes

Pasta Maker

The 2nd number is 4, 0, 6 or 9
Joy steps to the 4 which is right! $24---

The 3rd number is 2, 5 or 0
She steps to the 5 which is right! $245--

The 4th number is 8, 1 or 0
She steps to the 8 and it's right! $2458-

The 5th number is 5 or 2
She steps to the 5 which is right!! $24585 WIN!

Stanley is the next contestant who has a shirt that says on the front "Florida loves Bob Barker but..." and on the back it says "I love Barker's Beauties."

3. A 27'' color TV from Samsung

Pamela $569
Amanda $549
Angel $620

ARP is $699

Angel will play Clock Game for

A Sofa from Benchcraft
Denby Dinnerware

first the sofa...

100 H
200 H
300 H
400 H
500 H
600 H
700 L
650 H
675 H
685 H
695 H
695 H
700 L
699 right with 14 seconds left

now the dinnerware

300 H
400 H
500 H
600 H
700 H
800 H
900 H
1000 L
998 right with 7 seconds left WIN

Some prizes are provided by the Service Merchandice catalog

Showcase Showdown #1

Angel 1st spin .60 she stays
Stephen 1st spin .50
             2nd spin .55 $1.05 OVER
Joy 1st spin .30
      2nd spin .55 .85 and she's in

4. An artwork display by Martin Lawrence Galleries

Pamela $750
Stanley $1250
Amanda $1

ARP is $1275

Stanley will play Pick A Number for a pair of motorcycles from Yamaha


The first number is either 3, 6 or 9

Stanley chooses the 6 which is right! $6978 WIN

5. Power Tools from Black And Decker

Pamela $1101
Amanda $1100
Dorothy $999

All overbid

Pamela $555
Amanda $450
Dorothy $725

ARP is $561

Pamela will play Now Or Then for a Bedroom group from Vaughan Bassett with Therapedic Mattress $4425

Then is August 1988

Groceries starting from top and going clockwise

Hunts Ketchup $1.29
Lever 2000 bar soap $1.73
Kool Aid lemonade $1.99
Robitussin cough drops $1.39
Static Guard spray $2.99
Sue Bee Honey $2.09

1st pick Kool Aid
she choose Now which is wrong

2nd pick Ketchup
she chooses Now which is wrong

3rd pick Honey
She chooses Then which is wrong LOSS

6. A Fireplace from rustic crafts

CASEY $1100
Ralinda $1150
Amanda $650
Dorothy $651

ARP is $1197

Ralinda is going to play Range Game for a new Chevrolet Cavalier

Range is $14,100-$14,700
Guess is $14,300-$14,450
ARP is $14,355 WIN

Contestants not appearing on stage receive

Cherished Teddies tea set
Os Cal Supplement
Corel WordPerfect 8

Showcase Showdown #2

Pamela 1st spin $1.00 for $1,000!!
Stanley 1st spin .05 so close to $1.00
   2nd spin .65 .70
Ralinda 1st spin .50
            2nd spin .40 .90

Pamela's bonus spin .25

Showcase time with Joy as the top winner and Pamela as the runner up

1st showcase A Honeydew list as we visit Janice who plays Cupid

first she decides to get new equipment
An Archery Set
Next Create Romantic Tunes
A Grand Piano from Samick
Last Another Honeymoon Destionation
A Trip to Australia for 6 nights

Joy passes to Pamela who bids $9,075

2nd showcase Every Room In The House

For the Game Room a Murray Pool Table
For the Bar A Wine Refrigerator by Leisure
For the Living Room a Massage Chair from Interactive Health
For the Dining Room a Hickory White side board

Joy bids $10,500
ARP #13,819
Diff $3,319

Pamela bid $9,075
ARP $18,708
Diff $9633

Joy wins with a total of $40,223 and she says the pet population line for Bob.