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TNPIR '94 Episode featured in the Golden Gallery
« on: July 10, 2006, 09:00:26 PM »
Airdate: November 1994

Models of the day
Ferrari Ferris
Lisa Stahl
Julie Cialini

Burton: "Get set America! It's time to Come on down!"
The first time the short version of the intro is used. There is one tiny clip that was not being found in the long intro which is Lisa giving a smile in a sexy gown.

"From studio 33 in Hollywood, home of America's favorite games and the world's most fabulous prizes, It's The New Price is Right!"

The logo fades away as we look in into the TPIR's dollar sign to reveal the infamous video wall. Dim within the many TPIR logos, Doug stands right in the middle, waiting to make his entrance tonight.

"And now here is the host of The New Price is Right: Doug Davidson!"

Then the lights are on to reveal him.

Handoff: All three models! They all kiss Doug on the cheek to greet him (lucky guy), we cannot figure out who is actually handing over the mic tonight.

Doug: "You have just tuned in to the cutting edge of game shows."

CONTESTANT 1: Timmur DeLouie

An exited Timmur from USC, is standing before the Giant Price Tag. Doug asks him to open his wallet to find out how much goes there. Not much! "I'm a student!" says Timmur. Doug asks Burton how much they can put in Timmur's wallet...

Timmur plays GRAND GAME for $10,000

Target Price: 85.00

1. Stainless steel coffee urn (140)
2. Binoculars for kids from the Nature Company (*17)
3. Spalding basketball (*30)
4. Dehydrator from American Harvest (100)
5. Gumball machine (*42)
6. Backpack from Eastpack (*56)

Timmur starts his trail to 10 grand...

His 1st pick is the basketball and he's right. $10
His 2nd pick is the backpack and he's right. $100
His 3rd pick is the binoculars and he's right. $1,000

He then risks his 1,000 dollars for the last pick which is the gumball machine.

Doug borrows Bob's classic "Isn't this exciting?" move his own way by asking him to be sure to risk his thousand dollars...
 and he's $10,000 richer! [color=0000CC]WIN[/color]

CONTESTANT 2: Alice Williams

Alice! One the most memorable contestants on this show shows how happy she is by telling Doug that her hobbies are watching him all the time on The Young & The Restless!

Alice plays MONEY GAME for...

A 1995 Saturn SLT Sedan with traction control, AM/FM radio cassette and CE (14,795)

* The car rolls down from the Lucky Seven spot to play the game on stage.

* Doug shows Alice his tie. Ironicly enough, it's Alice in Wonderland and Alice IS in Wonderland right now.

Middle number: 7

Choices are
95 03 17
76 14 44
59 38 12

Her first choice is 14 and she gets the front of the car!
Her second choice is 38 and she gets a dollar sign.
Her third choice is 44 and she gets $44 for a total now of $82.
Her fourth choice is 95 and she gets the back of the car! [color=000099]WIN[/color]

CONTESTANT 3: Michelle Dijonne

Michelle is playing RACE GAME for...

1. Bumper pool table from Beach Billiards (1,360)
2. Aiwa Stereo System with Remote Control and 3-CD Changer (1,000)
3. Oversized love seat from Alan White (649)
4. Fox his and hers tennis raquets and balls (456)

Michelle runs down the stage as the 45-second timer starts...

Her first trip:

1. 1360
2. 649
3. 1000
4. 456
Result: 2

She rushes back for her second trip as the clock shows 30 seconds:

1. 1360
2. 456 (changed)
3. 1000
4. 649 (changed)
Result: 1

Her third trip is a rather slow one as the clock shows 19 seconds...

1. 1000 (changed)
2. 456
3. 1360 (changed)
4. 649
Result: 0 [color=CC6633]LOSS[/color]


Julie is standing in front of the video wall as Burton announces that it's time for "The Price WAS Right!"

The contestants, from left to right:

$10,145 Timmur
$14,877 Alice
$0 Michelle

...are bidding to the nearest penny on a Maypo Cereal box of 14 oz from 1956 (49)

Timmur: 39
Alice: *49 ON THE NOSE
Michelle: 15

Alice wins no extra money for bidding on the nose, but she is moving on to the showcase.


Tonight's showcase includes all the prizes seen in the models' tabloid war.

* A rather funny skit with Julie hiding an alien egg, Lisa playing Twister with Burton disguised as Elvis and Doug himself participing in it.

Alice is playing the SHOWCASE RANGE FINDER for...

1. Connelly's Emerald pool spas Hot tub
2. Broyhill cherry hill home entertainment center with Sanyo 31" Color TV with remote control
3. A trip to Monte Carlo, Monaco
4. A 22' Mini-motorhome from Fleetwood Enteprises with full steel cage and power brakes

* If Alice wins, she says she's going to faint.

Scale is from 10,000 to 70,000
Alice randomly picked a 6,000 range
She stopped between 35,000 and 41,000
Total value of tonight's showcase is: $54,342. She missed it by 13,000 [color=996633]LOSS[/color]

We see the King of Rock&Roll on camera and he says: "This is Burton Richardson speaking, for The New Price is Right! A Mark Goodson Television Production."

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Re: TNPIR '94 Episode featured in the Golden Gallery
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2006, 03:29:34 PM »
Another great recap DarkBaron! Some questions:

1. Besides's Doug's remark about putting some money in the student's wallet, how was Grand Game revealed?

2. When the $10,000 was won, what did the graphic look like, and did they play the "CLANGCLANGCLANG WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!"?

3. Again, sorry for sounding nit-picky, but what did Doug say at the end?

4. Did Doug shake hands during the credits (BTW, long or short end credits)?

5. Was Burton as Elvis's face the final shot before the Paramount logo?

Hope for some more great recaps!

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Re: TNPIR '94 Episode featured in the Golden Gallery
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2006, 06:52:04 PM »
1. The same way it as we see it on the CBS version. Only the music cue wasn't from Family Feud, it's from the batch of new cues for the show. One of them is used for It's in the Bag.

2. A big graphic was centered on screen. Weird that they got it centered instead of placing it at the bottom, we could hardly see Timmur's reaction to the win. The font was the same as they always used during the run, gold numbers resembling those of the Pricedown font, only thinner.
And yes, they played the clang clang woop woop sound effect.

3. "I'd like to say you were close (to Alice about her showcase) but we're just gonna say bye bye--you won a Saturn!--bye bye now for The Price is Right everybody! See you next time." Doug's sign offs differed with each show, but meant the same thing. No notice about neutering our pets. ;)

4. No hand shaking, but he did held Alice by the shoulder. In the few episodes that I have on tape, I don't have a show with full credits. I even wonder if there was even one show with full credits shown.

5. Yep. With the Mark Goodson logo on key with Elvis, that looked somewhat cool. But it was the next-to-last shot. The very last shot was Davidson's beauties waving bye bye in front of the motorhome featured in the showcase.

And thanks again for the compliment. More recaps coming soon!

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Re: TNPIR '94 Episode featured in the Golden Gallery
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2007, 05:35:49 PM »
#4.  I used to have several shows on tape, all of which had the full credit rolls, and unlike nowadays, they didn't go to black as soon as the last one aired; it wasn't uncommon to have as much as 30 seconds' worth of credit-free footage to work with.  You should've seen some of the aerial shots of the studio that they had back then too; those shots were so much more deliberate and a lot less frantic than what we have now.  My favorites were always the neat shots during the ticket plug.
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