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Futuregsh PIR Ep#06003- FINALE

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Well, Episode #1 was great, Episode #2 only had two winners, so it's time for some more WINNERS with Episode #3.  It's easy- Simply sign up with a reply post below.  Rules are- 24 hour time limit for responses for all bids/pricing games/etc.  One foul in bidders row is allowed, second is replacement.  One foul only in games, showcase showdown, and showcases.  In the case of games, you will be replaced by the next closest bidder without going over.  In the showcase showdown, you are eliminated, no replacement is put into play.  And with the showcases, a replacement is found.  All judges decisions are final.

No question this time, so sign up and Good Luck!  Game starts Saturday, May 13, at 12:01AM EDT.

First in line.

Count me in!!!

I'll play also!

I'm in!  Again!


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