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Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Mar. 1985
« on: March 05, 2008, 02:03:49 PM »
Intro: Front Row Pan
Tom: Stage Entrance
First 4 lineup: Right to left
Handoff: Janice
Announcer: Johnny Olson
Models: Janice Pennington (J), Holly Hallstrom (H), & Dian Parkinson (D)
Tom Kennedy's Wardrobe: Botany 500
Models' Wardrobe: Pour Moi

Item #1: A VCR/Video Camera combo from RCA (H)
Paul: $725   Lucy: $850   Carol: $1,010   Roxanne: $1,015  (ARP: $1,730)

Roxanne starts the night off by playing GRAND GAME for $10K! (Target Price: $1.40)

(6) Curad Bandages                              $1.45       WIPEOUT

(1) Borden Condensed Milk                   $1.25
(2) Bigelow Assorted Herb Teas (6)      $1.79
(3) Arm & Hammer Baking Soda            $0.41
(4) Heide Gummi Bears (box)                $0.69
(5) Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding (4)        $1.09

Roxanne said she works at a grocery store, but it obviously didn't help her here!  :lol:

Item #2: A motorscooter from Honda (J, with H driving tugboat)
Paul: $675   Lucy: $1,050   Carol: $800   SHELLY: $1,150  (ARP: $1,298)

Shelly gets to play ANY NUMBER

Picks: 6  7  0  5  3  4  2  8
Ford Escort (H)                 $ 7      0  2   ($7,102)
Writing Desk (D)                   $ 6  8  5   LOSS
The Dreaded Piggy Bank      $     4  3   ($9.43)

Item #3: An 18-karat gold diamond necklace (brought in from a chandelier near Contestants' Row)
Paul: $850   Lucy: $625   Carol: $780   MELISSA: $450  (ARP: $1,700)

Paul's game is DOUBLE PRICES for a Computer & Cabinet set from Leading Edge (J)

 $4,495    PICK
($4,495)  WIN!


Top Winner: Paul
Runner-Up: Shelly

Showcase #1 - Dining Room
Crystal Stemware from Royal Prestige (J)
Dining Room Group from Royal Prestige (D)
Fine China set from Royal Prestige (D)
Wine storer from Viking Leisure Products Co. (H)

Paul passes to Shelly.
Shelly bids: $3,780

Showcase #2 - Johnny O as Mr. Vacation (dressed in a Hawaiian shirt w/safari hat and has a globe with him)
(Johnny: Your showcase contains prizes revealed by that well-known traveling expert, Mr. Vacation. Now, Mr. Vacation has spent his entire life traveling. As a matter of fact, he's been to so many places so often that he's confused about everything. We'll show you what we mean. When Holly came to ask about a spot to snow ski, Mr. Vacation suggested in complete confusion, Palm Springs!)
Trip to Palm Springs w/hotel accomodations by the Ingleside Inn (H)
(Johnny: Then, when Dian asked about some place that would be warm and sunny year-round, Mr. Vacation sent her to Alaska!)
Trip to Alaska w/hotel accomodations by the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel (D)
(Johnny: Then, Janice came looking for a quiet, rustic place where she could get back to nature, and our dizzy Mr. Vacation recommended... New York City!)
Trip to New York City w/hotel accomodations by (J)
(Johnny: Of course, Mr. V's personal preference is to vacation someplace well off the beaten track. So, to get away from it all, Mr. V visits his own backyard in his motorhome!)
Motorhome from Saddleback R.V. (Modeled by Johnny O himself!)
(Johnny: And your showcase, containing prizes revealed by one very confused Mr. Vacation, can be yours if the price is right!)

Paul bids: $22,000

Shelly's ARP: $12,274 - $3,780 = $8,494
Paul's ARP: $46,427 - $22,000 = $24,427

Shelly wins with a grand total of $14,257.

Pricing Games: 1 for 3
Total Winnings: $22,183

I thought this was a great episode with the "Mr. Vacation" showcase, which I really liked.
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Re: Tom Kennedy ep. taped in Mar. 1985
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I'm new and I don't see how to post. I want to go to Retro looking for a season 9 show I was on March 17 1981. Thanks for your help by email.
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