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Jordan's Price is Right: Episode 1-- SHOW OVER

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We're continuing from where I left off at the old site. The top winner in our showcase today is PriceFanArmadillo! The runner-up today is Jordanar18!

I already explained the rules, and here is the first showcase!

Rich: This showcase is titled "Before They Were Models.....", and it starts with Shane. Before Shane came here, she was a cook in the kitchen, and used this handy range! A 30-inch stainless electric range, which allows you to bake a cake and boil pasta at the same time. Comes with features like a self-cleaning system, and digital timer, so you'll know exactly when what you're baking is ready. (S)

Next, Rachel had a personal hobby, and people gave her the name "Pool Shark", because the people that she played against underestimated her skills at playing.....on this new pool table! Murray's Outdoor 3000 pool table is water resistant, so it's ideal for use indoors or outdoors. Whether it's by the poolside, on the deck or patio, or in your basement, this pool table is guaranteed to give you years of fun. Comes with all-weather 2-piece composite cues, complete ball set, triangle, table brush, and chalk and table cover with foam inserts for buffet use and dining. (R)

Moving on, Lanisha never used to do anything between graduating high school and becoming a model for us. So she'd just stay at home and snack on popcorn, and grab a box of tissues, and take a seat on the sofa, and watch some soap operas on this new big screen TV! From Mitsubishi, this 65-inch projection high-definition television provides the great sound and picture of the television that you've always wanted! (L)

Finally, Brandi had a job as a business woman, and her job was a half-hour away. So she'd have to get there by her brand new car! It's the Pontiac G6! This sleek and stylish car comes with standard equipment, plus anti-lock brakes, traction control, engine block heater, and convenience package, a Pontiac G6! (B)

And this showcase, which shows you what our beauties did before they were models, can be yours if The Price is Right!

PriceFanArmadillo, are you bidding on this showcase, or passing it to Jordanar18?

Hmm...I will bid on this one, and I will bid twenty nine thousand, eight dollars.



I'm having a really tough time doing this image thing. But Jordanar18, this is your showcase!

Rich: Jordanar18, this showcase brings you Things That Tell Time. And the first prize is small, and it ticks on your wrist. It's this new watch! With this Croton's ladies' bracelet watch, two great pieces of jewelry come together in one. Dazzling appeal and beautiful elegance, from Croton! (R)

Next, this prize is bigger than the first, and it can stand in your house.....a new floor clock! The Howard Miller company presents the LaRochelle floor clock, a beautiful piece of furniture, with an antique but bold design. It has a glass window that opens to store little antiques inside, from Howard Miller. (B)

Finally, this might not be as obvious as a clock, but it's got a clock in's this new Cadillac! The Cadillac XLR comes with standard equipment, plus automatic transmission, a V8 engine, and fabric protectant, a Cadillac XLR! (L)

And this showcase, which shows you prizes that tell time, can be yours if The Price is Right!

Okay Jordanar18, this is a very nice showcase. Take your time, but not too long. Give me your bid.

Is that an XLR convertible?

Yes it is. And I sent a PM to you asking a question.


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