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CSS Results for May 10

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This is indeed horrific.. i have bid 16888 OODLES of times on other things !!  and I backed out of 16800 to bump it up a tad. Oh well --heres to thursday.

And remember folks.. GREY ear.. GREY  EEEAAARRR :0


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PriceFanArmadillo wrote:
Then again, with 985 around, there's really no reason for any of the rest of us to be here, is there?
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I still want proof that he's human.

I would have been in the room today but our internet access was completely down today and i knwo i would have gone over on the cruise showcase.  I hope to be in the room tomorrow.

Just as a joke, I redid the spreadsheet for the scores. I think that given the circumstances it may be amusing. :-D


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