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Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Mar. 1985
« on: December 06, 2007, 08:35:11 PM »
Tom: Stage Entrance
First four lineup: Left to right
Handoff: Janice
Announcer: Johnny Olson
Models: Janice Pennington (J), Holly Hallstrom (H), Dian Parkinson (D)
Tom Kennedy's Wardrobe: Botany 500
Models' Wardrobe: Pour Moi

Item #1: A flip-top bar by Murrey & Sons Co. (H & D)
Lorraine: $675   Robert: $995   Karen: $825   Lorri: $674   (ARP: $1,826)

Robert starts the night off with a chance to play MONEY GAME for a Pontiac Fiero sports car. (J)

82  30  89
53  86  65
22  13  48

1st pick: 89 (1st half of car)
2nd pick: 13 (Money space)
3rd pick: 48 (Money space)
4th pick: 82 (Money space)
5th pick: 53 (2nd half of car) WIN!

Item #2: A gas range by Roper. (H)
Lorraine: $795   La'Huli: $765   Karen: $800   Lorri: $899  (ARP: $849)

Karen plays PICK-A-PAIR (anyone remember the old Ferris Wheel setup?) for a trip to Scotland worth $3,159. (D)

Cavender's Seasoning
Keebler Pizza Bites Crackers
Pears Soap Bar ($1.57)
Golden Dip Cocktail Sauce
Suave Shampoo ($1.57) WIN!
Duncan Hines Cake Mix

Item #3: A pair of guitars by Fender. (H)
Lorraine: $785   La'Huli: $720   Sharon: $650   Lorri: $600   (ARP: $1,230)

Lorraine plays RACE GAME for these four prizes:
L.A. Dodgers season tickets (J)
L.A. Kings season tickets (J)
L.A. Lakers season tickets (D)
L.A. Raiders season tickets (D)

Price Tags: $484, $972, $1,218, $1,512

1st Try: $484 (Dodgers), $972 (Kings), $1,512 (Lakers), $1,218 (Raiders) (0 right)
2nd Try: $972 (Dodgers), $484 (Kings), $1,218 (Lakers), $1,512 (Raiders) (2 right)
3rd Try: $1,218 (Kings), $484 (Lakers) (The other two stayed the same) (1 right)
4th Try: $1,512 (Dodgers), $484 (Kings), $1,218 (Lakers), $972 (Raiders) (1 right) LOSS

After all that work, Lorraine only won the Lakers season tickets.

Top Winner: Robert
Runner-Up: Karen

SC #1 - Every Room In The House
Bedroom: Brass Bed from Swan Bass Beds/Mattress from Simmons (J)
Family Room: Jukebox from Sonata (H)
Laundry Room: Washer & Dryer from Gibson (D)
Living Room: Sofa from Flexsteel (H)

Robert passes to Karen.
Karen bids: $8,000

SC #2 - Fun In The Sun
Swimsuits from California Beachwear (J, H, & D)
Two Seabikes from Leisuretech (J, H, & D)
Sailboat from Catalina (J)

Robert bids: $14,000

Robert's ARP: $19,688 - $14,000 = $5,688
Karen's ARP: $9,933 - $8,000 = $1,933

Karen wins with a grand total of $13,941.

Pricing Game Wins: 2 for 3
Total Winnings: $27,168

So, how did I do? This is my first time doing this, so I don't know if I left out any important details. Let me know how I did if you can. Thanks.
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Re: Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Mar. 1985
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2007, 10:15:11 PM »
Hey, howierules,

Always try to bring up things that made the show you're recapping unique- funny host/contestant dialogue, odd clothing, quirky behavior, strange prizes...if someone said something quotable or reacted to something in an unusual way, we want to know about it! For Kennedy recaps, it would also be good to mention anything Tom did that Bob probably wouldn't do. General thoughts and opinions about the show always help, too. Even though we're not supposed to criticize contestants too harshly around here, after 20 or 30 years, I'd consider their statute of limitations up.
This episode didn't give you much to work with, but if there's a skit showcase, give all the details of what happens in the skit, how the prizes get mentioned, and any funny lines that come up. A lot of the recaps here are sorely lacking on those kinds of details.
Keep 'em coming! We don't get enough retro recaps around here.
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Re: Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Mar. 1985
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Here's a few unique moments from this episode:

In the first four contestants intro, Johnny Olson accidentally called Lorraine "Lori," yet Lorraine still "came on down" to Contestants' Row as normal.

Right before Karen was about to win Pick-A-Pair, Tom accidentally said, "If this [the shampoo] is $1.57, you're on your way to Scotland, young man," but it was obvious that Tom should have said, "young lady." (This mistake was not mentioned on-air.)

Johnny Olson was seen on-camera during the contestant calldown before IUFB #3.

After the 2nd showcase was presented, Tom & Robert have this bit of conversation:
Tom: Robert, we found out that you had a birthday a few days ago, and you dropped a remark a moment ago, you said, "The guys at the station will never believe this." What station are you talking about?
Robert: The fire department.
Tom: Oh, you work for the fire department?
Robert: Yes, downtown.
Tom: I haven't asked you this, Robert, but are you a married man?
Robert: No, sir.
Tom: You're not. Did you concentrate on those prizes just now?
Robert: Yes, I did.
Tom: Well, now that you have done that, would you like to give us a bid, Robert?

Then, after the last commercial break, Tom & Karen have this bit of conversation:
Tom: We just found out that Robert is a fireman, and the guys in the audience said, "Well, what about Karen? We want to know about Karen." So, Karen, are you a married lady or not?
Karen: No, I'm single.
Tom: Uh-huh. What do you do for a living?
Karen: I'm a sales rep for a company that makes parchestry street sweepers.
Tom: Is that an office job or are you out on the field?
Karen: A little of both, really.
Tom: All right.

Yeah, there was some time to kill after the pricing games were done. Anyway, I thought this was a great episode with likeable contestants (especially Karen, I was glad to see her win the showcase). Hopefully, I'll be able to do another one in the future when time permits.