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FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« on: November 26, 2008, 02:58:35 PM »
(belatedly to Nick, since he already had his fill of turkey 6 weeks ago)

As usual (last year was the exception to the rule), there will be no Price on Thanksgiving Day since CBS has this parade and an early kickoff in the afternoon, but there will be a rerun on Friday unless you live out here in the West. Canadians get whatever comes to them. Everthing gets back to normal - sort of - on Monday. Until then, enjoy the turkey (or equivalent), the footy, and the time off.

The Price is Right - Nov. 26, 2008
Production #4533K - Taped Sept. 24, 2008

Drew: stage entrance
First Four lineup: left ot right  
Handoff: Gabrielle

Models of the Day: Phire Dawson, Amber Lancaster and Gabrielle Tuite
Wearing: Issue

As per the custom, wins will be bestowed big fat drumsticks, losses get the skimpy necks.

1   Gas Grill (G)
NAKITA 900 KENNETH 933 JANE *1000 LAURA 700 ($2249)

Jane from Bath, NY plays 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 for a Jansport Allterra 3 pc Luggage Set and a trip to San Francisco (6n @ Argonaut)(P)($4306)

3 5 03 53 53 – –
$ $ $$ $ 06 9 06 5 0
6 9 56 9 5– – 5– 9 5NECK

...and there are several people who were rejoicing when that trip was revealed.

2   2 Nirve Lasies Bicycles (G&P)
+Nakita 650 +Kenneth 432 KIMBERLY **600** +Laura 525 ($600)

Kimberly pockets the $500 wad and plays CLIFF HANGERS for a Dodge Avenger SXT (Std., Sport, Mats, Moulding, Stereo)(A)($21,635)

(One Touch) Can Opener$20$182 to 2
(Big Bobber) Portable Cooler3030Stays at 2

3   Line 6 Laguna Electric Guitar Package (A)
+Nakita 2000 +Kenneth *350 HELEN 1651 +Laura 1600 ($699)

Kenneth from Manhattan Beach, CA plays TAKE TWO (Target: $4074)

(Panasonic) Jukebox Theater System899––––
Largo Counter Height Dining Group––––1099
Bob Burns No Bananas Golf Equipment––––––––($2175)
Dimplex Carlisle Electric Fireplace  1899  1899

$699Kenneth30 + 95OV
1,148Kimberly70 stay.70
2,249Jane35 + 50.85Through to Showcase Round

4   Stainless Dishwasher (A&G)
+Nakita 900 MICHAEL 650 Helen 700 +Laura 599 ($1159)

Nakita heads up the "Southpaw Steps" to play STACK THE DECK for a Ford Mustang (Std., At, GPS, Stereo)(P)

Setup: 5 3 1 2 0 9 8

Purex Laundry Detergent$8.99$8.99*3rd (8)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (box)
(Blistex) Lip Balm
Campbell's Cream of Mushroom (15 oz)1.291.29*1st (2)
CLR Cleaner
(Nabisco Chips Ahoy) Cookies (bag)3.493.49*4th (1)

5   Tuff Stuff AXT3 Home Gym (G)
EDITH *2000 Michael 1500 Helen 1501 +Laura 1 ($2599)

Edith plays SIDE BY SIDE for a Beachcomber Hot Tub (A&P)

$85→79   DRUMSTICK

Interestingly enough, Edith's shirt brought to mind one Bill Cullen, who Drew acknowledged. That brings to mind THIS IMPORTANT DATE (Click Here).

Meanwhile, we're down to the last pricing game before the long holiday weekend. Mimi has just walked into the building and she has a big bowl of turkey neck fricassee that just came off the stove. She's looking right at Laura, who may end up having to polish that off at the "First Four" Breakfast Club. Will her thanksgiving be shot? Not if she uses her last bid advantage to its fullest...

6   Pawley's Island Canopied Hammock (A)
ASHLEY 450 Michael 451 Helen 500 +Laura *600 ($839)

Laura escapes! She plays CLOCK GAME

Pulaski French Floral Desk (G)($899)
500 560 5980 600 680 750 800 1000 900 899   WIN   (:17 left)

His/Hers Ski Equipment (P)($1913)
1000 1200 1600 2000 1985 1975 55 25 1900 1910 1915-15-16-17-18-15-14   TIME   NECK

$1,159Nakita10 +   5.15
1,739Laura60 stay.60Through to Showcase Round
11,178Edith10 + 35.45

Jane has the honor.

SC1-Jane THE Y&R SHOWCASE (All w/Greg Rikaart and Emily O'Brien from just down the hall)
(Sony Handycam) Digital Camcorder
(Apple) Desktop Computer
Chevy Impala LS (Std., BlkHtr)
SC2-Laura Assorted Designer Perfumes (G)
Broyhill Fantana Bedroom Group
Strobel Supplepedic Sleep Set
Hoverjet GT Hovercraft (P)

...and the "surprise ending"? Well, you've heard of the "pregnant man", haven't you? Evidently, it's Rich. As I said earlier, "Happy Thanksgiving, you turkeys!"

Today's Pricing Games: 1 for 6
Total Winnings: $46,071


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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2008, 03:08:25 PM »
That Cliffhangers was a doozy. It's like she suddenly had a brain freeze. She had the 20/30/40 thing down perfectly...but then. As soon as I heard "25", I figured she was doomed.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2008, 03:09:30 PM »
It's always great to have good contestants to alleviate a 1/6 day - no bad gameplay (except for two instances), easy to root for, and exciting. Drew also did good to not get too over or underexcited.

241: Too bad luggage usually does end in -50, or the Peanut Gallery was going to be onto something.
Cliffy: There's one instance - I thought she knew what she was doing, and she cost herself big time.
T2: This was a tough setup - three -99 and one -75, and he never got around to the clubs, actually.
Stacky: There's the other instance - with the first number inexplicably being picked again, the Peanut Gallery helps her ruin the 2nd digit, which should have been picked. Note 23810 could have easily happened still, so no guarantee she wins if she went 2-4, or even 3-5.
Sidey: Quiet Peanut Gallery. :P
Clocky: Oh dear. While Drew did his usual stuff, she went "1915, 16, 17" without Drew telling her it was lower, so no way you can squeeze a tech win out of that.
SC1: Random, but good, very funny. I'm going to rewatch it now (just uploaded onto Youtube by me :D ) to make sure I didn't miss anything, but the biggest flaw notwithstanding the rewatch was missing plot holes - I understand it was a parody, but a bit clearer would have been nice.


EDIT: Was that really not a green screen? *blink*
EDIT2: I just noticed when Emily came in, the shape of the car was noticeable for a second. No one saw it, though, at first (certainly not myself), maybe it was less than a second...
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S4x... the show's stabilized into something decent now, I guess...

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2008, 03:09:41 PM »
Didn't see 1-5 today.

Clocky: Just goes to show that this game still is in fact winnable. 1 number off!

SC 1: So I turn around to my TV and see this thing being shown. I think to myself, "Why was the ending of Price cut off?", until I see Amber walk in. Easily the BEST showcase of the year. Had a theme, stuck to it, and the hilarious ending of Rich being a pregnant man.

SC 2: Just a generic, solid showcase.

Time to take on the purple wheel!  :twisted:
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2008, 03:11:57 PM »
Today's episode would of been real good if there were more wins.

*Cliffhangers: She was doing so well. But I knew she was doomed when she said $25 for the lantern. I was on the edge of my seat because I knew it was going to be a close win or a loss by only a little bit and it was the latter.

*Stack the Deck: WHY DID SHE PICK THE FIRST DIGIT??? C'mon!!!!

*Side By Side: Nice shirt acknowledging Bill Cullen. Glad she won. I didn't like the fact that they showed the game before showing the prize though.

*Clock Game: So close!!! Man... messed up. Get rid of 4-digit Clock Game! Keep it to three please!

#1- I thought it was stupid at first but then I realized that the showcase was making fun of the silly outrageous plots that soap operas have. Because of that and the fact that the prizes tied in with the script I thought this showcase was pretty good. I "LOL'd" when Rich came out.
#2- Straightforward showcase

Brad's Breakdown

Drew's Hosting: 6.5

Pricing Game lineup: 8.0

Pricing Game Wins: 1.5

Writing (showcase/IUFB): 7.5

Tilt: 9.0 [Had a great game line-up today but only one winner so this is for the pricing game wins (or lack thereof) and the great showcase bid]

Final Score for Today's Episode: 6.5 out of 10
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2008, 03:19:09 PM »
Pretty good show today. Some notes:

* Wow at the Cliffhangers lost. 20...30...:D...25...:O Wow, there was still a chance, but with the lantern at $50, it fell off the mountain.
* Great to see Stack the Deck yet again. I think its been at least a couple of weeks. I thought that even though the first number was picked, she still had a chance, but the reveal was a shocker.
* Cool to see the lady with the Bill, Bob, Drew shirt. I wonder what he'd say if someone wore a shirt with Doug, Dennis, and Tom? :P
* Ouch at that Clock Game playing. $1 off! At least she won one of the items.
* That showcase was funny, a great parody of soapopera tropes. And, definitely, lol at Pregnant Rich. (Not to mention that Emily O'Brien was *gorgeous* :P)
* And, that was a great win at the end. Not far away from a DSW!

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #6 on: November 26, 2008, 03:19:27 PM »
I just wanted to chime in today with a few observations...

I felt quite bad for Kimberly in Cliff Hangers..I know that her guess for the lantern was lower than the price (and her guess) for the cooler, and I figured the mountain climber would have to go up a few steps, but I still didn't think that lantern would be $50.  I figured $40 at most.

Kudos to Drew for pointing out Edith's shirt while mentioning Bill Cullen and making her playing of Side by Side quite enjoyable.

However..Clock Game made me cringe.  I was wondering if it was just me..but it seemed like Drew really helped Laura to win the desk by saying that high-pitched "lower" right after she guessed $900..the high-pitched lower meaning "oh you're really close, just go a little bit lower".  That bothered me.  As I was thinking that, my roommate (who is not a regular Price watcher) said "Wow, Drew really helped her win that prize."  Drew's hosting of Clock Game is so would make me nervous if I was up on stage.  Its things like this that make me miss Bob's style of hosting Clock Game.  He was very cool and calm and gave the 'higher's and 'lower's very matter of factly, and the contestant (in my opinion) was better able to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about interpreting Drew's voice inflections.

The showcases today were much better than a lot of them we have been seeing.  The themes actually flowed with the prizes instead of being totally random, and were actually pretty good in my opinion.  There was nothing overly random and pointless except for the 'pregnant Rich' at the end of SC1.  But, considering that the showcase actually flowed and was reasonably well done, I can let little things like that slide.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #7 on: November 26, 2008, 03:27:19 PM »
BTW, is it just me, that the 2 For the Price of 1 used some kind of Trip Skin during its presentation of Trip to San Francisco?

And For Clock Game, did Drew said lower when Laura said "1915?"

And for Showcase, it was funny.. Didn't realized it first, but now it comes to think of it, it was really funny...
Maybe changes "were" bad...

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #8 on: November 26, 2008, 03:32:30 PM »
The first showcase was done really well, i dont like that they are shortening up the pricing games for longer showcases but at least this one was fun.
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #9 on: November 26, 2008, 03:38:29 PM »
Drew should really adopt a policy of once a contestant says a price, it stays, and no questions asked.  Jane had $390 in place and then waited a few seconds to change her mind to $690.  Having only one decision made will save time, and make the game move along more smoothly.

Wow, Cliff Hangers for a car for the first time this season, and was the only car game in the first half!

Kimberly, well I don't know what to say about her.  I liked her excitement when she was screaming in contestants' row a lot.  But I cannot figure out why she basically blew Cliff Hangers when it was set up for a win after she did splendidly on the first two SP's.  Was she intentionally trying to pull off a surprise win or did she really think the lantern was as inexpensive as she thought it was? Her guess on the lantern kind of reminded me of the Toy Guitar incident or the January 7, 2005 playing, when a contestant guessed $275, then $350 on a cookie cutter.

Stack the Deck started off pretty well, Nakita asked for the third number, but she really hurt her chances of winning by asking for the first number.

I liked how a contestant's shirt mentioned Bill Cullen, showing that there are people who remember the original TPIR, which debuted on this day 52 years ago, incidentally.

Wow, for the first time since October 27, 2006, Side By Side was played fifth and for the first time since the show that aired October 24, 2007, Clock Game was sixth!

Drew seemed nervous during Clock Game, as soon as Laura hit $1,915 he didn't immediately interject and say "lower"  This doesn't warrant a technical win in the least, but Drew should not be shaky and say "higher/lower" quickly and hear contestants clearly.

I was a bit confused as to how the first showcase started off, but it came beautifully.  It had a theme throughout and, although some will think it was a bit inappropriate, it was interesting to see Rich come out, pregnant.  I personally wonder if a soap-themed showcase could work with just the models and Rich involved, a la "The Edge of Taste" from 18 years ago.
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #10 on: November 26, 2008, 04:00:54 PM »
Great first showcase, I'd call it the best of the season so far.
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #11 on: November 26, 2008, 04:01:18 PM »
2 for the Price of 1-Wow, something else other than a car or cash game!  And it was played for a trip!  Without using a green screen!  AWESOME!!!  It didn't matter that she changed her mind from $350 to $690; she lost anyway.  I was thinking $650.

Cliffhangers-For a car, yay! :-D  Are you kidding me...$25 for that lantern?? :headbang:  Kimberly threw away a completely easy setup.  She was a great contestant, though.

Take Two-I didn't think the fireplace would be that expensive.  Hurray, cue 200A!

Stack the Deck-She asked for the 1st number!?  That mustang was $3K more than I thought it was.

Side by Side-Looks like the spirit of Bill Cullen was with Edith.  All hail Edith!

Clock Game-OUCH, she lost those skies by $1!  If only she didn't stumble towards the end, she would've had it.

Showcases-That first showcase was AWESOME!  It had a theme, the music fit the theme, the prizes fit the theme, and Rich was "pregnant."  Definitely a nomination for Showcase of the Year.  Showcase #2 was really good as well.

Great show!
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #12 on: November 26, 2008, 04:03:38 PM »
I forgot to mention this, but I wonder what was going through Drew's mind when he called one of the models "Vanna."  I hope it was by accident, since if it was a bit intentional, that would be an insult of sorts to the TPIR models.  If and how Ms. White reacts to this, I don't know, but it will probably pass.  As far as we know, she hasn't set foot in Studio 33, let alone CBS Television City, in 13 years and hasn't really had anything to do with the show since she was a contestant back on June 20, 1980.
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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #13 on: November 26, 2008, 04:21:24 PM »
Hey all, I've been lurking around here a bit lately, and hanging out in chat, but just wanted to say today that this was a great show! I've been keeping my neck out of some of the negativity going on, quite a bit of which I feel is justified, some of which isn't, but was good all around. Today is what Drew/Rich/Freemantle should look at when thinking 'what makes a good show for Price is Right?"

Good lineup? Check - a great and unusual one today actually. Cliffy for a car is always a treat, and to see a non-car game pop up first again is essential to the mix of the show. Furthermore, we saw 241, Take Two, Sidey fifth as the only quickie of the show, Clocky sixth (and a nice treat that was). Not every lineup has to be spectacular like today's, but today was a good example of how lineups should flow, and also a good example of how pricing games exist besides Double Prices, Squeeze Play, Money Game, and Cover Up. And they're even fun to play! Imagine that.
Good contestants? Well, it was a 1/6er, but I was definitely pulling for our LFAT friend Edith at the end, and the woman who played Cliffhangers is memorable as well.
Good hosting? Check - Drew didn't botch any of the reveals today, and more importantly, despite the fact it was a 1/6er, he made it fun without being overly negative. Sure, he mentioned it a couple times, but so would Bob. The only time he dwelled on a loss into the next break was after the Cliffy loss, and he recovered in time to do a good  job hosting Take Two. He stayed away from his recent antics with the GPs in Stacky today as well.
Good showcases? CHECK. So we clearly have a new style of showcases now, and we're going to have one Drewcase a day that's going to be ridiculously corny and over-the-top. So accept that. Today's Y&R showcase was awesome because it was well executed, flowed, and HAD A THEME while being hilarious at the same time. Cannot stress how great today was - showcase of the year nom. Let's see more of that please, Drew - all we need is a consistent theme throughout the three prices, and look how much better the results are.

All this sends us on a positive note heading into Turkey break, which is much needed. I hope this show (and even yesterday's pretty good show and Monday's good Drewcase) are signs of what is to come for TPIR.

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Re: FULL RECAP - TPiR 11/26/2008
« Reply #14 on: November 26, 2008, 04:27:30 PM »
2 for the price of 1 - it was soooooo nice seeing something other than a green screen for a trip

Cliffhangers - i heard her say 25 and immediately fast forwarded cuz i assumed she would have won. guess not.

Take Two - that was a high target price

Stack the Deck - never ask for the first number free, it should be the most obvious

Side by Side - i had thought she lost, but she ended up giving us the only PG win of the day!

Clock Game - i hope that if contestants keep loosing with 1k+ prizes that they will switch it back to the old way. she did come close though

Showcases - i loved that first showcase. not at first but it ended up actually being pretty good! rich in a dress was disturbing, until i thought back on it and now find it hilarious :lol: great bid by jane too

grade: 7.5/10 because of the showcases and the ending. its been a really good week in my opinion :-)