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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #15 on: June 19, 2006, 05:14:50 PM »
PG #1 - Turntable action in Tags!  :-P  Am I crazy or did somebody finally replace the infamous blown light bulb in that third giant price tag?

PG #2 - :-o  Baggy again?!  That's four weeks in a row now, and the second time in three shows!  On top of that, the SP/GP games go back-to-back in the first half for the umpteenth time this season.  Looks like the contestants and audience members are starting to learn how expensive Capzasin is... but now the Tidy Cats is becoming the new problem GP.

PG #3 - Have I mentioned yet how much I'm getting sick of Sleazy as 1-2-3?  Pretty tough setup today, for a change.  I also would've put 1 on the golf clubs and 2 on the hostess set.

PG #4 - That was also tough.  Both prices looked good.  I came... and lost.

PG #5 - That had to be the easiest setup of OA that I have seen in years.  It was obvious to me--and probably 99% of this forum--that four of those five numbers were dead giveaways.  $18,xx5 was automatic... and the double 5s made no sense, so 7 had to be the third digit.  Either score the exacta with $18,725... or get 4 right with $18,745 and change the 4.  Roger practically made this game a forced win... and, just like the May 24 playing of Bonus Game, it somehow got lost!  Then again, I'm not entirely surprised this game was lost today, considering that Remedios had no idea how this game worked (i.e., asking "Can I keep the 2?" and "Which ladies?")

One-Bid #6 - Good to see you, Voltron!

PG #6 - Another easy win that somehow ended in a loss.  Small dinette versus small barbecue... the dinette is still gonna come out more expensive.  "I'm gonna start throwing things at the TV if either Remedios or Brady hit a dollar on the Big Wheel."

SCSD #2 - *throws pillows at the TV*

Showcases - Man, I thought we were gonna have another DSW after Bob said "$18,000".  In any case, I was praying that Brady would screw himself out of a DSW after Melloing his bid.

My bids - FRTS:  $23,250.  FRGRS:  $19,400.
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #16 on: June 19, 2006, 05:41:01 PM »
shellgame69 WAS RIGHT ON THE MONEY AND WROTE:Pricehulk, I know I shouldn't do this, Mods, but is something up with you rating episodes based on games won/loss only? I wouldn't be shocked if you are offically expelled from this site

Why, they haven't, I had no idea, but maybe 2 people posting this will help

5 tags: 21k was obvious for us, but not the average contestant

Baggy: Again so soon? I guess this is the new "overplayed" cash game, Plinko lost that title months ago. And that Tiddy Cats was there again! This is about the most used item, next to Dolphins and Friends crackers back in 2000.

123: Gotta go with BRB on this, another over played game. At least he did get the tractor in the right spot, but still lost

COG: Both looked good actually, and no 5 for the end digit factoring into this either(for a change!)

OA: All red for the price, I figured being "all low" wasn't going to happen and it didn't

Switch: Shouldn't have been lost. Note(and it probably isn't a big deal)...2 "50/50" games in the same show(COG and Switch, whoa Roger definitely didn't wanna 6/6 today)

Very good showcase bid, but I thought she was slightly over. Hey, she won, and I'll shut my mouth :D

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #17 on: June 19, 2006, 06:44:54 PM »
Show #6407
And season finale week is on!

I've never heard Rich say 320GB before.  The computer alone is $2,611.

Showcase #1
Whirlpool Gold Quiet Wash Dishwasher - $519
Honda CRF250X Offroad Motorcycle - Actual price is $6,589, which means I need to make some adjustments to some modeling totals in my Excel sheets for shows taped in the year 2006.
Hi Lo 17' Telescoping Trailer - $17,631

Showcase #2
Stern Texas Hold Em Pinball Machine, which wasn't on Price before - $4,495
Murray Sacramento Pool Table - $4,300
Donkey Kong Combo Video Arcade Game - $3,395
Trip to Monte Carlo - I'm sure it's $6,360.

Modeling Report for June 19, 2006
[color=66FF00]Shane Stirling[/color]
Total - $68,755, High elegance!
[color=0000FF]Won - $17,352 (25.24%)[/color]
[color=FF0000]Lost - $51,403 (74.76%)[/color]
Record - 6-5

[color=66FF00]Lanisha Cole[/color]
Total - $44,666
[color=0000FF]Won - $21,532 (48.21%)[/color]
[color=FF0000]Lost - $23,134 (51.79%)[/color]
Record - 6-4

[color=66FF00]Gabrielle Tuite[/color]
Total - $28,428
[color=0000FF]Won - $2,255 (7.93%)[/color]
[color=FF0000]Lost - $26,173 (92.07%)[/color]
Record - 2-6

...and then, there were 18.

All 26 prizes today totaled $119,576!

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #18 on: June 19, 2006, 09:54:40 PM »
Eazy az 1 2 3 is no fun when it's played quickly.

I'm impressed that Coming or Going was won -- the game was actually quite a bit harder than usual.

Remedios was a hoot, despite playing One Away extremely badly.  (Has the right price ever been all one color?)  I about died when she asked Bob, "which ladies?"

There is no way I would have won Switch? today.

I'm glad Danielle won the Showcase, because I thought Brady came off as kind of a goof.

Voltron291 wrote:

Apparently us in the chat thought there was an edit at the end of Coming or Going - I think that the camera just cut Bob off fairly quickly.

So that wasn't my station screwing up?
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #19 on: June 19, 2006, 10:18:38 PM »
The best part of today's show was when Remedios turned One Away upside down when she asked "Can I keep the 2?" and "Which ladies?"
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #20 on: June 19, 2006, 11:45:13 PM »
SteveGavazzi wrote:

Voltron291 wrote:

Apparently us in the chat thought there was an edit at the end of Coming or Going - I think that the camera just cut Bob off fairly quickly.

So that wasn't my station screwing up?

No, I think that was an oops.  The copy had to be re-read, I believe.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 06/19/2006
« Reply #21 on: June 20, 2006, 12:07:26 AM »
Today's show was a pretty good show. It did have it's share of stupid contestants, but it was all around good.

5 Price tags- I walked away to get ready for the day and thought for sure this guy would win it. Unfortunately he played horribly when I watched it on the tape. I picked the $21,040 simply because I've seen a lot of Chevy's that linger around $21,000. And wasn't it amazing Terry couldn't figure out where to stand before the car reveal?

It's in the Bag- I did just about as well as Danielle, or Danny L. as Bob called her. The Tidy Cat puzzled me. I probably wouldn't have blamed her for taking the 2 grand.

Eazy as 1-2-3: The least expensive prize was a toss-up between the golf clubs and the hostess set. They both looked cheap. I yelled at the TV, like that helps, and wanted Jesse to put the 1 on the hostess set. He didn't, but then I thought well maybe he's right. Unfortunately he wasn't.

Coming Or Going: That was a weird playing. It was one of those prices that looked totally wrong when it was the right price.

One Away: If I could sum up today's playing in one word, it would be "wow." It was a case where we had a loyal fan who knew absolutely nothing about this game. I hate when contestants try and make themselves look like they're smart when they just made themselves look totally stupid on TV. Bob showed her the wrong price. Bob then asked her if she wanted a 1 or a 3 as the first number and she asked if she could leave it at 2. Later Bob said "now ask them ladies do I have one number right" and she said "what ladies???" And you obviously knew when she made her changes she made an instant loss for herself because every number was red. Usually there's a good mix of red and blue.

Switch: I'm surprised he lost. To me that Dinette looked like $1200+ and the barbeque= $2275.

Showcases: my heart almost stopped because I thought Danielle had won both showcases. Still an amazing bid nontheless.

Hot chick of the day: Danielle
Amazing contestant of the day: Remedios and her playing of One Away

Today's grade: C+
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