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show with a stopwatch used in Race Game: November 15, 1974
« on: July 23, 2006, 08:26:32 PM »
CLASSIC RECAP: October 1974 show: Bob uses a stopwatch in Race Game

This show featured playing of two classic 1974 games.  And one has a problemÖ

Thanks to Nick for this show!

Air Date: Late October, 1974

Beautiesí wardrobe: Light pink dresses with brownish flowers
Bobís wardrobe: Brown suit, white shirt, white & grayish tie

A fortune in fabulous prizes may go to these people today if they know when the price is right!

Ruth (last name missing; black hair in a bun with a black dress), COME ON DOWN!
Laurie Peters (short black hair and black and white shirt), COME ON DOWN!
Nancy Done (brown hair with red dress), COME ON DOWN!
and Sharon Robin (blonde hair with a flower shirt and glasses), COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right!  And now hereís the star of The Price is Right, BOB BARKER!

IUFB #1 Ė Catyak Catamaran by Dayton (door #2/Cue unknown/Anitra)

Ruth: 429
Laurie: 450 (Laurie: Whatís the highest bid? Bob: Her bid is $429.  Thatís the highest bid and thatís the lowest bid!)
Nancy: 475
Sharon: 300*

ARP: $395

Nancy can win a yellow 1975 Buick Skylark with bias-belted white stripe tires, front and rear bumper strips, bodyside molding protection, bodyside accent stripes, cruisemaster, heavy duty radiator, and electric clock. (Cue 18/Anitra?)

The doors open to show the Lucky Seven game.  

Says the first number is 3.  Itís 4, and now has $6.
Says second number is 3.  Itís 1, and now sheís down to $4.
Says third number is 5.  Itís 3, and she has only $2 left.
Says fourth number is 5.  Itís 2, LOSS
John Done (no relation to Nancy; heís a older black man wearing black Ė the color of the day), COME ON DOWN!  

Johnís temporarily retired, and he hopes itís temporary!
IUFB #2: Kelvinator Refrigerator/Freezer w/ Welchís Grape Juice (Pricetag/Cue 25/Janice)

John: 490
Ruth: 500
Laurie: 400 (Bobís still picking on her)
Nancy: 4-5-0** perfect bid

ARP: $4-5-0

Nancy can win a sand buggy by Sand Buggy Supply worth $1695. (door #3/Cue 59/Anitra)

Shell Game whirls around, a game that Bob says has been lots of fun and lots of winners.

1st prize: Hampton Forge Stainless Service by Washington Forge (Cue unknown/Janice)
Wrong price $45, says higher, itís $53.  RIGHT.  Picks shell #2 (from her)

2nd prize: Seal-A-Meal Food Saver (Cue 45)
Wrong price: $15, says lower, itís $20.  WRONG.

3rd prize: Shick Styling Dryer (Cue 57)
Wrong price: $23, says higher, itís $31.  RIGHT. Picks shell #4.

4th prize: Childcraft Kidís encyclopedia.
Wronig price: $175, says lower, itís $159.  RIGHT.  Picks shell #1.

Ballís not under #1Öor #2Ö or #4.  LOSS
Emily Wallace (older woman with red hair and a purple shirt), COME ON DOWN!

Emily seems to have gotten everyone excited.  And thatís what we needÖ

IUFB #3: Arkala BBQ (turntable/Temptation version of Cue 87/Janice)

Emily: 250
John: 175
Ruth: 320
Laurie: 325* (Bob does it again but she STILL forgets!)

ARP: $482, and Laurie incredibly won.  

Kathyís playing Race Game (Cue 87) for a Dumont Stereo (Janice), an electric fireplace by Rustic Craft (Anitra), a Tappan Compactor (Janice), and Toastmaster Appliances (Anitra).

The pricetags are $270, $229, $200, and $380.

Bob jokes that she has one week, but she might because the jukeboxís clock is not working today.  They may have it fixed by then.  Fortunately, Bob has a stopwatch that he uses (although he makes no mention of any of this; however, he constantly mentions through the game how much time is left).

1st try:

stereo $270      (:35)
fireplace $380      (:30)
dishwasher $229
appliances $270

RIGHT: 0      (:20)

appliances $229   (:15)
stereo $380      (:10)
dishwasher $270   (:5)
fireplace $200

RIGHT: 4   What a comeback! WIN!

Bob finally shows us the watch, but still doesnít say that the gameís broken.  
SHOWCASES: Laurieís the top winner; Nancyís the runner up.  

1st showcase (Cue 22):

Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker (In front of door #2/Anitra)
Broyhill Contempo Living Room (door #2/Janice)
Scottís Liquid Gold (Janice)
Bentley Wall Clock by Paragon Design
Kimbel Spinet Piano (Anitra)

Laurie passes; Nancy bids $2000.

2nd showcase: TPiR BOOK OF THE WEEK CLUB: The Once and Future King

(for this showcase, Janice and Anitra wear Medieval looking outfits)

Trip to England (Air Coast)
Reproduction of King Arthurís Excalibur Sword made by Steuben Glass
If the showcase is won: A circa 1860 round table by Deanís Antique Imports (Janice) worth $1800.

Johnny fakes a Medieval voice to finish the showcase.

Laurie bids $2500.
Laurie bid $2500
         ARP $3603
          Diff $1103   

Nancy bid $2000
         ARP $2443
         Diff $443   WIN

Nancy won $3137 in prizes.

This is Johnny Olson speaking for The Price is Right, a Mark Goodson/Bill Todman production!  Stay tuned for Match Game 74 starring Gene Rayburn next over most of these CBS stations.
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Re: October 1974 show with a stopwatch used in Race Game
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Very nicely detailed. I love these recaps from the half-hour shows.