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Deal or No Deal Models Tournament!

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We've had a couple of threads discussing who's the best Deal or No Deal model, so I thought we'd settle it once and for all! I've set up a tournament that will be decided by you guys (I won't vote, since I seeded the models) over the course of one week. Voting starts at midnight (ET) tonight. The link to the tournament page is below; all the information you need to know will be there. Hope a lot of you participate, because the more voters, the better! :-D

P.S. Claudia and Lisa obviously hold a special place in our hearts, considering they were once on TPIR. For this tournament, though, try not to let that influence your vote too much, so it'll be fair for the other models. :-)

The tournament is now underway! Each voting day will last until midnight (ET). Once each voting day is over, I'll update the site with the results and set up the vote caster for the next voting day, which should take about 5-10 minutes. So, don't expect each new voting day to start exactly at midnight (ET). Happy voting!

The first day of the first round is complete, and all of the matchups were snoozers. I'm setting up the vote caster for the next voting day, so be patient. I want to thank you guys for voting today. I must be honest, I didn't expect to get 10 votes. Hopefully you guys will keep voting every day, because that truly is what makes the tournament more exciting. :-)

Sorry, but I'll be out of town from this Saturday until next Saturday, so I won't be doing any voting after Friday.  :-(

Yesterday was a nice voting day, but today, only one vote so far. Where is everybody? :-(


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