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Quoting Multiple People in One Post
« on: December 18, 2008, 07:42:49 AM »
There is a way to quote multiple people in one post without doing a lot of copying/pasting...unfortunately, it only works with the last 20 or so replies.  Most of the time, that should be okay.

1) Open up a reply window (not the small "Quick Reply" at the bottom (if you have it enabled).

2) Scroll down to where the previous replies start, just below the reply box.  When you find the person's reply that you want, click on the small "Insert Quote" link on the right side of the reply.
Link to Image

3) The quote is added to the reply box.  Add your reply to the bottom of that quote.

4) Press "enter" twice, and you can repeat the process for additional quotes.

And for goodness sakes, trim the quotes.  One line reply to 14 lines of quote isn't needed.
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