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June 1962 nighttime show
« on: July 02, 2006, 01:21:31 PM »
Don Pardo: Tonight, these four poeple meet to compete for the prizes of a lifetime on... (opening fanfare from "Window Shopping") The Price Is Right, presented by Sleep-Eze, the non-narcotic sleeping tablet. Sleep-Eze, for a good night's sleep. And now, your host on The Price Is Right, and here he is...Bill Cullen!

The usual warm and and entensive applause from the Colonial Theater crowd greets Bill as he comes out and introduces the contestants:

Carol Feinstein, the returning champion, is a housewife from Aberdeen, S.D., having won $7000 in her previous appearance.

Roger Scott is a pilot from Alpine, N.J.

Jody Cannon is a housewife from Staten Island.

Donald Eppley is a carpenter from New Tyler, Ohio.

Toni Wallace holds up a gift package from the makers of Sleep-Eze, which all contestants receive. After Bill goes through the rules, the first item up for bids is shown: A complete den and playroom by Williams Furniture, constructed of oak and oak veneers with a hand-rubbed wax terra cotta finish. 29 pieces in all.

Mrs. Feinstein opens the bidding anywhere, with minimums at $100:
(*--frozen bid; [bz]--last bid buzzer)
-------200 -------400 -------600 -------700
-------900 ------1000 ------1200 ------1300
------1500 ------1700 ------1800 [bz] -----* 1300
----* 1900 ----* 2000 ----* 2100

Actual retail price: $1866.50, with Mr. Eppley the winner. He hit the bonus bell as well. For his bonus, Mr. Eppley is placed to the left of a partition and his wife is brought out and placed on the right. Bill will ask questions about each spouse and for every correct answer given, Mr. Eppley wins $100 in cash. First question to Mrs. Eppley: "Is your husband wearing a solid color or pattern tie?" She guessed pattern, and she was right. Second question to Mr. Eppley: "Is your wife wearing any jewelry besides her wedding band?" He said yes, earrings and a pin on her lapel. He was correct. Next question to Mrs. Eppley: "Is your husband wearing a belt ot suspenders?" She guessed belt, and she was right. Next question: "Is your wife wearing a solid color or pattern dress?" He guessed solid, and he was right. Next to Mrs. Eppley: "In which pocket is your husband carrying his wallet?"  She said his left pocket, and she was correct. Last question to Mr. Eppley: "Describe your wife's hairdo." He said combed back and around the sides with a French roll (with Bill cracking "with or without butter?"). He was correct again, winning a total of $600 in cash.

Second item: A pair of Longines Wittenauer watches. The ladies' watch is a bracelet design dotted with 52 diamonds; the men's watch is a gold scimitar dress watch in 18-karat gold design.

Mr. Scott opens and it's a one-bid item:
------------ ----* 1300 ----* 1500 ----* 2100
----* 1250

Actual retail price: $1590, with Mrs. Cannon the winner, and she hit the bonus bell. She wins 500 Morton frozen dinners and 200 record albums by RCA.

The last look at the corrent sweepstakes is shown. The prizes: A Sportscraft motorboat with two 75-hp motors from Evinrude. It comes with a Holtzclaw trailer. Included: a Ship 'N' Shore women's blouse.

Next item: A new kitchen in Provincial design by Schyreck and appliances by Tappan. The contestants won't be bidding on the kitchen--they will be bidding on a food slicer (chrome finish with safety guard by General Slicing), with the best bidder winning the kitchen.
Mrs. Cannon opens; no minimums. The contestants are allowed to bid in dollars and cents (how the bids are shown below are how they were displayed):

------------ ------------ -----2500 -----2650
------2700 -----* 100 ------2750 ------3000 [bz]
----* 2700 -----* 100 ----* 3200 ----*3250
(Mr. Scott's initial bid of 100 is an underbid, which is automatically frozen.)

Actual retail price of the slicer: $49.95, with Mr. Eppley the winner.

Final item: A four-door 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible, fully equipped. Bidding on the Continental at its F.O.B. delivered price, point of entry Detroit, Michigan.

Mr. Eppley opens with the opening bid asked to be at least $2500; minimums at $100:
------------ ------------ ------------ ------2500
------3000 ------3100 ------3500 ------4000
------5000 ------5100 ------5200 ------5500
------6600 ------6700 [bz]----* 7200 ----* 7300
----* 6600 ----* 6700

Actual retail price: $6747.50, with Mr. Scott the winner.

Final scores:
Mrs. Feinstein: $0 (but she was a big winner last week)
Mr. Scott: $6747
Mrs. Cannon: $2631
Mr. Eppley: $5214

Mr. Scott is the new champion and will return next week to defend. Mrs. Feinstein leaves with $7000 worth of diamond ring she won last week.
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