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DVD episode: 7/9/74
« on: April 23, 2008, 10:09:37 PM »
Johnny: A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today if they know when the price is right!

Maria Herklott, COME ON DOWN!
Mary Constantino, COME ON DOWN!
Esther Lippa (?), COME ON DOWN! and....
Mary Silva, COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on TPIR! And now, here's the star TPIR, jumping Bob Barker!

Bob is wearing a gray suit with white and lavender checked shirt and purple tie. Janice and Anitra are wearing yellow pantsuits. Meanwhile, Esther is jumping all around and pounding on the counter behind her contestants' row podium.

Bob: Is that Esther jumping up and down? I was standing behind those doors and I heard that noise out here and I turned to the guys and said "I'm not going out there, I'm not going out there!"

Esther continues pounding the counter and, in what sound like a Latin accent, keeps saying "I did it! I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna make it!"

Bob: You made it, Esther! You made it! If you don't ease up, the floor's never gonna make it! Esther's kinda happy about being on TPIR. And we're very happy to have you with us and we're not going to waste any time. Here's the first item up for bids on TPIR!

1. Maytag washer and dryer (Anitra)

Mary S.: $360
Esther: $550
Mary C.: $370
Maria: $551

And the actual retail price is....$550! Jumping Esther is the winner!
She and Bob got to the Range Game board. Esther is still bouncing about.

Bob: When I realized that....
Esther: (holding onto Bob's hand and jumping around) I'm gonna win! I'm gonna win! I win, I win, I win!

The audience and Bob crack up.

Bob: She's gotten through to me! I think she's going to win! She's going to win! She's hypnotized me! Now, Esther, let me show you what you're going to win. It is this!

It's a brass bed from Traditional Brass of Beverly Hills, modeled by the lovely Janice!

The range today is from $800 to $1400. The rangefinder starts moving up the scale. It does move far as Esther stops it at $874 to $1024. The audience is unhappy with her choice.

Bob: No. She was saying "stop it, stop it" so I told her to press the button to stop it and she did. Now the audience believes that price is more than that. I hope you're right, Esther. Light up the board!


Bob: You see, you should have waited till got up to 1100. But you did win a nice pair of appliances to come up on stage. Than you. Goodbye, Esther!

Now we will have another pricing game after we have this message.
Bob: And now, let's go out into our studio audience, Johnny, and find ourselves another contestant please!
Johnny: Right on, Bob! Where is Marilyn Rusardi? COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!

Marilyn, with bleach blonde hair tied into pigtails, does a little hip-shaking dance as she works her way out of her row.
She continues doing it in contestants' row.

Marilyn: I told 'em all! Come on down!
Bob: Come on down and you did! And do you know, we have got to get her up on stage becuase the rest of the country would enjoy that little dance that you saw from the back there! Look at these names; Mary, Marilyn, Mary and Maria. We have M's all over the place and let's see what's going to happen now with this next item up for bids on TPIR.

2. Virtue dinette (Janice)

Marilyn: $324
Mary C.: $600
Maria: $560
Mary S.: $425 (after following the very loud advice of her husband Richard.)

ARP: $412. Marilyn wins. She and Bob go the righthand side of door number two.

Marilyn: You just dream about these things! You just don't think they happen to you!
Bob: Well, it's been happening to me. I've been here five days a week now for about a year and a half, you see. But this is your first visit and here you are and I'll tell you. I have a thrill in store for you, Marilyn.
Marilyn: Ooookay!
Bob: Yes I do. I have a prize back here that you're going to love, Marilyn! Are you anxious to see it?
Marilyn: (in a whiny, nasally voice) Yeah!
Bob: You don't want to wait any longer?
Marilyn: No!
Bob: You want to get on with it?
Marilyn: Yeah!
Bob: Alright, here it is!

IT'S A NEW CAR! (A banana yellow AMC Gremlin with V-8 engine, automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, AM radio, visibility group, light group, whitewall tires and wheel covers.)

Marilyn comments on the color of the car.

Bob: It would be beautiful with your hair!

Janice brings out the Five Price Tags, which from top to bottom are:


Tough selection! Only $143 difference between the highest and lowest prices!

Prize #1: Thomaston Mills sheets (5 sets; marked $52)
Marilyn says false and is WRONG! It was true. She gives the audience a dirty look, which cracks Bob up as he calls for the next prize.

Prize #2: Royal Sabre typewriter (marked $110)
Marilyn says true, reasoning that $110 is "pretty close". It was false! The price was $85. Still no choice.

Prize #3: Maybelline cosmetic kit (marked $30)
Marilyn guesses true, and she's right! The buzzer accidentally sounds.

Prize #4: Childcraft children's encyclopedias (marked $153)
Marilyn says true and is right! She now has two choices.

The price tags are brought back. While Bob is explaining what she must do, Marilyn makes a weird face and points her hands at the price tags as if casting a spell.

Bob: What are you doing there?
Marilyn: Oh, I'm just putting the whammy on it so I can get it.
Bob: Oh. Which one did you put the whammy on?
Marilyn: 3221.
Bob: 3221. Did she whammy that good?

NO MRRRP! The whammy didn't work.

Marilyn starts getting nervous, exclaiming "Oh, gee!" She chooses $3359.

Bob: You want to whammy it before I take it off?
(Marilyn points her hands at the tag while making buzzing-type sound.)
Bob: There you go! Give it another little touch.
(She does it again.)

Is she right?

NO MRRRP! The price was $3273.

Marilyn whines "I was gonna take that one!"

Bob: Well, you just whammied the wrong one, Marilyn. I'm sorry. Bye-bye. You've been a splendid contestant and we'll have another nice contestant from the studio audience after we watch this.
Bob: Who's our next contestant, Johnny?
Johnny: Bob, it's Gina Adams. COME ON DOWN! You're the next contestant on TPIR!

Gina, in a typical seventies midriff blouse that ties in the front, makes her way out of the far left corner of the studio and into contestants' row.

3. Whirlpool trash compactor (Janice)

Gina: $224
Mary C.: $300
Maria: $225 (after taking a long time to bid. Bob was getting a little impatient.)
Mary S.: $150

ARP: $210. Mary Silva follows Bob up to the turntable. The problem is that the Beauties have rolled out the Hi Lo game in the center stage! They go down onto the stage.

Bob: I wanna know one thing. Did you do that on your own or did you ask Richard?
Mary: No.
Bob: You did it on your own.

Sergeant's Sentry IV  Flea Collar
Ragu spaghetti sauce
Di-Gel antacid
Nescafe coffee
Glamourene rug shampoo
Solarcaine sunburn reliever foam

If Mary successfully picks the three highest-priced products, she will win some lovely living room furniture! First, two hideous dark brown velvet recliners and a slightly more tolerable white sofa, all from Fairfield chair company. Also, a Channel Master color TV! A prize package worth $1100!

Mary, who claims she needs that furniture for her home, first picks the Ragu, which is $0.92.

Next, the flea collar at $2.29.

Her last choice is the coffee at $1.19.

If everything else is lower than $0.92, Mary wins that awful furniture. How much is the Di-Gel?

$2.10! No furniture for Mary! The Glamourene was $1.58 and the Solarcaine was $2.59.

Mary: I boo-booed.
Bob: You boo-booed. Thank you. (Mary leaves.) Now we're going to have our showcase for you after we have a look at this.
Contestants not appearing on stage will receive a latch-hook rug making kit from Skil-Craft!
Top Winner: Marilyn, "the twisting one"
Runner-up: Esther, "the jumping one"

Showcase #1
Trip for two to Rio (Two week stay at Miramar Palace; Marilyn does more twisting and making whooping kind on noise)
And to take along, here's some Samonite ladies luggage (Janice)
Argus 831XL movie camera to record you trip(Anitra)

....and this showcase can be yours if the price is right!

Marilyn decides to bid. Bob quips "With that twist of yours, you'll do beautifully in Rio."

She bids a ridiculously conservative $1195. Esther, this is your showcase!

Camping showcase
It all begins with camping equipment by Trailblazer by Winchester, including family-size tent, lantern, stove, heater and four sleeping bags. (Janice)
For even more fun, there's a 16-foot canoe from Old Town! (Anitra)
But for outdoor camping, how about a 1974 Kitt Road Ranger travel trailer which sleeps six? (Janice)

....and this showcase can be yours if the price is right!

Esther bids $2600. Who will win?

Esther bid $2600.
ARP: $4114
Difference of: $1514

Marilyn bid $1195
ARP: $2836
Difference of: $1641

Jumping Esther wins by only $127! Esther hugs Bob and then Marilyn. Her total for the day is $4664.

Esther: (grabbing onto Bob's mic with both hands) I did it finally! Thank God, thank God!
Bob: Yes you did. Bob Barker saying goodbye, everybody!

Esther blows a kiss at the camera as the shows fades to black.

An example of a great episode despite no winners! Feel free to comment or make suggestions.

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Re: DVD episode: 7/9/74
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2008, 11:27:52 PM »
Mary Silva follows Bob up to the turntable. The problem is that the Beauties have rolled out the Hi Lo game in the center stage! They go down onto the stage.

How funny! :oldlol:  I laughed when I read that, and one day in the future, I hope to buy the DVD, so that I can see it!

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Re: DVD episode: 7/9/74
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2008, 01:01:50 AM »
How funny! :oldlol:  I laughed when I read that, and one day in the future, I hope to buy the DVD, so that I can see it!

Glad you liked it! Feel free to check out the recap I did for 11/28/73, which is also on the DVD. Tons of crazy moments on that one!

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Re: DVD episode: 7/9/74
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2008, 10:30:25 AM »
How funny! :oldlol:  I laughed when I read that, and one day in the future, I hope to buy the DVD, so that I can see it!

Oh, yes, it was a big *oops* on the part of Barker forgetting to go on the mark to the "Hi-Lo" pricing game.  Somewhere also on the DVD set is an another episode where the "Range Game" was going to be played also, but this time the stagehands forgot to roll out and set up the board on stage at first (was done during the prize plug).
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