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The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by EvilChameleon on Today at 02:46:44 PM »
I love the color schemes for the Australian and UK Bruce/Joe Side By Side sets.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by brosa0 on Today at 11:56:06 AM »
Thanks, you are correct.   I actually love the Mexico 2010 Double Prices.   DP is the one game that international series should be able to add their own personality and theme to due to how simple it is, and Mexico does this the best (although it does kind of look like a head with eyes and mouth).   

As with One Dollar Deal/Lucky Seven, I only ever knew DP as "2 Price Tags" growing up from the Australian series.  Never liked seeing it show up, although in hindsight it is neat seeing it played on the turntable.

The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by SuperSweeper on Today at 11:43:16 AM »
Forgive me if Iím wrong, but I believe that you have the Mexican Double Prices (two versions) mislabeled as being from Spain.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by JayC on Today at 11:24:30 AM »
What's up with the barrels on the side of the France 09 and Portugal Range Game sets? I assume the contestant was allowed to move the range up and down like the number in Magic # can be adjusted up or down?

Don't really get the buried treasure theme in Columbia's Flip Flop, but the sun and moon theme in Mexico's Flip Flop is neat.

Looks like Mexico is the only country that kept the photo theme that our Freeze Frame set has. The other ones have a carnival vibe to them, especially Russia.

Mostly boring or odd Double Prices sets, a few are very close to what ours looks like and most aren't super different.

The Side by Side sets aren't that different from our's. Columbia's looks quite interesting glowing like that. Quite mean setups in the Australia and Portugal pictures. Were the Pakistan and UK Leslie versions two-prize games, with the idea to choose the two out of the five prices for the prizes?

The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by brosa0 on Today at 10:43:20 AM »
Some quicker games today... :

Range Game

Click for larger image:

Flip Flop

Click for larger image:

Freeze Frame

Click for larger image:

Double Prices

Click for larger image:

Side By Side

Click for larger image:

For completion's sake, here is the UK version of Side By Side:
The TALK Is Right / Re: Pricing Games Around The World
« Last post by brosa0 on Today at 12:33:48 AM »
On Lucky Seven, I grew up with the Australian 90's series so only ever knew it as One Dollar Deal.  In hindsight it seems an odd name change (although it still fits the game), particularly when the previous series in 1989 had it as Lucky Seven.  Never liked the game as it felt too hard having to guess 5 numbers with just 7 dollars, plus the prop was a bit dinky.  The flip panels for the numbers were neat through.

I find the weird angle the Indonesian L7 is on to be amusing.  It's like they accidentally made it too long.

On Cover Up, again I never liked the Australian version due to the colour scheme and the weird extra bit to the right of the 5th column of numbers.   It's interesting to see that Russia did away with the starting wrong numbers.
Out In Left Field / The Price Is Right Live Report
« Last post by Plinkoman on Yesterday at 11:25:11 PM »
I just got home from an amazing experience at TPIRLive here in Augusta, Ga! They had lots of fun trivia questions about the show (which I got them all right) and some play-along games like Range Game and Lucky $even to entertain the audience while waiting for the show to start. Todd Newton was the host, and he did an amazing job as is always expected from him. The setups were much nicer than a few years ago when I went, and the prizes are nicer and more expensive too.

I got to sit next to a young couple and started talking to them about the show. Turns out, the guy's aunt was on the show with Bob about 20 years ago and won Credit Card. I told him that the game is now retired and how awesone that she played and won a game that's not around anymore.

The first game was Punch-a-Bunch, played for $5,000! The contestant won three punches and first got $750, the third highest number on the board! She gave it back and got $500. She gave it back again and ended up with $500. Not a bad haul given it was the fourth highest amount on the board.

Next was Any Number for a trip to Hollywood and a 55" HD TV. The contestant ended up winning the tv, which was $897, so not too bad.

Third was the classic Cliff Hangers for a Weber grill, smokenater, and a supply of Omaha steaks. The first prize was a Monopoly game worth $25; Hans took 3 steps. Next was a fondue set worth $40, Hans took 5 steps. Last was an automatic pet feeder worth $66. The contestant bid $51 and Hans ended up on step 23- we got a winner!

Next, they showed some clips then revealed the Big Wheel. I don't recall much about it because they then called down the next four contestants... AND I WAS ONE OF THEM! I went nuts and ran down to wait for my turn in Contestant's Row. I was set to bid first, so I knew it would be tough. The first two contestants on the Wheel went over, so the last won $250, but no dollar spins today.

Then it was time to go up and get ready for the One Bid. Todd said hi to each of us. I told Todd I was a fan of him and that I loved watching Whammy! as a kid! The prize was a Google Nest and security system... which I have! I bid $525, next was $700, then $701, then $750. ARP: $749! Didn't win, but I got a shirt and I got to shake Todd Newton's hand, which was awesome in itself!

The winner got to play Check-Out for a trip to Hawaii. Her total was only $0.27 away from the real total; smart shopper!

Last game was the big one: Plinko! for $2,500. The lady who played started crying and Todd gave her his handkerchief and let her keep it. She had three chips total. First was only $100. Next was $500! Last one went in $500 for a total of $1,100- not bad at all!

We finally arrived at the showcases. Two players bid and if one is with $100 without going over they win everything. Otherwise, whoever is closer without going over will win a trip to New Orleans. The showcase included: 3 tabletop kitchen appliances from Kitchenaid, a 3-door stainless steel fridge/freezer from Whirlpool, a trip to New Orleans, a trip to Paris, France... and a NEW CAR! A 2019 Nissan Versa. The first player bid $40,000, second bid $51,000. Needless to saythey were both WAY over. The ARP was $21,610. So, they both received $250 for playing and a name was selected from the audience for the trip to New Orleans.

Todd ended the show by reminding everyone to help control the pet population; have your pets spayed or neutered! It was an awesome experience and I look forward to trying to come on down again in the future!
The TALK Is Right / Re: Silly post from Roger...
« Last post by pricefan18 on Yesterday at 10:22:48 PM »
As you said, it was Price is Right 1994.

Yeah, but I mean more for the regular run. That's a bit of an outlier. Although if it worked, could the daytime show have changed to follow suit? I suppose maybe, but can't say that for sure.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Silly post from Roger...
« Last post by garffreak on Yesterday at 10:07:37 PM »
You'd almost think it'd be inevitable that someone would wanna drastically change it at some point

As you said, it was Price is Right 1994.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Dream Car Week?
« Last post by TinoStar11 on Yesterday at 11:40:11 AM »
It was confirmed months ago in another thread that it's gonna happen the week of May 27-31
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