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I played it cautious today, and I shouldn't have. I've been hot lately, so I don't know why I was worried about overbidding. Plus, it's the money that counts, so I've got to be aggressive. Oh well, one subpar day shouldn't hurt me.

Money?  Psh!  Money's worthless!  Points are where it's at!  :)

Oh, and I settled on $17,250 because it's what I used for a 'test bid' when Buddy and I were testing the new chat room last night.  Still, I'm happpy with that bid today.  (We'll just ignore the fact that 91.75 actually decreases my average slightly.)

Money gets you into the playoffs, so that's why I care about it more than points. And right now, I'm still in the hunt.

And I thought I was guessing just for fun, who knew I'd come closer on the second SC today!


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