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I keep thinking about it and I wish that Pat's last episode had been a retrospective interspersed with memories and his send off. Vanna's words to Pat on Thursday's episode seemed like the right point at which to leave the show itself behind. Even though we had three great contestants, Friday's main game felt rushed and in some ways incomplete because it was so rushed (nice to give everyone $5k to make up for it, though).

Pat's final speech, while poignant, was derivative of Walter Cronkite's goodbye to CBS Evening News (not that it detracted from it; just something I noticed). I was surprised they didn't have Pat hand off to Ryan there since he's been announced as the host for the better part of the season.

I loved the final bit with Pat and Vanna together where we couldn't hear them talking but could tell Vanna was feeling quite overcome. After working with someone for as long as they've been working together, I'd be pretty moved, too.
Price is Right Video Collection / June 7, 2024
« Last post by TPIR98665 on June 08, 2024, 05:42:01 PM »
The showcase bid off by $1

Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/7/2024
« Last post by ThatDonGuy on June 08, 2024, 03:50:02 PM »
The "00000" is a fascinating detail - I'll have to ask Wubb/ComeOnDown98 what he thinks about that, as he knows how eggcrates work.

How long has this been rumored? Do we have anyone around in these circles who saw it when aired? (Maybe I'm quoting someone who did here, but I need coffee.)

The flashing five zeroes? That's not a "rumor" - I saw it when it happened.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Is The Car ever MORE in More or Less?
« Last post by Wayoshi on June 08, 2024, 03:46:42 PM »
Wasn't it more on the Jackpot primetime playing this season, too?

Go to for more info in general.
Fare thee well, Pat Sajak...
May the Power protect you, and best wishes in retirement.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/7/2024
« Last post by Wayoshi on June 08, 2024, 03:44:29 PM »
Aside from that truly amazing DSW,

How often do we see That’s Too Much and More or Less in a lineup together? I never noticed before there’s a slight conflict in that they are both giving fake prices for a car and the contestant has to make a decision about it.

Code: [Select]
That's Too Much!, More or Less, S35-52: 21

 PROD   S      AIRDATE    INT. DATE                      NOTES               PG1                  PG2               PG3               PG4               PG5               PG6
3893K  35  Feb 21 2007  Feb 21 2007                                 Freeze Frame         More or Less     Safe Crackers  That's Too Much!      Grocery Game      Squeeze Play
4361K  36  Jun 02 2008  Jun 02 2008                                1 Right Price              Bonkers      More or Less         Push Over  That's Too Much!    Now....or Then
4703K  37  Apr 08 2009  Apr 08 2009                                 Freeze Frame         More or Less       Pick-a-Pair         Push Over            Plinko  That's Too Much!
4745K  37  May 08 2009  May 08 2009               Mother's Day     1 Right Price        Cliff Hangers      More or Less         Push Over        Grand Game  That's Too Much!
4804K  37  Jun 18 2009  Jun 18 2009                                 Squeeze Play              1/2 Off  That's Too Much!      Side by Side      More or Less          Bullseye
5164K  38  May 13 2010  May 13 2010                                      Switch?               Plinko  That's Too Much!      Grocery Game         Push Over      More or Less
5193K  38  Jun 02 2010  Jun 02 2010                             That's Too Much!              Switch?        Bonus Game         Push Over      More or Less        Grand Game
5852K  40  Feb 20 2012  Feb 21 2012                             That's Too Much!        1 Wrong Price      Grocery Game        Secret "X"      More or Less      Freeze Frame
5991K  40  May 28 2012  May 28 2012          Teen Drivers Show        Money Game  Pick-a-Number (car)   Check-Out (car)  Range Game (car)      More or Less  That's Too Much!
6362K  41  May 21 2013  May 21 2013                                      1/2 Off            Flip Flop      More or Less      Double Cross  That's Too Much!    Shopping Spree
6444K  42  Oct 03 2013  Oct 10 2013                                Punch a Bunch            Push Over  That's Too Much!           Magic #      Squeeze Play      More or Less
6544K  42  Dec 26 2013  Dec 26 2013                                 Squeeze Play     That's Too Much!           Step Up            Plinko           Switch?      More or Less
6855K  43  Oct 24 2014  Oct 24 2014                                      Switch?     That's Too Much!          Bullseye   Coming or Going            Plinko      More or Less
7375K  44  Jan 29 2016  Jan 22 2016  Socially @wesome/#UDecide         Flip Flop     That's Too Much!      Pay the Rent     1 Right Price      More or Less     Cliff Hangers
7693K  45  Nov 16 2016  Nov 16 2016                                      Switch?             Bullseye      More or Less         Flip Flop  That's Too Much!            Plinko
8454K  47  Oct 18 2018  Oct 18 2018                                Pick-a-Number       Make Your Move      More or Less       Do the Math     Time I$ Møney  That's Too Much!
8485K  47  Nov 09 2018  Nov 09 2018                   Veterans           1/2 Off         Squeeze Play      More or Less      Grocery Game  That's Too Much!      Bargain Game
9132K  48  May 05 2020  May 05 2020                                 Pay the Rent      Coming or Going      More or Less        Secret "X"  That's Too Much!     1 Right Price
9703K  50  Feb 01 2022  Feb 02 2022                             That's Too Much!             Bullseye      Double Cross           1/2 Off      More or Less      Side by Side
0095L  51  Feb 03 2023  Feb 03 2023                                   Grand Game        Double Prices      More or Less       Back to '73       Do the Math  That's Too Much!
0655L  52  Jun 07 2024  Jun 07 2024                             That's Too Much!       Now....or Then           Switch?      More or Less      Squeeze Play           1/2 Off
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/7/2024
« Last post by Wayoshi on June 08, 2024, 03:41:43 PM »
All the focus has been on the fabulous DSW bid, which is deserved. But, as a result, the hilarious awkward winning reveal in Squeeze Play is getting overlooked.
Fair point.... weird that the prop didn't work today, but it's hardly the first time it's happened. I wonder if Drew's recent please say hi, stagehand routine is messing things up.
The Price WAS Right / Re: Barker Era Recaps
« Last post by mechamind on June 08, 2024, 02:19:39 PM »
Thanks for that one! With what's been going on lately (including my parents having to make a lot more hospital appointment trips lately and wanting me along for the road trip), I need a break from recaps. Feel free to resume at any time.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/7/2024
« Last post by imhomerjay on June 08, 2024, 01:48:15 PM »
People continuing to be dwelling on what happened years ago is rather amusing. There’s way too much trying to read into things without a rational basis.
Out In Left Field / Re: I know I am very old school about things...
« Last post by imhomerjay on June 08, 2024, 01:43:41 PM »
Um, what? It was an acquisition. They should have precisely what they bought. And how on earth does that have anything to do with enjoyment of a game show?
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