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Price is Right Recaps! / TPiR Recap - 3/23/2023
« Last post by Roadgeek Adam on Today at 01:37:43 PM »

VTR: 1-18-23
CSS -- Chatroom Showcase Showoff / CSS Results for 03/23/2023 (Game 118)
« Last post by Wayoshi on Today at 12:20:18 PM »
SC1 was more of guess a number in the 20s type of SC. It felt more weighted to be in the lower end of that scale with the non-trip prizes appearing not sexed up at all, and it did indeed end up at 24k. That was good enough for me to cash and win.

SC2 had the 30k+ Rogue, a Florida that was nearly 10k last month, and random phones. It did end up creeping to 42k, Kev stops a hard/soft from me with a DSW here as Jess joins Stagey in WSD hell.
Out In Left Field / Re: 50-year anniversaries coming up
« Last post by Ccook on Today at 10:55:48 AM »
Wheel was the result of Lin Bolen buying out tthe remainder of the contract for Jeopardy!, which Bolen first tried to "mercy kill" it by slotting it against Pyramid. It backfired spectacularly.
Out In Left Field / Re: 50-year anniversaries coming up
« Last post by mechamind on Today at 10:18:04 AM »
While we don't have an exact date, I want to give an extra mention to "Shopper's Bazaar", the original pilot from September or October that would lead to the premiere of Wheel of Fortune.
Price is Right Recaps! / Re: TPiR Recap - 3/10/2023
« Last post by Counterpoint on Today at 09:04:22 AM »
Estela was wearing a licensed Friends shirt - first 'official' non-Price apparel I've seen in a long while.

Seemed they'd been having folks wear Price shirts from the gift shop over top of brand and sports apparel they came in with.

Not really related, but I love when Drew gets mad at whoever makes those Bucket List shirts.
Yodely Gal was NOT a good mountain climber!
Out In Left Field / 50-year anniversaries coming up
« Last post by Ccook on Today at 06:20:28 AM »
Today marks 50 years since NBC canceled Concentration, which still stands as their longest consecutively running game show (14 years, 7 months). Some other notables' debuts turn 50:

CBS's The $10,000 Pyramid and The Young and the Restless started on the 26th, and while Pyramid's run has been irregular, it's still a prime example of staying power. (Of note, Pyramid was slotted at 10:30 ET, bumping The Price Is Right to 3 PM ET. Angry fans of the soap Love Is a Many Splendored Thing boycotted CBS for dropping it in favor of Price.)

July 2 will mark 50 years that CBS's revival of Match Game premiered. It doesn't appear that anything is being done on GSN and Buzzr to fete Pyramid, but I suppose Buzzr will do something on behalf of Match Game.
The TALK Is Right / Re: The Price is Right: The Barker Era on Pluto TV
« Last post by Alfonzo on Today at 04:30:53 AM »
Back to the main topic.

As if we're on a streak of historic moments, we got the first One Away wipeout on show #5781D. Many of us thought the first time was in 1990...

And many of Bob's declarations of historic moments are proven wrong again, as if the same occurrence five years later is any indication.

I always knew that 1990 wasn't first wipeout because the very first time I saw One Away played was the wipeout we're now referring to.
So yesterday was a blue sweep, and today was a good day everywhere except blue. Ouch.

Still, second place was $28,950, which is pretty good!

As for the Bonus Round...someone knew the answer to the puzzle before picking their letters. :-D (I knew it as well.)
Let's be honest, none of us probably have heard of the next host.

Drew Carey arguably made it "big" when he first appeared nationally on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1991.  16 years later he's hosting Price.  If 2035 is 12 years away, it's not out of the question the next big name to take over is just barely getting into the business, if at all.

It's almost impossible to speculate who will host if they may not have had their breakout yet.
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