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Season 14 announcer dates
« on: July 15, 2006, 02:00:46 AM »
I was talking to Jason A. tonight about the fill-ins after Johnny died, and I got to wondering about how long some of them were on the show.  Rob Rosa posted the dates on which each one started years ago in this post on the old MSN board, and from that, we can reason out that Gene Wood did 18 shows, Rich Jeffries did 7, and Bob Hilton did 24.  (Let's just ignore that it doesn't really make sense for any of them to have done 7 shows unless the taping schedule got fouled up.)  However, because of when his shows fell, I can't figure out how many try-out episodes Rod did.

I know there had to have been some reruns around Christmas that year, because I distinctly remember wondering how Johnny could have suddenly come back if he were dead.  This probably isn't something anyone would have noticed back then in most years, but since the reruns would have had different announcers, does anyone remember just how many days between Christmas and January 2 had new episodes, if any?
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