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Madonna's TMDS #1: THE END (Rich, you're going to make everyone very "cross"!)

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*Maddy walks over to Rich, and exchanges a few words. Suddenly, Rich walks up on stage, and Maddy sits down at Rich's podium*

Rich: "Okay, Maddy. We need one last contestant...."

Maddy: "Uhhh... Well... How about ucb2912? Come on down! You're the next contestant on The Price Is Right!"

Rich: "You did that so well! You may be wondering why I’m up here. See, Maddy has been trying to quit smoking for months, and it hasn’t gone so well. I made her a bet that if she couldn’t go the entire show without a cigarette-"

Maddy: “Well, what else am I supposed to do with all of them?”

Rich: “Yeah, well, anyway… Since she lost the bet, I get to host a pricing game. And we all know that she went on a smoke break while we straightened things out from that mess after we called down our ‘first four contestants’. So, here I am, and there she is…So, isn’t there something you need to say?”

Maddy: “YOU were behind that stunt, weren’t you?!”

Rich: “No, wasn’t me…I swear.”

Maddy: “Well, if it wasn’t you… Must’ve been Bob.”

*Roger starts laughing* “Hey, you know what they say – Can’t Stop The Dob! Zinged ya!”

Maddy: “I should’ve known. He looks so innocent, but The Dob truly IS evil! You guys are making it so much easier to quit smoking… Really.”

Rich: “What are friends for? Now what do we have to bid on?”

Maddy: “It’s a new barrel sauna! Presenting the barrel sauna from the Almost Heaven line, a personal sauna by Great Lakes Home and Resort! This truly unique, free-standing sauna’s built from red cedar, and built with solid construction that can be used inside or out!”

Rich: "Thank you, Maddy. ucb, we'll start with you."


(Sorry, but I am having a heck of a time getting anything to work right on my end, including italics, changing colors, or even uploading my avatar.)

Before I bid, I was wondering... Madonna, what would happen if you would win the bet?

That said, I'll bid $4,850.

Honestly? I wanted to come up with a good reason to get Rich up on stage hosting, and my (half-hearted) attempts to quit smoking were the best reason that came to mind.. :P

You're up, Garvin.

Let's go $4,995.

Sorry Garvin8r. $4,996 (ducks)


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