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TPiR 10/28/75 (from DVD)
« on: April 01, 2008, 06:40:17 PM »
Production #1652D - taped 1975-10-12. This is an episode from Disc 3 of the DVD set.

Bob: Stage entrance
First Four lineup: left to right

1  Bentwood Rocking Chair
NANCY 110DIANE 200LAURA *225HARLESS 125($250)

Laura plays TEMPTATION for an AMC Gremlin.

Roper Electric Range$4704/7/04No changes
Charmglow Electric BBQ$808/00Goes for car
Hoover Iron$292/99Laura: $4099
Singer Vacuum Cleaners$90  9/09Price: $4029

Our next contestant is CHARLES NELSON REILLY! who enters from the back wearing a purple "Hour Power" T-shirt. He then is invited on-stage by Bob. They discuss TPIR extending to 1 hour, and Charles refers to Bob as the W.G.M.C. ("but don't tell Gene!"). After Charles leaves, Bob goes to ask Johnny for the next contestant and addresses him as "Charlie" instead. Johnny loses it and replies, "Okay, Gene!" Bob explains that his announcer on T or C was named Charlie. Presumably, having Charles Nelson Reilly there confused him.

2  Gibson Refrigerator/Freezer
Nancy 650Diane 550GRACE 520Harless *700($710)

When Grace bids, the price shows up on Diane's display. Bob catches it.

Harless plays GROCERY GAME for Camp Trails camping equipment and a Race Prep sand buggy. (Prize package worth $3684.) Range is $6.75$7.00.

Archway Frosty Lemon Cookies694=$2.76$2.76
Lindsay Pitted Olives575=$2.85$5.61
Merry Poppin' Popping Corn631$6.24
Brandywine Mushrooms551$6.79WIN!
Unused: Enoz Air Freshener

3  Riccar Sewing Machine
Nancy 480Diane *500Grace 495VIRGINIA 475 ($549)

As Diane ascends the turntable steps, Bob calls her "Nancy". Whoever she is, she plays CLOCK GAME for a one-week trip to Acapulco and 10 pieces of Starflite luggage. Diane is eager to win the trip because she went to Acapulco for her honeymoon.

Luggage($367)400-300-350-370-359-360-1-2-3-4-5-6-7:20 remaining
Trip($814)700-780-800-900-850-849-820-810-11-12-13-14:07 remainingWIN!

SHOWCASE ROUND: Harless (Grocery Game) is the top winner. Diane (Clock Game) is runner up.

BID$2900Maytag Washer & Dryer
A.R.P.$3491Bernhardt Bar Set
DIFF59125" Philco Color TV
TOTAL$5221Sunshine Brass Bed

BID$4000The Great Book of Birds by John Gooder
A.R.P.$95771 Year Audubon Society Membership
DIFF5577Bushnell Spacemaster Telescope and Binoculars
Vivitar Point and Shoot Pocket Camera
1975 Ford Thunderbird

October 28th, 1975's pricing games: 2 for 3.

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Re: TPiR 10/28/75 (from DVD)
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2008, 06:59:44 PM »
Nice recap, Scott!

The birdwatcher showcase is one of the earliest examples of what you could call a skit showcase, at least on the DVD set. In it, Janice plays a nerdy-looking birdwatcher who is overloaded with equipment (which are the prizes), and keeps getting caught up in the shrubbery as she shows them off. As a final prize, they provide a bird for the birdwatcher to watch, which is of course, the Ford Thunderbird.

I also liked how Bob handles the potentially anticlimactic news that Diane has already been to Acapulco: "Oh, you'd love to go again!...Let's show the audience the price of her second honeymoon."

Finally, I think this is the show where they forget to whip away the elevator after the department store showcase. Apparently, doing that was considered pretty crucial for the contestant, because Bob stops her before she bids and asks them to show her all the prizes ("that's a lot for her to remember"). They even bring the music back up and the audience applauds (and I'm not sure if that's a canned response or not). Eventually they must have decided it wasn't all that important, because by the end of the '70s, they'd quit doing it.
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Re: TPiR 10/28/75 (from DVD)
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2008, 12:27:52 PM »
actual_retail_tice said (referring to displaying the prizes in one grouping for the TPIR Department Store showcase):
Eventually they must have decided it wasn't all that important, because by the end of the '70s, they'd quit doing it.

Or, perhaps they don't show it on camera. Another example of seamless editing.


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Re: TPiR 10/28/75 (from DVD)
« Reply #3 on: April 13, 2008, 07:27:44 AM »
Honestly, I watched alot of TPiR when it was on GSN. And I don't remember them ever showing the showcase as the contestant bid. As it's been said, it was seamless editing