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Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Jun. 1985
« on: January 23, 2008, 07:35:00 PM »
Intro: The doors full of prizes one
Tom: Stage entrance
First four lineup: Mixed (Patricia just HAD to bid last)
Handoff: Janice
Announcer: Johnny Olson
Models: Janice Pennington (J), Holly Hallstrom (H), & Dian Parkinson (D)
Tom Kennedy's Wardrobe: Botany 500
Models' Wardrobe: Pour Moi

Item #1: An elegant silver-plated collection from Towle (D)
(#4) Christopher: $600   (#2) Clarence: $500   (#1) Robin: $750   (#3) Patricia: $755  (ARP: $1,845)

Patricia starts the night off by playing MONEY GAME for an Oldsmobile Firenza (H)
97  61  54
32  45  99
13  80  27

1st pick: 54 (Money space)
2nd pick: 80 (Money space)
3rd pick: 61 (Money space)
4th pick: 97 (1st half of car)
5th pick: 45 (2nd half of car) WIN!

Item #2: A trip to Las Vegas (airfare provided by Western Airlines, hotel accomodations from Sahara Hotel) (J)
Christopher: $750   Clarence: $800   Robin: $801   LISA: $400   (ARP: $1,441)

Good news for Robin! She gets to play PLINKO! (Dian models the prizes, Holly brings over the chips)

Free chip                                                                               Lands in $500 (left side)
Pair of Converse Shoes                         7 / 4     4     ($44)    Lands in $1,000 (right side)
Thermogram 6-Cup Cappuccino Maker  7 / 1     7     ($75)    Lands in $1,000 (right side)
Toastmaster Toaster Oven                    4 / 3     4     ($93)    NO CHIP
Vermillion Lazy Susan Cannister Set     9 / 2     2     ($62)    Lands in $1,000 (right side)

Robin, who thought this was the hardest game ever(?!), wins $3,500.   LOSS

Item #3: An elegant 18-light chandelier (H)
Christopher: $1,150   Clarence: $1,201   REBECCA: $1,000   Lisa: $1,125   (ARP:  $1,587)

Clarence's game is MOST EXPENSIVE for these three prizes:
1. A dinette set (J)  ($1,215)
2. An oak wall unit shelving system from Merillat Industries (D)  ($1,618)
3. A 3-wheel vehicle from Honda (H)  ($1,928)

Clarence picks the 3-wheel vehicle and WINS all three prizes.

Top Winner: Patricia   Runner-Up: Clarence

Showcase 1: Two Rooms
Refigerator/Freezer combo from Gibson (D)
Dishwasher from Gibson (D)
Electric Range from Gibson (D)
7-Piece Living Room Group (J)
60 square yards of carpeting from Galaxy Carpet Mills, Inc. (J)
Bar set w/chairs (H)

Patricia passes to Clarence.
Clarence bids: $9,000

Showcase #2: A Day at Camp Bel Air (w/Johnny Olson as Uncle Jeeves, & Janice, Holly, & Dian as the campers)
(Johnny: At Camp Bel Air, Uncle Jeeves the head counselor runs things a little bit differently. For instance, all the campers must learn the fine art of photography, but not with ordinary equipment. No, no, no, at Camp Bel Air, they record their stay with a new....)
Mitsubishi video camera & VCR combo (J)
(Johnny: And when Jeeves conducts arts & crafts class, he's not teaching them how to string beads. He's teaching them how to make jewelry like this new....)
Adler & Co. 2.25 karat Diamond ring (Modeled by Johnny O himself!)
(Johnny: But the most important class at Camp Bel Air is water training, where the head counselor teaches his campers to always keep their head above water on a new....)
16-foot Ski Boat (J, D, & H)
(Johnny: And your Showcase filled with prizes revealed during our tour of our unique summer resort, Camp Bel Air, can be yours if the price is right.)

Patricia bids: $20,000

Clarence's result is revealed first.
BID: $9,000
PRICE: $19,777

Patricia's result is revealed second.
BID: $20,000
PRICE: $19,520

Clarence wins with a total of $26,125 altogether for the night.

Today's Pricing Games: 2 for 3
Total Winnings: $42,837

This was a decent show. $40K+ was given away, there were great contestants, and I liked the Camp Bel-Air showcase. Note that if I did not mention a brand name for a prize, it's because it wasn't mentioned for some reason. I hope you enjoyed reading this recap!
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Re: Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Jun. 1985
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The car in money Game is a Firenza, the cheapest Oldsmobile! (Although at that price, it had to have been pretty nicely kitted out.)
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"Atinale el precio" moment: Contestant Laila has jumped into Marco's arms and taken his microphone.

Laila: "How much do I weigh? Give me your bid."
Marco: "Er...without going over?"

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Re: Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Jun. 1985
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Thanks for the correction, actual_retail_tice. I have edited it with the correct spelling. (I couldn't quite understand Johnny O when he said it.) Hope you enjoyed the recap!