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Aw, I hadn't thought of that. If I got a $4.68 check I'd frame it, but they're just going to apply it to the taxes.

Anyway, in the very first playing the piggy bank was $1.09. In the first playing of the Grocery Game there was a pound of smoked bacon for 99c. It's $7.99 at Ralph's now.

That lines up with the inflation since 1972, but it's still possible to win enough to buy a pound of bacon.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/21/2024
« Last post by GameShowKid on Yesterday at 09:40:45 PM »
Stack The Deck! One of my favorite games! I would have gotten all three product prices correct, and won the car. It pays to watch regularly; I've seen that Kia model on the show several times before. 
The TALK Is Right / Re: Line 'Em Up Thoughts
« Last post by Alfonzo on Yesterday at 06:02:22 PM »
Ahhh, Line 'Em Up, the most "meh" of car games. There's a reason this game is rarely played in the first half and almost never played second. Guessing the middle three digits of a car isn't that exciting, especially if the choice of numbers are close together. Not calling for the game's retirement, but I wouldn't miss it if it was gone.
The TALK Is Right / Line 'Em Up Thoughts
« Last post by tpirfansince1972 on Yesterday at 05:41:57 PM »
Time seems to have a way, for me at least, to change my mind about certain things, including pricing games.

I used to moan and groan whenever "That's Too Much!" was being played, but now I have come to appreciate it big time.

Conversely, Line 'Em Up is a game that simply does not sit well with me at all.

If a player has zero digits right after their first turn, so be it.  I'm okay with that being the case because we then know what the center digit has to be at least, thus making this game a more realistic 1/4 chance of winning.

If a player has 1 or 2 digits right after their first try, they have no idea which 1 or 2 they actually do have right.  In other words the player is at a bigger disadvantage having 1 or 2 right vs none right so this was my thought.

If a player has one digit right tell them if either the 2nd or 4th digit in the price is wrong but nothing more.

If a player has two digits right on their first attempt, light up either the 2nd or 4th digit for them, since one of them has to be right and proceed from there.

I realize this will never happen due to it making the game more complicated than it needs to be, plus they do have a prize budget after all to consider.

The TALK Is Right / Re: Rod's first show
« Last post by mrbrown2195 on Yesterday at 02:00:34 PM »
I believe it refers to the minimum pay  for a day's (or show's) worth of work as specified by SAG/AFTRA.

Here are the current scale rate cards. Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but Price is under the Network TV Code rate sheet.
But back to the original question of what one can get from the Piggy Bank's amount...considering it would range from $3 and change up to $9 and change...mainly stuff one could by at the dollar store, a gallon of gas (depending on where you're from).

Sadly, any money won in the piggy bank would be totally swallowed up in tax payment for whatever prize was won to get up on stage, so it becomes a moot point I'd say.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/21/2024
« Last post by tpirfansince1972 on Yesterday at 12:07:37 PM »
Super nice prizes in RANGE GAME.  I said around $12,200 and it was $12,100 and change, nice big win!

I would have won DO THE MATH.  I said PLUS!

Stack The Deck - Super difficult pricing game.  Might as well bring back Bullseye I LOL.  That said I DO still like Stack The Deck as it involves elements of pricing both the car and grocery items.  I so love pricing games that involve pricing both the car and other items (Switcheroo, Five Price Tags & Pathfinder being the others).

Cover Up proved super tough today.  Such an odd price for a car ending in 814!  Sheesh!

Nice HALF OFF win.  I thought he was wrong with some of his pricing choices but he was right and found the winning box.  Awesome work!
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/20/2024
« Last post by tpirfansince1972 on Yesterday at 12:03:34 PM »
Indeed it was a text book playing of Clock Game in spite of the one or two flubs Drew experienced.  Seems that is the one pricing game he still struggles with at times.

I thought she had the car with That's Too Much!  She got darn close.  If the game was "That's Not Quite Enough" she would have won.

Switch and Push Over both seemed to be easy layups today for quick wins.

While disappointed that Pathfinder was lost, at least she got off the first blessed digit!  Something to be said for that at least.  I too was shocked to see a 1 as the first digit in the car price.  That's about as rare now as when 4 digit car prices were still a thing in the 1990s on the show.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/19/2024
« Last post by tpirfansince1972 on Yesterday at 11:59:13 AM »
One thing that has always puzzled me about Temptation, why change any of the digits in the car and THEN elect to bail out?  I've never understood that.

I personally would have bailed and not have made any changes were I playing.  The prizes made available for Temptation were super nice to me.

Either they need to have it where once you select a digit in the car it is locked in, or if you make one or more changes afterward, that you have to go for the car.  Just seems like a waste of time to change any digits and decide to bail out.  I'll never understand that.

That said, I was rooting for Michael and was glad he won a car in the showcase.

I had a funny feeling that the top shelf for Vend O Price was the highest one, but I guessed the center one instead.

Seeing TWO of the oldest car pricing games in the same show always jazzes me up somehow!
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 6/17/2024
« Last post by htmlcc92 on Yesterday at 11:54:40 AM »
Interesting that we had "bookends" with this episode.

The first pricing game played and the last one played both netted $3,000 in cash for the contestants.

Plinko downright annoys me.  Somebody who was ranking pricing games on a video said Plinko is all sizzle and no steak.  I wholeheartedly agree.

Ive always had the opinion that Plinko is the most overrated game on the show. Heck, Id rather play Double Prices than play Plinko. Only thing I like about Plinko to be honest is when Drew gets to use the Plinko stick.
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