Author Topic: FULL RECAP - TPiR MDS 05/14/2008  (Read 29819 times)

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR MDS 05/14/2008
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I know this is over 30 days old, but as this episode was re-run last Wednesday (5/9), I thought it would be alright to post in this thread.

What was the name of the music used during the 1st IUFB?  Normally, I don't care about the music, but there was something about that music that made me want to know its name.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR MDS 05/14/2008
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A great show but a bit depressing  :-( :-(

GOLDEN ROAD: That $100,000 motorhome looked nice!! Too bad it wasn't won. Any of the 4 numbers could've worked in the pice
PUNCH A BUNCH: SHE SHOULD'VE TAKEN THE $5000!!  :evil:  :evil:
LUCKY 7: BEAUTIFUL CAR!! That was a tough game. I was way off when i was watchin and playing at home
SQUplayin along at homeEEZE PLAY: Great Win. I knew the 0 didn't belong in the price.
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