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GRECO 4: Do-It-Yourself CARDS
« on: October 06, 2008, 02:31:37 AM »
As did Price is Right...
As did
So shall I...

Introducing the new graphics package! 

To create a CARD, follow these instructions.
1) Download and unzip the "GRECO 4 SPACES" folder below.
2) Select a desired color Set (1=Purple, 2=Orange, 3=Blue, 4=Green), and open its respective folder.
3) Open the "card.html" file with Notepad, or similar text-editing program.
4) Replace each "x", in order, with the four-letter short code associated with a Pricing Game.  To denote the SPACE as "MARKED", simply change the "0" preceding the short code to a "1".
5) Save the text document, then open the "card.html" file to see your CARD.

You may also use the link in my signature to fill out an Internet form to have the CARD created for you.  (Note:  The graphics package in the linked website is from Season 3 of GRECO, so not all the appropriate Pricing Game changes have been made.)

I hope you have hours of fun with these...I know I will!

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GRECO 4: Short Codes for SPACES
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2008, 02:57:54 AM »
      Pricing Game      
      Pricing Game      
      Pricing Game      
   2 for the Price of 1   
      Gas Money      
      3 Strikes      
      Golden Road      
      Any Number      
      Grand Game      
      Pocket Change      
      Balance Game      
      Grocery Game      
      Bargain Bar      
      Half Off      
      Race Game      
      Bonus Game      
      Hole in One      
      Range Game      
      It's in the Bag      
      Safe Crackers      
      Buy or Sell      
      Let 'em Roll      
      Secret X      
      Card Game      
      Line 'em Up      
      Shell Game      
      Check Game      
      Lucky Seven      
      Shopping Spree      
      Magic Number      
      Side by Side      
      Clearance Sale      
      Make Your Mark      
      Spelling Bee      
      Make Your Move      
      Squeeze Play      
      Clock Game      
      Master Key      
      Stack the Deck      
      Coming or Going      
      Money Game      
      Step Up      
      Cover Up      
      More or Less      
      Swap Meet      
      Credit Card      
      Most Expensive      
      Danger Price      
      Now or Then      
      Dice Game      
      One Away      
      Take Two      
      Double Prices      
      One Right Price      
      Eazy Az 1 2 3      
      One Wrong Price      
      Ten Chances      
      Five Price Tags      
      Pass the Buck      
      That's Too Much!      
      Flip Flop      
      Triple Play      
      Freeze Frame      
      Pick a Number      
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