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I'm laughing at the superior intellects that dreamed this up.
Very well said!

Worth noting the only full win this show was the actual true cash game. Price Gods are trying to tell Mikey something, but he won't ever listen...
I'm laughing at the superior intellects that dreamed this up.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Model quirks in the Carey era
« Last post by dmaingame on Yesterday at 11:54:10 PM »
I've always liked the rapport that Drew has had with the models as well as the announcers, currently George Gray.  I've enjoyed tuning into TPIR since the 1980s, and it's great to see this show still going strong for a new generation of fans. 
Halloween episode.  Drew already had it in his hand when he came through the doors as Captain Giveaway.
We had no mic handoff today, 2nd time this season

Huh.  I'll be damned.  When was the first time?
I'm confused by the couple of replies implying that this is the first time a lineup like this has never happened before. The show did the same thing for Big Money Week last year, too.
Forgot about that episode. That lineup might've been even weirder than today's with two cash games in the same half. At least when they do the all car shows on Dream Car Week and other car related theme shows there's a little more variety with offering prizes in addition to cars.
My god, 1/2 Off looks so much better with the original color scheme.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Punch a Bunch question
« Last post by Casey on Yesterday at 07:54:08 PM »
I think Roger has said as much on his Facebook page when someone asked this very question.  He decided where the highest valued slip was, but the lower amounts I think are just put wherever they end up.
The TALK Is Right / Re: Lowering games and props from the rafters
« Last post by Season36Fan on Yesterday at 07:41:36 PM »
This is coming from someone who has years of experience in dealing with flying things over peopleís heads.

Anything that flies has to be specifically designed to fly.  It has to have engineering certifications and tests, sometimes even destructive tests, to verify that the engineering calculations are correct.    The fact that something is stable on the ground does not mean it will fly.

What that means is that any game prop or set piece that currently exists would have to be redesigned and rebuilt for flying.    That process is not cheap.   Add to that expense the expense of designing and building a flying rig and controls for the flying rig, then possibly having certified riggers who are VERY well paid for their services on hand to operate the rigging equipment, etc, and oh, what about storage?   A game set piece that flies generally isnít going to have feet and cqsters... that would look silly, and be very difficult to manage.  They would have to have some sort of transport/storage cart, and getting all that to go together perfectly every time with no damage... well... itís doable but itís expensive.

Long story short, there is probably a very good reason that there qrenít too many flying props.   

The TALK Is Right / Re: Perfect Bid: The Contestant Who Knew Too Much
« Last post by Sizeman on Yesterday at 06:00:21 PM »
Enjoyed watching the Stu's Show interview yesterday. I'm planning to drive four hours and head on down to the Fargo screening. Still waiting to see what date/time it will be showing at.
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