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Out In Left Field / Re: The latest aquisition for Buzzr, Talk About
« Last post by FanOfDrew87 on Today at 08:15:18 PM »
It sits in the mornings here on Game TV, at 9 and 9:30.

And on June 6, it moves to 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. as per GameTV's schedule.
Won't miss them for the world.

I do not think this expression means what you appear to think it means.
The TALK Is Right / Re: "George Walks Away From Podium"
« Last post by jlgarfield on Today at 12:19:35 PM »
^ Even with how rare on-air overbids are now, it was a hoot to see him do something at his podium whenever it happened. XD
Regardless of where you stand on Jon or his games, this site isn't tech support for fan software.
I wouldn't be surprised if legally he's not supposed to offer support for them either.

Legally, we aren’t supposed to post TPIR clips on YouTube, either.

Doesn’t mean it hurts to try. Worst he (or his stream mods) could say is “sorry, can’t help you”.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 5/9/2022
« Last post by SeaBreeze341 on Yesterday at 11:11:40 PM »
Unless there's one coming up in some of the episodes slated to air on Pluto/Roku from Season's 13-15, we may never know (for sure).  However, the closest factoring in current times & inflation would have happened in 2016, but based on actualities, 2074D features the record.

I guess there could be a nice debate on whether the $11 one was more impressive than the $25 one six years ago; either way, both are impressive.  Still, in answer to your question, based on known material, no exacta in Card Game
I guess the demises of Flash and BigJon's games helped pave the way for a big cutting of security risks.  Won't miss them for the world.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Happy Birthday, Drew!
« Last post by FanOfDrew87 on Yesterday at 09:14:16 PM »
Hard to believe that next year he will be eligible for social security.

Hope you have a great birthday, Drew.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 5/9/2022
« Last post by masoudfun1996 on Yesterday at 08:49:02 PM »
I don't know about this, but has anybody ever gotten the price right on the nose in Card Game; if not, what would be the closest difference that was ever recorded on the show?
Out In Left Field / Re: Wheel of Fortune Season 39...
« Last post by Richie on Yesterday at 11:48:27 AM »
Okay there are only 3 weeks left of Wheel of Fortune Season 39.   Once Wheel of Fortune Season 40 starts, I will start a new thread one week before season 40 starts and ask the moderators to close this thread.

Updated stats for Wheel of Fortune season 39:   13 $6,000 Final Spins out of 180 episodes.

Bonus Land Season 39: 65 wins out of 180 episodes.
WHAT ARE YOU DOING: 6 wins/ 27 losses
PHRASE: 18 wins/ 26 losses
THING(S): 3 wins/11 losses
LIVING THING(S) 7 wins/10 losses
FOOD AND DRINK: 8 wins/ 9 losses
PERSON/PEOPLE: 2 wins/8 losses
AROUND THE HOUSE: 4 wins/ 6 losses
WHAT ARE YOU WEARING: 3 wins/ 5 losses

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