Author Topic: "eye-ticketing" on CBS website; worked well before, have they changed it a bit?.  (Read 2571 times)

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Hope this doesn't repeat what maybe someone else has asked, but here it goes: I used Eye ticketing successfully for 3 tapings (got into 2 of them) in Jan 2007 (back in the lead up time to Barker's retirement).

Back then (And it still says that the eye ticketing will work the same way), you filled in your request for days that had the "Green goodson marker/star/asterik", then you got TWO emails; one was a ticket you printed, the other was something to do with if you had to cancel.

I remember this because I had to cancel and juggle my dates - so I emailed them (I seem to recall I cancelled, by just replying/or clicking in the one particular email) and said I would n't be using my e-tickets for certain dates. The instructions still say this (....something like" if you can't attend, Please reference your confirmation email, and click on .......").

Point being...I have received 2 duplicate emails for a particular taping date, but no such email where you cancel if you need to.

Do you know if eye ticketing is working ok?  E.g. these are for March taping dates - I have been given two separate forms (diff Id numbers etc) for a single particular date; should I cancel one of them?

Also, does that second email still get sent - or do you just manually email them if you have to cancel?

Hope this makes sense to someone in the know. A reply would be appreciated.  BTW I only registered today, so maybe the 2nd email for the taping dates is still to come.  Just don't want to end up finding out there is some glitch in the system that I should have checked out; thus, why I am "checking it out".


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