Author Topic: 1975 ep, trial hourlong week: Sept 10, 1975 (originally scheduled for Sept 12)  (Read 6618 times)

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Martha, Madeleine, Nancy, and Pamela come on down

Item #1: Rattan Dining set by Hurricane International, modeled by Dian

Martha: $480
Madeline: $425
Nancy: $400
Pamela: $490

ARP: $1,300

Pamela wins and will play Lucky Seven for a Oldsmobile Delta Convertible

1st number: Guesses 6, number is 7, loses $1
2nd number: Guesses 4, number is 0, loses $4
3rd number: Guesses 9, number is 1 LOSS

Price is $7,010

Colleen comes on down

Item #2: Chair and Ottoman by Corsican, modeled by Barbara

Colleen: $650
Martha: $655
Madeline: $695
Nancy: $795

All have overbid

Colleen: $450
Martha: $470
Madeline: $525
Nancy: $550

All have overbid again

Colleen: $325
Martha: $350
Madeline: $375
Nancy: $300

ARP: $400

Madeleine wins and will play Hi-Lo for a family of motorcycles worth $1,816, modeled by Janice and Dian

Zagnut Candy
Moth Ice Crystals
La Choy Chowmein
Exopy Paste
Lady Borden Ice Cream
Indoor Plant Spray

1st choice: Ice Cream, is $0.85
2nd choice: Glue, is $1.15
3rd choice: Plant spray, is $1.19

Candy is $1.49 LOSS

Moth crystals are $0.79, paste is $1.60

Maria comes on down

Item #3: Microwave oven by Amana, modeled by Barbara

Maria: $300
Nancy: $398
Colleen: $460
Martha: $465

ARP: $595

Martha wins and will play Double Prices for a bathtub by Kohler, modeled by Janice

Choice are $1,455 and $1,600, chooses $1,600 WIN

Showcase showdown #1:

Madeleine: First spin is 1.00, wins $1,000
Pamela: First spin is .50, second spin is .85 OVER
Martha: First spin is .80, second spin is .70 OVER

Madeleine goes to the showcases

Marjorie comes on down

Item #4: Miniature golf course by Lomma, modeled by Barbara

Marjorie: $100
Maria: $300
Nancy: $125
Colleen: $301

ARP: $399

Colleen wins and will play Card Game for a Chevorlet Nova, modeled by Dian

Draws the $1,000 card

Draws 2D, $200
Draws 5S, $700
Draws 2C, $900
Draws QC, $1,900
Draws QH, $2,900
Draws 7S, $3,600, stops

Bid is $3,600, ARP is $4,215, difference is $615 WIN

Filomena comes on down

Item #5:Casino Carpeting by Cal Craft, modeled by Janice

Filomena: $350
Marjorie: $800
Maria: $450
Nancy: $500

ARP: $357

Filomena wins and will play Shell Game for a chrome bed by Corsican worth $1,000, modeled by Dian

1st prize: Coffee Maker by Mr Coffee, wrong price is $34, goes higher, is $40, puts chip by shell #3
2nd prize: electric blanket by Essex International, wrong price is $65, goes lower, price is $71
3rd prize: Silverware by Washington Forge, wrong price is $50, goes lower, price is $42, places chip by shell #2:
4th prize: Curling iron by Sumbeam, wrong price is $28, goes lower, is $30

Ball is under shell #1 LOSS

Nancy has been in the row from the start of this hourlong special. She has one last chance to make it out. Should she fail, she will be banished to the recently built First Four Breakfast Club. Let's hope this can be avoided

Charles comes on down

Item #6: Sauna, modeled by Barbara

Charles: $450
Marjorie: $750
Maria: $800
Nancy: $801

ARP: $795

Nancy heads off to the newly built FFBC clubhouse while Nancy wins and will play Range Game for a player piano by Aeollan, modeled by Janice

Range is $2,100-$2,700

Stops range finder at about $2,305-$2,455, price is $2,556 LOSS

Showcase showdown #2:

Filomena: First spin is .30, second spin is .35, total is .65
Marjorie: First spin is .95, stays
Colleen: First spin is .30, second spin is .10, total is .40

Marjorie goes to the showcases


Top winner: Madeleine
Runner up: Marjorie

Showcase #1:

Movie Camera by Kodak
Trip to Montreal Canada
Trip to Rio
Luggage by American Tourister
Trip to Paris France
Trip to Toyko Japan

Madeleine bids $5,500

Showcase #2:

Trip down Main Street
Dishwasher/Range by Modern Maid
Sofa by Jamison
Gazebo by Corsican
Home Entertainment Center by Zenith
Chevorlet Vega

Marjorie bids $9,000

Madeleine bid $5,500, ARP is $6,937, difference is $1,437
Marjorie bid $9,000, ARP is $8,413 OVER

Madeleiene wins her showcase and a total of $8,337
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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 12:32:38 AM »
I've got to fill in some details:

*Pamela's audience friends are the two most '70s-lookinmg guys, ever. They spend the entire playing of Lucky Seven going off their gourds.

*We're playing with the rainbow wheel for the showcase showdown. The $1.00 space on the wheel has a distinct beep that stands out from the normal beeping sound effects. Also, there's a gaudy contestant podium for whoever's holding the high score at the moment.

*In the fourth-one bid, the golf-ball is rigged to take a somewhat unlikely path into the hole.

*Card Game's Colleen is a great contestant, thanks to the fact that she has no idea what's going on. It isn't until her bid makes it into the four digits that she says: "Oh, NOW I know what I'm doing!!" It's a very time-consuming playing of Card Game; this makes her win all the more awesome, at least in my opinion. Bob also does his "tune in tomorrow..." gag.

*Marjorie hits "STOP" so hard in Range Game, that Bob declares that "it may never start again, and we won't have Range Game on the show any more."

*In the second showcase showdown, Marjorie gleefully waves bye-bye to Filomena when she beats her score, but Filomena won't leave until Marjorie practically shoves her off the podium. Bob has to have a little talk with her.

*The theme of showcase one is "Four Corners", which was used in another episode on the same disc; presumably, this was a recurring showcase theme using 4 trips.

"Atinale el precio" moment: Contestant Laila has jumped into Marco's arms and taken his microphone.

Laila: "How much do I weigh? Give me your bid."
Marco: "Er...without going over?"

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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2008, 10:42:25 AM »
Any idea what options the cars had on them today? I presume that the convertible, since it was full-sized automobile, had at least air conditioning and a stereo radio; the automatic transmission (GM's Turbo-HydraMatic), power steering and power disc brakes were all standard.


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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #3 on: March 30, 2008, 04:24:32 PM »
Sometimes, I guess you have to do things yourself. I ended up buying the DVD and watching the episode, so ...

Anyhow, for the record, that Oldsmobile Delta 88 convertible had air conditioning and an AM/FM stereo radio (as I had figured), plus wire wheel discs, white sidewall tires and dual remote sport mirrors. Two easily visible options on the car that were not included in Johnny Olson's copy (and I'd guess not considered for that difficult, difficult to guess price) were tinted glass and a passenger-side visor vanity mirror.

Too bad I wasn't 36 and on the show back in '75; you can win the car and then take a carload of pretty girls out for a ride on a Saturday night! Oh well, I guess you can still do that today if you find a GM full-sized convertible in excellent shape!


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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #4 on: March 31, 2008, 07:15:50 PM »
That Lucky Seven is the evilest playing ever. No doubt about it

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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #5 on: April 03, 2008, 10:47:42 AM »
What day of the week did this episode air?? Wednesday or Friday??
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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #6 on: April 03, 2008, 11:13:01 AM »
It was the Friday show, but it was broadcast on Wednesday.  The entire week was aired out of order.
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Re: 1975 ep from trial hourlong week
« Reply #7 on: April 10, 2008, 06:31:36 PM »
A miniature golf course? 18 holes? thats cool.