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Madonna's TMDS #1: THE END (Rich, you're going to make everyone very "cross"!)

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You never have to apologize for a smart play.  I'm from the Midwest; I don't hold a grudge.

I must admit, I am confused seeing a few old faces with new names since the switch...

Am I correct in assuming that Kourtney = pathfinder20?

You are correct in assuming that.  My real name is Kourtney Wilson but you can still call me by pathfinder20 or Kourtney. :lol:

Thank you... I read that and honestly didn't know if you were bidding, or shouting suggestions from the audience...

Between the new forum software and name changes, I'm going to be running around in circles for months...

I guess that leaves Punchy to bid, if he's still around... Yes, I know it's been well past 24 hours, but I'll be a bit generous, just in case anyone or anything has been lost in the shuffle...

*taps her foot and looks around for Punchy*

(Edit) Punchy has been fun to have around and all that good stuff, but I need a bid. I'm now giving him 12 hours to enter a bid, otherwise we're moving on.

I know the dust still hasn't settled, but it's been his turn for a couple of days, plus I'm not sure I've seen him post at all since the move.

Rich: "I'm sorry, boys and girls, but we need to move on. There's no sign of Punchy, and the other three people in Contestant's Row aren't getting any younger.."

Maddy: "Yeah, unlike me. Seen that W spread yet? Wow. At this rate, imagine how great I'll look when I'm 70!"
[color=FF9966]ucb2912 $4,850[/color]
[color=33CC00]Garvin8r $4,995[/color]
[color=CC3333]Kourtney $4,996[/color]
[color=3300CC]Punchboard91 M.I.A.[/color]

Rich: "And the actual retail price is... $5,245. You win, Kourtney! Come join me up on stage..."

*Maddy starts to stand up*

Rich: "I said Kourney, not Madonna. Anyway, you got out of Contestant's Row just in time to play the last pricing game, and now Maddy over there has something to say..."

Maddy: *looks down at the podium and rolls her eyes* "Ohh, what the heck, you can have this one, Rich. Knock yourself out... Kourtney, you're about to play Plinko! For a chance to win up to $100,000 in cash!"

Rich: "$100,000 Plinko! And I get the pleasure of hosting it! Hey, Maddy, don't quit smoking, please! Anyway, we'll give you one Plinko chip, and a chance to win four more with these four prizes. Maddy?"

Maddy: "Make a pint of your favorite ice cream in this round ice cream sphere!"

Rich: "That ice cream sphere is not $59. Is the first number the 5, or is the last number the 9?"


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