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Spring 1983: Meg Ryan episode: June 27, 1983
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Sean, Joanne, Mary Beth, Diana are the first four contestants called to come on down.

Item 1: pair of wing chairs by Lewittes Furniture
When the big doors open, As the World Turns stars Meg Ryan and Frank Runyeon are in front of the chairs holding hands and talking; they sit down and continue talking.

Bob comments "A lot of you watch As the World Turns.  Doesn't that look like Frank Runyeon and Meg Ryan? It couldn't be but it does look like them."

Sean: $450
Joanne: $400
Mary Beth: $545
Diana: $365

ARP: $700, Mary Beth wins

Mary Beth plays Lucky 7 for a Ford Futura Paramount 2 door coupe, "driven" by Janice.

1st number - guess: 7; actual: 7; cost: 0; has $7
2nd number - guess: 5; actual: 7; cost: $2; has $5  
3rd number - guess: 4; actual: 7; cost: $3; has $2
4th number - guess: 6; actual: 8; cost: $2; has 0

Lucky 7 is lost.

Alice comes on down.

Item 2: Mahogany Desk
The PiR train is "driven" by Holly and the desk is modeled by Janice.

Alice: $850
Diana: $851
Sean: $600
Joanne: $856

ARP: $689, Sean wins

Sean plays Barker's Bargain Bar for a Pearl grandfather clock, modeled by Janice, and a Roper magnetic range, modeled by Dian.

Sean guesses the grandfather clock is the bigger bargain.

Range: bargain price $1,300, ARP $2,300, difference $1,000
Grandfather Clock: bargain price $970, ARP $1,470, difference $500

Barker's Bargain Bar is lost.

Betty comes on down.

Item 3: Silver Falcon gas barbecue
On the turntable, modeled by Holly.

Betty: $287
Joanne: $450
Alice: $600
Diana: $601

ARP: $675; Diana wins

Diana plays Hit Me for a Starcraft camping trailer, modeled by Janice.

Dian draws an ace as the first house card.

Products and Prices:
Kanka by Blistex, $4.38
Rice-a-Roni Long Grain and Wild Rice, $7.74
Pennsylvania Dutch Toasted Coconut Marshmallows, $10.00
Gauze Tape, $5.96
Trident 6-pack Sugarless Gum, $6.32
3 oz liquid Dramamine, $4.20

1st choice: Pennsylvania Dutch Toasted Coconut Marshmallows, $10.00; ARP $1.00; card drawn is a queen

2nd choice: 3 oz liquid Dramamine, $4.20; ARP $4.20; card drawn is an ace

Hit Me is won.  The second house card was a three.

Showcase Showdown #1
Sean: $0.85, stays
Mary Beth: $0.95 but it doesn't go all the way around; spins again and gets $0.65; next spin gets $0.15 for a total of $0.80
Diana: $0.30; spins again and gets $0.20 for a total of $0.50

Sean advances to the showcase.  

Viola comes on down.

Item 4: Lobster Tennis Machine and 2 Rackets, modeled by Holly.

Viola: $325
Betty: $576
Joanne: $575
Alice: $700

ARP; $880, Alice wins

Alice plays Danger Price for a Maytag dishwasher, and bar set, modeled by Janice, and a Flexsteel sofa, and Ventura luggage, modeled by Dian.

Danger Price is $500.

1st choice: sofa, ARP $950
2nd choice: bar set, ARP $722
3rd choice: luggage, ARP $500

Danger Price is lost.

Jackie comes on down.

Item 5: ceiling fan with lights by Fan Company of America, modeled by Holly.

Jackie: $520
Viola: $575
Betty: $600
Joanne: $500

ARP: $699, Betty wins

Betty plays Bonus Game for a Casablanca bedroom group and Englander floatation mattress, modeled by Dian.

Prize, Price, Guess, ARP, Result:
Haggar slacks, $25, higher, $32, win
Maybelline cosmetics, $38, lower, $26, win
ColecoVision video game, $225, lower, $200, win
Hoover vacuum, $125, higher, $150, win

Bonus Game is won.

Marilyn comes on down.

Item 6: Casita screenhouse from General Aluminum Products, modeled by Janice.

Marilyn: $650
Joanne: $350
Jackie: $780
Viola: $781

ARP: $469, Joanne wins

Joanne plays Safe Crackers for a Mazda GLC Sedan and Page Alert silent car alarm, modeled by Holly.

Price of the car alarm is the combination of the safe.  Numbers are 1,2,5.

Joanne dials 215, and the safe opens.

Safe Crackers is won.

Showcase Showdown #2
Alice: $0.75, stays
Betty: $0.35; spins again and gets $0.30 for a total of $0.65
Joanne: $0.30; spins again and gets $0.50 for a total of $0.80

Joanne advances to the showcase.  


Top Winner is Joanne, Runner Up is Sean.

Showcase #1 - Every Room in the House

Kitchen: Winwood Rattan dinette set, modeled by Janice
Family Room: Video Disks, RCA Video Disk Player and Color TV, modeled by Holly
Laundry Room: Speed Queen washer and dryer, modeled by Dian
Music Room: Cable console piano, modeled by Holly

Joanne passes to Sean. Sean bids $3,500.

Showcase #2 - Salute to As the World Turns

Johnny: Gunnar Stenbeck works for Whit McCall's newspaper as a photjournalist.
First prize: Pentax 35 mm camera with case, modeled by Janice.

Johnny: Steve and Betsy have stopped by with a special prize.
Frank Runyeon and Meg Ryan are in front of the big doors and they mention the showcase winner gets a tour of the set of As the World Turns but they film some 3000 miles away.
2nd prize: Trip for 2 to New York City; fly round trip coach from Los Angeles to New York, and a 6 night stay in a suite at the New York Statler in mid-Manhattan.

Frank and Meg also talk about how fans of the show know their characters Steve and Betsy were recently reunited in Spain.
3rd prize: Trip to Spain.  From New York, fly to Madrid and a 6 night stay at the Euro Building hotel.

Johnny: Tom and Margo rekindled their love in an emotional moment aboard a sailboat.  
4th prize: Catalina 22 sailboat, modeled by Holly.

Frank and Meg come out on stage and tell Joanne if she wins the showcase, she also gets to appear as an extra on As the World Turns.

Joanne bids $14,000.

Sean: bid $3,500, ARP $5,645, difference $2,145
Joanne: bid $14,000, ARP $15,471, difference $1,471

Joanne wins her showcase and a total of $23,425.
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