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Isn't this how Wheel 2000 got off the ground with Wheel of Fortune Kids/Family Week shows,if this week is huge numbers espically the tween,teen episodes....CBS would have to be chomping at the bit to do a Nickeloden or CBS Saturday Morning version of the show and here comes Price '94 but with more of a regular Price feel to it
Well it was certainly interesting that none of the pricing games offered cars. The lineup had a good amount of variety despite no car games though. It was an enjoyable show overall, it worked better for the tweens to be on stage by themselves rather than with their parents.

The setups really couldn't have been any easier today. I think the toughest decision today was between $10,562 and $14,105 for the Costa Rica trip in Push Over, but even with that $14,105 was a little too high to be right.

Barker Era / May 20, 1999
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First Four: Timmy, Dawn, John, Courtney

IUFB1: Off-Road Bike
Courtney: $1600*
John: $1500
Dawn: $1375
Timmy: $1250
ARP: $1999

PG1: Clock Game--Played for a Sleeper Chair and Dinnerware

First, Courtney will bid on the Chair

Courtney's bids/Bob's responses: $300/H, $400/H, $450/H, $500/H, $800/L, $700/H, $750/L, $725/H, $730/H, $731/H, $732/H, $733/H, $734/H, $740/H, $745/H, $747/H, $749 (wins with 13 seconds left)

Next, she will bid on the Dinnerware

Courtney's bids/Bob's responses: $1000/L, $800/H, $900/H, $950/H, $970/L, $960/H, $961/H, $962/H, $963/H, $964 (wins with 4 seconds left, plus $1,000)


Second Calldown: Jean-Thomas

IUFB2: Wine Serving Cart
Jean-Thomas: $600
John: $850
Dawn: $475*
Timmy: $1
ARP: $575

PG2: Check-Out--Played for a Trip to Paris ($6,826)

GP1: Dove Soap (guesses $1.79; ARP: $2.24)
GP2: Wheat Nuts (guesses $1.99; ARP: $2.39)
GP3: Toaster Breaks Pizza Melts (guesses $3.69; ARP: $2.60)
GP4: Caramel Apple Pops (guesses $2.09; ARP: $1.49)
GP5: Tiger Balm Ointment (guesses $3.00; ARP: $4.69)

Totals: Guessed--$12.56, Actual--$13.41
Difference: 85


Third Calldown: Martha (who wears a shirt saying I've Lost Over 50 Pounds Watching The Price is Right, and cites Bob and Rod as her inspirations; this prompts a rare on-camera appearance from Rod outside of the final calldown and Showcases)

IUFB3: Hall Tree
Martha: $1600
Timmy: $1795
Jean-Thomas: $1180
John: $1250*
ARP: $1342

PG3: Money Game--Played for a Ford Ranger


Middle number: 0

First pick: 12, front of truck
Second pick: 75, wins $75
Third pick: 50, wins $125
Fourth pick: 98, wins $223
Fifth pick: 35, back of truck


Courtney: .60+.05=.65
Dawn: .75
John: .55+.55=OVER

Dawn is going to the Showcase!

Fourth Calldown: Gregory

IUFB4: Washer/Dryer
Gregory: $1344
Martha: $850
Timmy: $1100
Jean-Thomas: $900*
ARP: $1068

PG4: 1 Wrong Price--Played for a Rower, Fireplace and Dinette Set

Rower: $899
Fireplace: $2,250
Dinette: $1,070

Jean-Thomas picks Dinette

ARP of Dinette: $1,780


Fifth Calldown: Michelle

IUFB5: Digital Voice Recorders
Michelle: $600
Gregory: $722
Martha: $400
Timmy: $470*
ARP: $498

PG5: Punch-a-Bunch

SP1: Cutlery Set, wrong price--$120 (guesses higher, ARP: $90)
SP2: Bath Spa, wrong price--$45 (guesses higher, ARP: $60)
SP3: Breadmaker, wrong price--$150 (guesses lower, ARP: $110)
SP4: Swing Groomer, wrong price--$14 (guesses higher, ARP: $25)

Timmy wins three punches on the punchboard

First punch: $250, continues
Second punch: $250/Second Chance + $500 = $750, continues
Third punch: $100


Final Calldown: Susan

IUFB6: Sofa
Susan: $1550
Michelle: $1450
Gregory: $1*
Martha: $1560
ARP: $1444

PG6: Any Number--Played for a Golf Cabinet or Dodge Caravan

First number in price of van: 1

First pick: 8, first number in piggy bank
Second pick: 7, third number in cabinet
Third pick: 6, second number in piggy bank
Fourth pick: 5, fourth number in van
Fifth pick: 4, first number in cabinet
Sixth pick: 3, third number in piggy bank

Other ARP's: Van--$19,250, Cabinet--$417


Timmy: .50
Gregory: .75
Jean-Thomas: .60+.35=.95

Jean-Thomas is going to the Showcase!

Top Winner: Dawn
Runner-Up: Jean-Thomas

Bedroom Group, Summer Wear, Acapulco
Dawn passes to Jean-Thomas, who bids $11,500

Cell Phones, Baby Grand Piano, Pontiac Firebird
Dawn bids $24,500

Before the final reveal, Bob polls the audience on who has won their Showcase.

ARP of Jean-Thomas's Showcase: $13,261 (Difference: $1,761)
ARP of Dawn's Showcase: $31,140 (Difference: $6,640)

Jean-Thomas wins his Showcase, and will take $19,258 in cash and prizes back to his native Canada!
I am heavily against this being a fair playing.
Although I'm not sure how the rules work for minors winning prizes on game shows, this isn't the first time CBS has done this, I remember many a week of Card Sharks where they had kids weeks, and the parents would only come on stage when it was time for the Big Money Cards.

But absolutely a fun show and a WAY overdue 6/6, even if the games were mostly gimmes for the experienced players.
Wrong age group. I know the Action Park story very well.

Perhaps it's just being kept in storage for a different day :) 
For the kids' parents. The kids have input but the parents are the final decision makers.


This was the first time that the parents weren't involved (except during the showcases), so the prizes were geared towards those actually playing (the kids).
The TALK Is Right / Re: 2018 Daytime Emmy nominations
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The show got two Nominations , one for Best Game Show and one for Directing in a Game Show.
For the kids' parents. The kids have input but the parents are the final decision makers.


I know, but the point is more to why 6 games. There were no parents on the 6 games.
The TALK Is Right / Re: 2018 Daytime Emmy nominations
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