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So this is the record-breaking show that the show was referring to...

To give away the cash equivalent of all the prizes won, plus $200,000 in Pay the Rent, is nothing short of amazing. I doubt we'll ever see one-day winnings this high again, but of course, we could be wrong next year.
Barker Era / May 27, 1996
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First Four: Sarah, James, Lendell, Frances

IUFB1: Clocktail Table (yes, you heard right; not just a cocktail table, but a clocktail table!)
Sarah: $500
James: $750
Lendell: $800*
Frances: $350
ARP: $1485

PG1: Now...or Then--Played for a Trip to Cozumel & Sunglasses ($5,915)

Then is March 1987

GP1: Dishwashing Liquid ($2.49)
GP2: Soap ($2.64)
GP3: Saran Wrap ($1.79)
GP4: Ice Cream Bars ($3.39)
GP5: Sinus Medicine ($5.95)
GP6: Chef Boyardee (69)

First pick: Soap (guesses now, is right)
Second pick: Dishwashing Liquid (guesses then, is right)
Third pick: Chef Boyardee (guesses then, is wrong)
Fourth pick: Saran Wrap (guesses then, is right)


Second Calldown: Thomas

IUFB2: Videocassette Collection
Thomas: $600
Frances: $700*
Sarah: $400
James: $1
ARP: $720

PG2: Most Expensive--Played for Electric Guitars, Dinette Set and Highboy Chest

Frances picks #3

ARP of #1: $1,236
ARP of #2: $1,568
ARP of #3: $1,000


Third Calldown: Figen

IUFB3: Ceiling Fan with Light
Figen: $800
Sarah: $450*
James: $350
Thomas: $550
ARP: $530

PG3: 10 Chances--Played for a Hand Mixer, Refrigerator/Freezer and Mercury Villager

First, Sarah will bid on the Mixer

Possible numbers in price of mixer: 2, 0, 6

First try: $60, is right

Next, she will bid on refrigerator

Possible numbers in price of refrigerator: 3, 0, 7, 9

Second try: $790, is wrong
Third try: $970, is wrong
Fourth try: $930, is wrong
Fifth try: $730, is right

Finally, she will bid on van

Numbers in price of van: 9, 6, 0, 1, 2

Sixth try: $16,920, is wrong
Seventh try: $19,620, is wrong
Eighth try: $19,260, is wrong
Ninth try: $20,961, is wrong
Tenth try: $21,960, is right


Frances: .75
Lendell: .45+.05=.50
Sarah: .85

Sarah is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Joseph

IUFB4: Curio Cabinet
Joseph: $1100
James: $1200*
Thomas: $1050
Figen: $1051
ARP: $1285

PG4: Pick-a-Number--Played for a Pedicab

Price: $8,?95

Missing number is 4, 6 or 9

James picks 6

ARP: $8,495


Fifth Calldown: Veronica

IUFB5: Washer/Dryer
Veronica: $1000
Thomas: $920
Figen: $1100
Joseph: $1150

Veronica: $850
Thomas: $800
Figen: $801*
Joseph: $750
ARP: $828

Figen is originally from Turkey; welcome to America!

PG5: Lucky $even--Played for a GMC Jimmy 2-Door

First number: 2
Second number: Guesses 4, actual--3 (gives back $1)
Third number: Guesses 7, actual--5 (gives back $2)
Fourth number: Guesses 7, actual--7 (keeps remaining $4)
Fifth number: Guesses 6, actual--1 (Figen goes broke!)


Final Calldown: Christine

IUFB6: Outdoor Gym Set
Christine: $800
Joseph: $400
Veronica: $1000
Thomas: $600*
ARP: $630

PG6: Bonus Game--Played for a Living Room Group ($4,499)

SP1: Pizza Oven, wrong price--$45 (guesses lower, ARP: $60)
SP2: Cooler/Warmer, wrong price--$120 (guesses lower, ARP: $100)
SP3: Karaoke Machine, wrong price--$85 (guesses higher, ARP: $70)
SP4: Massagers, wrong price--$55 (guesses higher, ARP: $45)

Location of Bonus window: #2


That he won with just the second SP is a miracle indeed!

Figen: .95
James: .10+.90=1.00
Thomas: .80+.15=.95

James: .15

James is going to the Showcase, with $6,000 in his pocket!

Top Winner: Sarah
Runner-Up: James

Scuba Gear, Bedroom Set, Norway, Chevrolet Camaro
Sarah bids $31,500

Swimsuits, BBQ Grill, CD Jukebox, Party Boat
James bids $14,500

ARP of James's Showcase: $24,548 (Difference--$10,048)
ARP of Sarah's Showcase: $30,543 (OVER)

James wins his Showcase, and takes home $31,833 in cash and prizes!
I seem to be one of the few that genuinely enjoyed $200,000 Rent. I enjoyed everything for the most part this week.

The only minor problem I have was the cheapo cars with $5,000 added on. I mean, come on. It's not Dream Car Week. However, I would've killed for more cars in the high-20s, low 30s, some 40s.
Oh hey, doubled cash. Always a nice way to end the week.
I mean, the Pay the Rent was kinda telegraphed in big, bold letters, but it was still pretty cool to have won, especially with Jody being unemployed.

Meanwhile, where did they get those trips from? In recent weeks, any international trip has been floating around $10,000... as a minimum. Madagascar is literally on the other side of the planet, and only cost $7100?  Beijing at $7800?
This program should not be offering a contestant $200,000, much less $100,000, for simply picking six grocery items in order from least expensive to most expensive.

While I agree, How is a free $200k Plinko chip different.

You know what? I really thought it was just going to be a raised Pay the Rent from the spoilers. Having a bonus a la Shell Game is actually kind of clever as a one-off.

Sure, Pay the Rent was TOO generous for $200K. 11 possible solutions does that. However, I'll argue that if that win hadn't have happened, the only notable thing about this show is That's Too Much, which coincidentally had the 3rd and 4th ARPS and the same win position as 12/24/2015.

Also, to top it off: According to my Excel spreadsheet, if we had 5 perfect shows, the total would be $4,854,473.

And that's that. See you Monday, as I try not to get angry at PtR.
Good show today.
Nice of Drew to mention the record for most won overall in one show in daytime TPIR history. We had our 4th winner ever in PtR (1st since 8/1/15) It was the 1st time since 7/4/14 where putting the Grocery items from least to most expensive would had won.
Jody becomes the 2nd biggest winner in Daytime TPIR.
This program should not be offering a contestant $200,000, much less $100,000, for simply picking six grocery items in order from least expensive to most expensive.

Agreed 100%. If the exact same set of items were used in Hole in One the contestant would only get $500.

Why does this game have to be either super-easy or mega-hard with very little leeway in-between?
Pay the Rent was such a softball setup, reminded me of the gimme win from Military Week some while back. They WANTED that one won. You could have set up the house from low item to high item and won it.

Now we know what the hype of the week was.
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