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What an expensive spa. I suppose we should all know that a Splendido showcase must have something to justify the name (and the Broyhill living room doesn't count). And then there was the Mustang convertible which fortunately only tripped up a few people. Along with the Mustang came several excellent bids, including a $25 DSW for PriceFan985.

BuddyTom and Chief-O both guessed the amount won in Plinko today ($1500) and so they both double their points. I am representing Plinko doubling in pinko. :-D ::waits for the boooooooo::

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Chatroom Showcase Showoff Scores
May 8, 2006

WOO HOO my first reply on the new fancy schmancy board!!

 I backed out of two higher bids.. but very glad i still played it safe.. ( and I correctly predicted I would be somewhere smack dab in the middle today ) ..since like poor Path did today.. I buddy Tommed last friday .. missing an EXP showcase  just barely going over by like 180 bucks... loved the new chat this morning while we all try to get our colors situated.. hehe...  cgts all who rocked today with there doubles.. see everyone tues morning :)

tricky spa shocase, that's all i have to say.

Ugh...I actually had I bid that I thought was capable of winning some money, then 985 just comes out of nowhere and wins today.  I swear, it's no fun playing against him!  He's too good, not to mention that there's no possibilities for trash-talking since he's so quiet about it!  :)

I told you all I was going to get monies because Robair went over and none of you were either a) not paying attention to the JACUUZI! or b) too chicken to bid higher.

I'll take my 93 points and 2nd place finish, too (last Plinko doubler didn't affect rankings)


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